Psychic Pig To Make Euro World Cup Picks

You may remember Paul the Octopus, the football (soccer) World Cup score predictor. You may also know that he passed away if you know of him. Sadly, 2010 was the last match he accurately predicted. Well, there’s a new psychic animal to take Paul’s place. A psychic pig will predict the European Championships’ winners in Poland and Ukraine.

According to the city government of Kyiv, they will wheel out the score-predicting pig daily starting next month. He is to predict the forecasts when the tournament begins. “A unique oracle hog, a real Ukrainian pig, and a psychic who knows the mysteries of football. Every day at 16:00, he will predict the result of the upcoming match,” says a released statement.

The pig’s predecessor, Paul the Octopus, had his claim to fame in 2010. The pig’s predecessor, Paul the Octopus, had his claim to fame in 2010. He accurately predicted the FIFA World Cup and the winner in each of Germany’s seven matches through his feeding behavior.

So, How Does The Pig Do It?

Paul used food to make his predictions by having officials present him with two different food boxes. Both contained a mussel inside for him to eat, but each container had a different team flag on top. Paul would then choose which one he wanted to eat first, and that’s the team that would end up winning. Aside from predicting Germany’s victories, Paul accurately predicted Spain vs. the Netherlands World Cup match in South Africa.

He did this while inside his tank at Oberhausen, Germany. Kyiv officials said they hope the psychic pig brings the same excitement to the Ukrainian people that Paul brought. They will take him to the fan zone before matches to work his magic. Thanks to Paul’s amazing accuracy, psychic animals have become the newest trend. The pig, yet to be named, has been on a successful streak in his predictions so far!

Even hockey is no stranger to score-predicting creatures, thanks to Magdalena, a rare two-headed tortoise. She started her career in this field by predicting the winner in the world championships in Slovakia last year. Then there is Heidi, a cross-eyed opossum discovered by Germans. She, however, predicts the American Oscar award winners instead of sports winners. Unfortunately, Heidi passed away last September.

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