Psychic Workshop Teaches Students How To Connect With Their Psychic Side

Centennial Museum was busy last weekend thanks to the two-day Psychic Workshop they held. The workshop sold out and was a success. Participants learned how to physically, spiritually, and emotionally get in touch with themselves. Participants also learned how to encompass and unearth psychic abilities of their own.

‘Rescue Mediums’ co-host Jackie Dennison and England’s ‘Feathers Academy’ teacher Steve Furlong led the class. Participants from Toronto, Brampton, Simcoe County, and beyond received certificates after the workshop. Organizers estimate the number of participants at about thirty-three.

One participant named Sharon Clarkes’ bar, ‘The Arlington,’ was previously featured on Dennison’s show ‘Rescue Mediums.’ The two met through the show. Clarke is a tarot card reader and described the workshop as an experience that changed her life. “We learned there were several spirits there, and the research about the building that we got to keep after was valuable information.

The investigation was amazing for us, and now this workshop has been very validating.” Dennison and Furlong taught participants several valuable skills. Among them were how to open and protect their chakras, perform guided and grounded meditations, connect with spirit guides, work with different energies, and identify peoples’ auras.

“For me, the weekend has been all about practicing with other people. If you trust and follow, you can learn so much about yourself.”

They held a ‘Paranormal Investigation’ from 8:00 pm to 12:00 am on Saturday. This part required the class attendees to split into several groups and explore different parts of the museum. Their goal was to contact Mr. Charles Beck, the museum house spirit. The very first episode of Rescue Mediums in 2011 featured Centennial Museum. Dennison felt that the ambiance at the museum intensified during the workshop. The workshop was held at this location last year as well. Like this year, last year’s workshop was also a big success.

“The museum is the perfect place to hold this workshop, as its spirited former owner still makes his presence felt. Our workshop aims to enlighten individuals interested in psychic development and how to use the psychic tool kit,” Dennison said. Mastering the art of meditation was a significant part of the workshop, teaching attendees about different forms of meditation. It’s a known fact that meditation plays a crucial role in developing psychic abilities, and the teachers credit it with enabling participants to learn how to connect with spirit guides.

“Sharing the knowledge of the psychic tool kit will allow students to develop their sixth sense, helping to better understand their psychic ability and the spirit world,” said Dennison. The workshop participants all had personal motives for attending. For example, some stated that they wanted to satisfy a curiosity they’d been having. Others said they wanted to learn how to meditate, and some just wanted to expand their esoteric knowledge.

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Jackie Dennison

All felt they had gained a wealth of personal knowledge and learned much about the people around them.

One participant, Malachi Sybex, said he was a huge fan of Dennison’s show. He decided to attend the workshop when he learned of Dennison’s participation. “I watch the show and had a friend who took the week-long workshop in the past. We wanted to take this one and it’s been awesome,” he said. Sybex told us about his uncanny ability to find lucky four-leaf clovers without even trying to.

It’s almost as if they find him, he said. “I found my first four-leaf clover three years ago and have found hundreds of them since. I just look down and see something, and it’s a four-leaf clover. At first, I believed it was my father who had passed away showing me, but now I just see them,” he says. Amazingly, he says that he once found ten four-leaf clovers at one time. They seem to jump out at him for some reason.

He said, “They show me where they are, and it’s just a matter of knowing the pattern and perception- they look different from the others. Under certain circumstances, some people believe it’s bad luck to find a four-leaf clover, while others think it’s good luck. The biggest one I’ve found yet was 4 inches across.” One activity that the participants found very interesting was the photographing of auras.

It’s common knowledge that auras depict peoples’ energy. Amongst other uses, people can use these energies for healing. During this lesson, participants got their pictures taken, then examined the images to see the color of their aura.

They learned what the colors represent and how they help describe their personality type.

After discovering their auras, they also learned how to read other peoples’ auras. Dennison and Furlong had the students draw a picture of themselves using different colors, which they incorporated into the lesson. “Chakras change all the time as people react to emotion and feelings, but the colors of the aura stay the same,” says Dennison. “You are very in tune with yourself if your aura colors are matching your drawing.”

Psychics believe that when a person’s chakras are open, it makes them more sensitive and invites vagrant spirits. It also puts off a light that draws the spirits to them. Attendees also learned to open and close their Chakras to protect themselves from these vagrant spirits. Dennison and Furlong have been holding similar workshops in all areas of Canada, thanks to their school, Feathers Academy.

Participants expressed satisfaction with the experience and felt they gained valuable knowledge after attending the workshop. If you are interested in the school or want more information on upcoming workshops, please visit

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