Psychics Reveal 7 Ways To Know If A Place Is Haunted

Does something feel strange or “off” in your house, apartment, hotel, office, or other places you spend time? If so, you might be racking your brain trying to pinpoint what it is that’s giving you that weird feeling.

It could be that the space feels different than when you were there last, something happened there, or even just that there are so many other things you’re dealing with in your life that make the space feel different. However, knowing what psychics consider the most common signs of a haunted place is helpful if you suspect spirits could haunt the area.

I contacted a couple of psychics from Psychic Source for more information. Both psychics I spoke to have worked with several ghost groups in the United States, and they’ve seen, heard, and felt their fair share of ghostly activities. They told me there are different types of hauntings, and the signs you might see depend on what kind you’re dealing with.

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Contrary to popular belief, spirits don’t only haunt old houses or buildings. Any place, even new constructions, can have a resident ghost. Movies make it seem like all spirits and haunted places are creepy and evil, but that isn’t the case. Just as there are evil spirits, good spirits are also trying to communicate with loved ones.

Once you know the signs to look for and determine that your space is haunted, you can try clearing it yourself through different home cleaning methods, such as sage burning. However, I recommend contacting a psychic for help and guidance if you’ve never done anything like this.


Objects Move On Their Own

Haunted chair

More than likely, when you hear things moving around in your house or have things randomly fall over for no reason, you probably look for an explanation as to how or why that happened. Maybe you tell yourself that you set it down in a bad spot or the wind knocked it over. According to my psychics, objects moving independently is the number one sign of a haunted space.

They said that sometimes you might physically see the items moving, and other times you might just hear them. If objects move in a pronounced and unmistakable way, like a table getting flipped over or a chair sliding across the floor, this is a sign that the energy or being in your home could be hostile.


You Get A Strange, Eerie Feeling When You’re There

It’s not unusual to get an eerie feeling from a place. If that happens, you might likely shake it off and continue your day. You’ll know the feeling I’m talking about because it comes from an instinctual place deep within you.

The psychics said if you get a negative “gut feeling” every time you enter this space, it’s likely haunted. If the feeling you get is strong and frightening, the energy or being might be angry or upset. If it’s just a weird feeling, but you still feel calm, it might just be a soul stuck in your home with no ill intent.


You Hear Footsteps When No One Else Is Around

Have you ever heard footsteps even though no one else was near but just figured you heard things? The psychics I spoke to told me that hearing unexplainable footsteps is another sign of an entity present. They added that there’s no need to be frightened if you hear them. The psychics informed me that, more often than not, they’re just a lingering echo of something that used to exist in the same space but at a different time.


You Get The Feeling That Someone Else Is With You

Feeling like someone else is in the room with you when you know you’re alone can be pretty unsettling. The same goes for feeling like somebody is “watching” you. Both psychics agreed that this situation doesn’t have to be frightening. It could just be that you’re picking up on the energy, temperament, and behavior the entity had when they were still living.

One of the psychics told me that the feeling would vary depending on who’s spirit is present. For example, if the entity is an angry or disgruntled stranger, the energy will feel tense, scary, and upsetting. However, if it’s the spirit of one of your deceased loved ones, the feeling will be comfortable, calming, and relaxing.


You Smell Strange Things That Make No Sense

If you smell something strange that isn’t coming from anywhere that makes sense, that can signify an entity’s presence. This is especially so if the scent comes out of nowhere suddenly, blind sighting you and making you feel uneasy. Like the other signs, this doesn’t mean the spirit is menacing; it’s just alerting you to its presence.


You Feel Cold Or Hot In A Certain Spot For No Reason

hearing footsteps

Suddenly feeling cold in your house doesn’t automatically mean there’s a spirit present, but it can be a sign, especially when there’s no explanation for getting the chills like that. According to my psychics, if the rest of your house is fine, but suddenly, a specific area gives you a cold chill or goosebumps, or if the opposite happens, this is a good indication you’re dealing with something else. For example, if the rest of your place feels cool and comfortable, but you suddenly walk into a space that feels abnormally hot and makes you feel sweaty.


It Feels Like Someone Or Something Is Touching You When You’re Alone

Another sign of a haunted place is feeling like something or someone is touching you when you’re alone. Both my psychics had personally experienced this at different times in haunted buildings that they were there to cleanse. It can be scary to realize your place is haunted, but the psychics insisted there’s no need to be afraid.

Most spirits don’t want to cause you harm and have nothing against you; they’re just trying to get a message to someone or are lost. There are ways to clear them out so they’re no longer lingering in your space. Knowing what signs to look for and consulting with an experienced online psychic can help you relax and figure out why they’re there and how to help them move on.

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