Can Psychics Help Psychiatrists Better Understand Schizophrenia And Hearing Voices?

A team from Yale University enlisted help from psychics to learn why individuals with psychosis hear voices in their heads. They chose psychics and others who hear voices because they continue living without being diagnosed as mentally ill. They discovered that the voices psychics hear are similar to those reported by people with schizophrenia.

However, there were some pretty significant differences. The journal Schizophrenia Bulletin published the study on September 28th of this year. It states that people with schizophrenia fear the internal voices they hear and that they’re usually negative for them. Psychics, on the other hand, regarded the voices as helpful and positive and saw them as an experience they could control.

“We have known for some time that people in the general population can have the experience of hearing voices- sometimes frequently- without the need for psychiatric intervention.”

Albert Powers, Lead Author

Experts discovered that as many as one in 25 individuals hear voices at any time. Up to 40 percent of the population report hearing a voice at least once. Most don’t meet the criteria for mental illness, but locating healthy people who hear voices has been difficult for researchers.

“Studying psychics through the lens of voice-hearing may give us important insights into why they can function so well without the need for psychiatric care,” said Powers. Powers worked with Yale neuroscience graduate student Megan Kelley and assistant professor of psychiatry and senior author on the paper Phillip Corlett to study a group called clairaudient psychics. These are people who report receiving daily audio messages.

normal people hear voices

How Did Psychiatrists Test The Psychics?

Forensic psychiatrists gave the clairaudients tests designed to recognize people falsely claiming to be hearing voices to avoid criminal prosecution. After being tested, psychiatrists determined that both the psychosis patients and the psychics scored similarly on these tests.

Researchers noted that those with schizophrenia were much more likely to report negative experiences when they heard or discussed the voices they heard with others. When researchers compared the schizophrenia patients’ experiences with the psychics’ and a control group of healthy individuals, they claimed to have discovered clues as to what could be protecting the group of healthy voice-hearers from those with schizophrenia.

“These individuals have a much higher degree of control over the voices. They are also more willing to engage with and view the voices as positive or neutral to their lives […]

We predict this population will teach us a lot about the neurobiology, cognitive psychology, and eventually treatment of distressing voices.”

Phillip Corlett, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Researchers acknowledge that their approach and using psychics in their study are somewhat unusual. Still, doing so is justified due to the lack of treatment options for those suffering from schizophrenia. “Our understanding of psychosis is limited, and we’ve made only incremental progress for the past 50 years,” says Corlett. “The research may be unusual, but big, intractable problems require creative and sometimes unorthodox solutions.”

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  1. Excuse me: Did one of those psychiatrists named Powers, actually and literally call psychics “schizophrenic?” in the sixth paragraph up when he stated “he allegedly doesn’t know why psychics can function so well without the need for psychiatric care.” (Powers – October 13, 2016) ?????????

    Seriously? I think psychics need to ask powers if he believes in God. How dare anyone call psychics schizophrenic or even make the suggestion. Gifts from God are just that. I think he needs to look at his inner spiritual side and gain some guidance into his own spirituality…that he is obviously lacking. Hello….and just HOW DID PAUL WRITE THE PARTS OF THE NEW TESTEMENT THROUGH VISION, SOME 400 YEARS BEFOREHAND THAT IT WAS ACTUALLY PUT INTO A WRITTEN SCROLL CALLED THE BIBLE? HE HAD VISION…WHICH A GIFT SOME PEOPLE GET FROM GOD.

    Are psychics schizophrenic when they find missing persons and dead people? How about when psychics connect with dead people to come up with hard evidence to solve murder cases??? On behalf of all psychics, that sixth paragraph from the bottom is very slanderous and sheds all psychics in false light.

    I will bet he would not say psychics were schizophrenic if psychics ever found anything or anyone missing in front of him. Many psychics help to save lives of kidnap victims; myself included (Elizabeth Smart, I found Jimmy Rice, and many many other victims of kidnapppings and murder). NO, WE DON’T HEAR VOICES…..RATHER GOD SENDS THE GIFT TO US TO CONNECT WITH THOSE WHO ARE DECEASED AND APPARENTLY THAT PSYCHIATRIST KNOWS NOTHING OF “SPIRITUAL QUANTUM PHYSICS” THAT ARE EVERY LIVING THINGS ATOMS THAT “GOD” HAS CREATED BECAUSE GOD CREATED ALL ATOMS.

    But then again, that psychiatrist would not know that because he likely does not believe in God and therefore would not believe that atoms are all created by God. Thus he likely believes we all grew from a cabbage patch. To defy his statements: even cabbage and the atomic make up of it, is created by God.

    To know psychics is to know their inherent ability to use electromagnetic and psychodynamic transference of their own atomic make up energy, as the means to transcend out of body to get the information relative to what one calls “string theory” method by placing themselves in a particular time forward or backward situation. From being able to do that (which is a gift)…by particular neurons firing very rapidly in the brain, such gifts of rapid firing neurons allow for sort of a combustible type event in the brain to take place, speeding up the information processors in the brain that allow psychics to connect with the afterworld to see and get information.

    Controlled….as it does take time to understand and be able to control the gifts….psychics have mastered the actual feelings of such rapid fire neurological response and are able to access that feeling usually at will. (another gift that comes in time only after understanding the initial psychic phenomena ability that all psychics must grow to understand as to become aware of our gifts usually from a young age, and as we seek to be able to control such rapid firing of neurons that allows us to enter different dimensions of time so that we can actually be present backward in the events that have taken place prior and then bring that to those who seek answers, or we are able to use that same rapid fire neuron energy mixed with our psychodynamic part of our brains, to be able to quickly access information from somewhere other than our present physical being. Meaning, yes psychics are present as persons when they gather information, but they are in a “time travel” situation more or less where the neurons in the brain fire so rapidly, that other dimensions are accessed to bring back information to the querrant (the one asking for information).

    For instance: if I did not at this time of writing the secrets of the psychic phenomena, control at will, the ability to transcend through rapid neuron firing of the brain, then I could not get you the information to be able to better-educate those who don’t understand how psychics are able to obtain information.

    In my particular case, I was electrocuted at the age of 3 when I crawled around the floor and curious as children are…I stuck my finger into a light socket. My mother told me that I turned green and flew back many feet against the wall on the other side of the living room. Such heightened electrical impulses did not create a sign of appearance until I turned 7 years of age. Distinctly at 7 years old, I began telling my family members, (adults and siblings) what would happen at particular future time periods. Christmas would come and I was able to detail what was inside of closed wrapped boxes right down to every button, color, shape etc.

    I would tell family members what cars they next would buy etc., and other particular supernatural phenomena took place that my mother witnessed in me, which led to secondary evidentiary conclusions that my family knew (not I because I was still too young to understand my gifts at the time), that I was connecting with the spirit world some how and definitely. My reports of describing what my dead grandmother wore as she came to visit me, and many things my mother saw; similar to the child in the movie ‘Sixth Sense” that starred Bruce Willis. So much similarity to the movie occurred that my mother who had gone to see the movie first, apologized to me for treating me differently than the rest of my siblings (As she was quite mean and her meanness came only from being in fear of a psychic child which is understandable. People fear what they don’t know or understand), and she told me to hurry and go see the movie because she wanted me to see why she treated me so badly. The movie shown the mother of the psychic child, totally in fear of the psychic child. Forgiveness plays a large role in misunderstood persons who are psychic and who are called names or slandered.

    So I forgive such person named “POWERS” who misunderstands all psychics and where our ability comes from.

    I was shot in 2012 from a home invasion break in. I suffered a massive heart attack, and my insides of my abdomen were just desecrated. I passed away and came back. In that time that I was gone to a place just above my body and not yet having entered heaven, God stood before me and told me: “You have always been faithful my child, I am teaching you how to save yourself.”

    While in another dimension passed away, transcended I was about four feet above my body and I did not understand what God meant when he said what he did. (YES GOD IS REAL AND THE SOONER PERSONS KNOW THAT, THE BETTER. HE CREATED EVERY LIVING THING THAT IS COMPRISED OF ALL ATOMS THAT HE ALSO CREATED),

    He shown me what I always would use in healing others of physical damage, broken legs, cancer etc, but I never knew “what exactly” that I was using to heal people and myself. I knew it was energy, but did not have the answer to how it worked. Very quickly in GOD SPEED TIME, (time in another dimension above is not as it is on earth), there were I saw as I was placed back inside of my body….beautiful balls of light, both golf ball sized, larger and smaller….moving rapidly in a vortex with literal axis’s on each one moving in a spiral quickly at the site of the abdomen parts that were destroyed. There was a great suction (that did not hurt) and I was fully back in my painful body again.

    My cat literally jumped onto my headboard over and over for about more than 20 times as I could recall after the first shockwave of his pounce upon my chest…. he began to start my heart by jumping from my large wooden headboard, downward onto my chest over and over. Day after day as I lay there not able to move for a few days and no one knew I was there… cat ever two hours pounced down from my headboard when ever he or I knew my heart was stopping. Eventually, he did this so much that my heart slowly began to beat with some regularity. I was able to crawl to the other side of the bed in massive pain some two days later and put the shiatsu massager on my back from where the shiatsu massager lay on the far end of the bed. I left that shiatsu massager on my back so long in and out of consciousness I was until I was able to crawl to get a bucket of water and sponge bathe myself days later. It was then I found something sticking out of my back. I didn’t know what was sticking out of my back until I pulled it out with tweezers. I thought I had just had a heart attack. I thought I was stung by a scorpion at the wound site at first. (I am also an artist who was living in a studio warehouse when I was shot).

    I had not known I was shot because I was shot in my sleep. Shortly after I was shot I was of course woken up to find no one near. I looked into the mirror at the site of what felt like a large sting but with force…..and very painful…..and what I saw was a red large what looked like a sting mark (pics can be seen on my facebook page). I took what became know to me through investigative process (my background is investigations, paralegal, psychology major, certified power engine mechanic MILITARY, and power generation, that allows me to understand all processes of electricity, psychodynamics and forensic applications in investigations)..the little blue bead that was sticking out of my back , out with tweezers where such bead was attached to a gel-like capsule that was mere centimeters large and where such capsule that was clear flesh colored could be seen with liquid in it half full. I was shot with a poison pellet that had the blue gammo casing with lead. I still have the lead pieces in me coming out as shrapnel in my skin seen in photos, all the way from Dec. 08,2012. My perpetrator who shot me was also military. You may go to Caprice Nicolette Manos to see my page on facebook where I still suffer at the hands of unfortunately rogue perpetrators who don’t understand psychics and who literally seek to injure us psychics because we often come upon information unintended. (like in my kidnappings and shooting case) I am also a victim of recent kidnapping while pregnant! still pregnant, where rogue government ops keep seeking to cause my demise due to information I came across when on active duty that was unintended. Psychics get the short end of the stick, to say the least, but with our gifts comes mega responsibility. The responsibility to help others because we have been gifted, the responsibility to make sure people understand that WE DONT KNOW EVERYTHING AND WE ONLY KNOW WHAT GOD SHOWS US. If any psychic ever said they “know everything” then that psychic is lying or is not really psychic. God would surely send us to hell if we ever proclaimed to be “him” in any way. Our gifts come through us as a vessel to be used to help people and that is it.

    For now, I hope that I have cleared up any misunderstandings about real psychics and please know that real psychics take so much heat because we come across things we are not supposed to know. On the other end of the spectrum, we get labelled with slanderous names WHILE WE SAVE LIVES. One of my best moments as a psychic was when I brought one of the many children home in a kidnapping in another state, that took me five hours from where I sat in my home, to connect with spiritual intelligence to bring her home while assisting law enforcement and after the mother contacted me via facebook to find her daughter. The next day I called her home to speak with the mother to make sure they found her daughter and the actual daughter answered the phone and told me they found her exactly where I said she would be. THE DAUGHTER WAS NEVER TOLD BY ME, THAT I FOUND HER. Rather, instead I was so happy to hear her voice that I wished her well and hung up the phone. It is the same with Elizabeth Smart. She does not know I am the psychic who called from Florida on a pay phone (witnessed ) to the Utah authorities, to provide them with exact information that gave the police the answers as to who exactly had Elizabeth Smart. Till this day she has no clue I found her. With many victims of kidnappings and many case numbers given to me by the authorities I help, I usually don’t ever let the victims know I helped save them. The credit is God’s credit, not mine. God used me to help a victim who was to remain on this earth until only God says different. (as the same in my cases where I was shot and kidnapped). God helps me see many things. Amen.

    Hopefully, this writing helps to shed truthful insight into the world and minds of often misunderstood psychics so that people can understand psychic phenomenon and supernatural electro-transcendence and spiritual quantum physics a bit better. God Bless you all in your deepened under standing, that you may come to help discern the real psychics from non psychics and that you all may gain understanding of where our gifts come from and how we are able to access information. Quick answer: The grey matter in the brain that scientists and psychologists don’t know what it’s for……

    A. It’s all part of the space of where electro-magnetic and quantum physical activity takes place. God created everything with a purpose and nothing has been left undone.

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