4 Reasons Why You Should Talk About Your Feelings

You may feel lost, confused, and alone if you’re going through a hard time. You might feel like you need to keep your problems to yourself and that nothing good would come from talking to someone. Otherwise, it would be too easy, right? You talk to someone, and now you feel better?? Believe it or not, talking it out is one of the best things you can do for yourself when going through things.

It seems too good to be true, but it’s amazing what such a simple action can do for you. I know telling someone your deepest fears and secrets can seem scary and embarrassing, but talking it out can help you in several ways. I’ll talk about a few in this article, but there are many more. Don’t keep those feelings to yourself!


It Helps You Make Sense Of Your Emotions

Talking to friend

Talking about your problems and troubles out loud and laying it all out to another person helps you shed light on what’s going on in your mind. It forces you to break it down, piece by piece, because in trying to explain things to someone else, you’re also explaining it all to yourself. Sometimes we feel bad and depressed about something but don’t exactly know what it is or why that is.

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If you keep it inside yourself, you may never understand why you feel like you do. However, explaining it to someone else can break it all down and helps you make sense of your feelings. When you have a better understanding of your feelings, all of a sudden, your situation seems less intimidating. You can now see your feelings and what they are and decide where to go.

In vocalizing your emotions, you may realize they aren’t as bad as you thought, and it can also help you discover a solution for them. When you keep your feelings and emotions inside yourself, you allow them to keep building up and growing. The bigger the problem, the more hopeless your situation feels, and the more confusing everything seems.


It Gives You A Different Perspective On Your Feelings

Keeping your troubles to yourself can make them feel worse than they are. Your brain can amplify and exaggerate problems when left on its own. When you talk to someone else about your issues, they can give you their point of view on it. They can see things from a different perspective and can bring their knowledge and advice to your troubles.

It’s easy to be close-minded about your situation and not think outside the box when you keep it to yourself. The person you talk to can see the bigger picture, which could be the key to your dilemma. They can suggest solutions you would never have thought of because you were too busy worrying.


It Relieves Physical Tension

Psychic reading

You might be so worried about your emotions that you don’t realize how much this affects you physically. When your head is full of problems and issues, you tend to hold it all in your neck and shoulders. Sharing your feelings with someone else not only offers an emotional release but a physical one as well. After talking, your neck, shoulders, and chest will all feel much lighter.

So much tension you didn’t even know was there leaves your body, and you feel so much better. It feels like you’ve had a weight lifted, and that’s because you HAVE, allowing your muscles to relax a little. Our bodies and minds are strongly connected; when you feel better mentally, you’ll feel better physically and vice-versa. Please don’t force your body to be weighed down by your emotions when you can talk it out instead.


It Reminds You You’re Not Alone

When you’re upset, it’s easy to convince yourself that you’re alone and nobody cares about your problems. The mind has a nasty way of doing this, but know it isn’t true! Talking to others shows you how much you mean to them because their listening intently and giving you advice is first-hand evidence. You can tell a lot about how someone feels towards you by their ability to be there for you when you need them the most.

If you’re trying to talk to someone and they’re just focusing on their phone, you’ll know that maybe this person isn’t as invested in you as you had hoped. If that’s the case, you might be better off distancing yourself from them briefly. But if you can tell you’re their sole focus and they’re worried alongside you, you’ll know they’re a special person worth keeping in your life.

Talking to others about your problems will also help you form a bond with that person. Be it a friend, family member, or romantic partner. You may not want to bother people close to you with your problems, but not sharing your feelings with them keeps them at a distance and makes it harder to form a strong bond with them.

Showing your true self and allowing yourself to be vulnerable in their presence can mean a lot to them; it validates their feelings towards you and tells them you’re just as invested in the relationship as they are. It also teaches them that they can be just as vulnerable with you. Next time that person goes through something, they’ll know they can talk to you about it and that you’ll be there for them.

Who Should I Talk To?

So now that you know WHY you should talk about your feelings, you may wonder WHO you should speak to—the person you choose to disclose your feelings with needs to be trustworthy and reliable. You need to know they won’t gossip about your issues or judge you for what you tell them. Close friends are a good option because they might have things in common with you and be able to relate to your situation.

Depending on how long you’ve been friends, they could even know you better than you know yourself. Family members are another excellent choice because they love you for you and usually only want the best for you. You share the same blood and DNA as them, and knowing you’re happy makes them happy. If you’re in a relationship, your partner could be a good choice, depending on several factors.

I would only suggest sharing deep feelings with them if you’ve been together for a decent amount of time and not if they’re someone you’re just beginning a relationship with. If a relationship is too new, you might not want to lay everything out to them until you know what type of person they are. You may think you know them well, but you need to spend time with people before you can know for sure.

The last thing you want is to tell a partner you’ve only known for a few months something private, and they break up with you and start spreading information about you to others you didn’t want to know. If you can’t talk to any of these individuals, you can speak with a teacher or a religious leader. Both have training in dealing with various issues and are great listeners.

Speaking To A Third-Party Individual

Talking to someone you trust can be challenging at first, and sometimes you don’t want to bring them down with your issues if they’re also dealing with their problems. For this reason, sometimes, the best person to talk to is a third-party individual, like a counselor or online psychic advisor. You know your conversations will be private, and they won’t judge you or hold anything you tell them against you next time they’re mad at you for whatever reason.

They have a confidentiality clause and are legally obligated to keep your conversations between the two of you private. They also aren’t invested in how you live your life, so they’re more apt to be completely honest with you, unlike loved ones. For example, your family might realize that accepting that job across the country would be great for you, but they might try to talk you out of it because they’ll miss you too much.

You wouldn’t have to worry about that with a psychic because they are non-biased individuals on the outside looking in and can therefore see things from a different perspective. They can see things we can’t see and give us insight into our situations. They can see beyond the here and now and further into the future than you or I.

Psychics Can Help You In Numerous Ways

spirit guides

Some psychics can even communicate with the spirits of your loved ones or your spirit guide who want to give you messages. Sometimes those messages can tell you precisely what you need to hear to move past your problems and move forward with your life. Psychics have years of life experience and live to help people like you daily.

They’ve seen and heard the wildest things, so they’re pretty hard to shock no matter what you throw at them. They’re also non-judgmental because they know life isn’t always easy and are more in touch with human nature. Psychics are a great option to talk about when dealing with any issue, including but not limited to the following:

  • Sex and intimacy
  • Family issues
  • Money and career problems
  • Abuse and trauma
  • Mental health issues and depression
  • Addictions
  • Pregnancy and health worries
  • Grief and loneliness
  • Life guidance and direction

Don’t be afraid to reach out to one next time you don’t have anyone to turn to! Check out my reviews page for a list of honest, trustworthy psychics.

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