Extraordinary Chris Psychic Review- Is Psychic Chris A Scam?

Just like there are authentic psychics born with true gifts and abilities, there are also loads of fake psychic scammers. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get tricked and fall victim to them- I would know because it happened to me before. I’ve written about other fraudulent psychics that New Lotus Web Ltd. has created, including:

Psychic EsmeraldaMedium Maria, and William, the Guardian Angel. I want to review another supposed psychic that goes by several names, including ‘The Extraordinary Chris,’ ‘Chris the Psychic,’ ‘Chris Voyance,’ and ‘Psychic Chris.’ Like the other “psychics” I mentioned, he’s also owned and operated by New Lotus Web Ltd. His website is https://oraculum.psychic-readings-for-free.com/

Extraordinary Chris Was Created By New Lotus Web, Ltd

new lotus web scam

This company is highly questionable to me since they sell “digital marketing solutions” to people who want to make money as a psychic. I’m 99% sure they’re just fabricating these psychics, and they don’t truly exist as people. I also don’t trust them because their headquarters is in Gibraltar, known for being home to scammers. This address is the one listed on ‘The Extraordinary Chris’ website for New Lotus Web Ltd:

World Trade Center
1st Floor- Unit 1.02, Suite 253
6 Bayside Road
GX11 1AA Gibraltar

Gibraltar is also a well-known hub for companies that evade taxes and launder their money. They were central to several money laundering schemes unveiled in Panama Papers. Scammers love Gibraltar because they don’t follow the same rules as most countries or extradite criminals to the United States.

This lack of laws makes getting any guarantee or refund extremely difficult. If a “psychic” from this country were to scam me, they wouldn’t have any repercussions, and that’s a big red flag when looking for a legitimate psychic. There’s no good reason for an authentic, law-abiding psychic to do business from there.

I believe genuine psychics with nothing to conceal wouldn’t be hiding behind a shell company in a faraway country. Even considering all of this, I could *maybe* look past it if I truly believed he had genuine psychic abilities. While I can’t prove 100% that he isn’t psychic, many indicators tell me he isn’t.

New Lotus Web Is A Marketing and Advertising Company

New Lotus Web Psychics

I covered the first one already: digital marketing firm New Lotus Web Ltd. plans and writes its emails. It’s upsetting that his words, videos, messages, etc., aren’t original or heartfelt. These are all things the marketing firm tells him to say to get customers. Also, I don’t like that his readings are only done through email; I enjoy a more personal connection when getting a psychic reading. I like talking to my psychic directly through phone, video, or instant messaging. 

It’s more intimate and fulfilling when they interact with me instantly instead of waiting for an emailed response. Psychic Chris’s responses are all very generic sounding and nonspecific. They could apply to anyone and aren’t personal at all. He even has a standard email response to those who don’t respond to his emails, saying certain things to trigger them into buying a reading.

These actions are all part of the skillful marketing team’s scheme. Now let’s talk about the actual content of his messages. Like Psychic Esmeralda, Chris tries to convince people to purchase readings from him using scare tactics. He frightens people by making them believe they’re about to experience bad luck, love problems, financial issues, and curses.

His emails are also really good at using reverse psychology, subliminal messages, and emotional manipulation. He convinces people he chooses to help them for free or for a small donation because they’re unique to him. Free sounds nice and all, but it’s never actually free. He gets his customers hooked deeper and deeper and then asks them for payment to continue.

There’s No Way To Verify Him

Best Psychic Readers For 2024

Ad Disclosure

Unlike Chris, the psychics reviewed on my trusted psychic networks page have been tested and background checked. Also, with an online psychic network, you can get a refund if unsatisfied, unlike with Chris. As mentioned previously, the company is based out of Gibraltar, where many companies choose to run unethical businesses. This location also makes it impossible to complain to banks about the money you’ve paid or get help.

Add in the fact that he never gives any personal information about himself, his location, or his past and that there’s no way to trace anything back to him, and you have a suspicious scenario. Even though nobody can trace him, his marketing team has no problem tracing the people they send emails to. They can see who your email and IP provider is, what city and state you’re in, and any personal information you give him to get your reading.

They then use this information to try and convince you that, thanks to Chris’s psychic abilities, they know where you live. Unfortunately, this works on many unsuspecting victims, who get taken to the cleaners with no way to complain once they’ve figured it out. Some people never figure it out and honestly believe what Chris is telling him.

Those individuals could be the source of any positive reviews you might find. However, there are A LOT of negative reviews for Chris, which is another red flag for me. Sure, not everyone will love every psychic they talk to, but Chris has an alarming number of people sharing negative experiences about him, and they’re all pretty similar too.

Chris Does Not Offer Refunds Or Guarantees

extraordinary chris scam

There are complaints that he would take money out of people’s accounts without consent, that they paid for readings they never received, and that he refused to refund them even though he said he would- the list goes on! One reviewer stated that he got sucked into Chris’ ad and paid him for a reading. After paying, he received a message that said the old link would no longer work and that he would get his reading through an email.

He never received it, and when he requested a refund, his emails wouldn’t go through, as if Chris blocked them. The first and only message he received from Chris was one “thanking him for his donation” with a UK address on it. I decided to dig and discovered that this address is the location of a ” Reichmann & Wing Limited” business, and they are “company registration specialists.”

I’m not sure why their address was given instead of Psychic Chris, but no one replied when he wrote to that address requesting the refund he was guaranteed if unsatisfied! Many people also complain that he would make them feel guilty by accusing them of not caring about themselves if they didn’t pay him for a reading.

People also stated that his readings had a very degrading tone to them. The company prays on peoples’ feelings and vulnerabilities. Many reviewers shared that he would tell them he could cure their anxiety and depression, but he never said anything meaningful to them and just kept charging them money.

I Wouldn’t Trust Any Readings From Him

I’m unsure if “The Extraordinary Chris” is an actual person. For all we know, he could be a digital presence created by New Lotus Web Ltd, and they could have hired someone to pass themselves off as him in photographs and videos. As I mentioned, he’s unverified, and nobody can find information on him. There’s no way to contact or talk to him in real-time.

The generic and canned emails and responses, along with the emotionally blackmailing emails, can easily be duplicated using “messenger bots” and an actor. While I can’t prove this beyond doubt, his “services” and “talents” don’t sit well with me. I would only trust genuine psychics with my personal and intimate issues. I would want tested and verified psychics that I can reach with any complaints or refund requests if needed.

Online psychic networks such as Psychic SourceAsk NowPath Forward, and the others I review on my reviews page are trustworthy. They test and verify their psychics, and you can choose a different psychic if one isn’t a good match for you. They also stand behind their psychics with a satisfaction guarantee. You get to read actual reviews by other customers, and you can interact with them more personally. Because of these reasons, they’re the only ones I trust when I want a psychic reading.


For all the reasons mentioned, I cannot recommend The Extraordinary Chris, and I would even go so far as to warn people against falling into his trap. Once his company has gotten ahold of your email address with their promises of a “free” reading, he will do and say anything to separate you from your money.

Even if I had an inkling of faith that he is honest, there are just too many unknowns. I would skip over him and instead contact a network with a far better reputation for my reading. Plenty of other sites to choose from, like the ones below, employ genuine, humble, and honest psychics. They offer their services at a fair price and without any unethical marketing strategies.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. The best way to find out about him is to call. TV station. When I have contacted him I wrote all my details but did not push on the button, then I have erased everything and he contacted me just the same. This has been going on for 2 weeks and he is asking me for details on a questionnaire that I have to answer right away , and after that I have to pay for his services. I am not sure but I think I saw him on TV communicating with dead people a long time ago. .I can’t remember!. He is sending very long e-mails and books to read and exercises to do and the sound on the videos are hard to ear.the sound is no good. I thinK a company is using is old stuff. I made 4 or 5 donations.

  2. Yep, I agree to what everyone says on here. My Doctor, long time companion sussed him out from the start so **** OFF WITH BELLS ON!!!!!!

  3. the extrodinary chris can only be in one place at a time i believe in him and his abilities he needs your info in the begining so he can find you easier in the astro realm. i live in vancouver he knows exactly what to say to get ur money . i guess that makes him talented.

    • New lotus web betreibenAbzocke in großem Stil( mit dem Leid und der Hoffnung auf…)von MENSCHEN.DASIST DAS Letzte. !Finger weg…Mails abmelden.Unten am Ende der Mails das rosa Feld (Ich möchte keine Mailsmehr erhalten).Dann bist du aus dem Verteiler draussen.Hoffentlich schnappen sie diese Bande.Euch allen alles Gute. Ich hab Chris angezeigt bei der Polizei.Lg von Anna

  4. Received a spam email yesterday for the esmeralda-free-psychic.com

    The spam email promotes the psychic site via another site which redirects to them… and when you google the first (redirect) site, you see a list of files you can download with user IDs and passwords to peoples’ email accounts… very reassuring not!!

    Don’t fall for it. Scammers!

  5. Chris may very well be an amazing man but the Scammers are not. Remember the real Chris speaks fluent French but the video is not. Surely that is not Chris speaking on that video

    • Thank you Nell, for speaking up for him. This BS is so thick , I just pray earnestly for all involved. T

    • Thank you Nell, for speaking up for him. This BS is so thick , I just pray earnestly for all involved. T

      • A lot of people need him, a lot of people don’t. I believe in the super natural, the power of the moon and planets and there’s a time for sucking up or letting go. Often we need a little push. Chris is there👍🏿

  6. Hi Angela,
    Just found you’re site, very reassuring knowing my intuition is correct..The Angel’s are protecting me.
    Padre, has been persistent, demanding, saying this is the last time then 2days later comes a new line and it goes on or did till few minutes before researching him and finding is fake.
    Thankfully I didn’t part with any $$.
    When I’m email bombed with must haves or this won’t benefit me..IS the first red flag for me, effectively closes me out.
    I’ve had legit ones try that and I unsubscribe quickly regardless of their good stuff..This high pressure marketing in spirituality isn’t on for me and will not accept it.
    Webinars are Great and see some amazing offers I’d love to do..then the high pressure sell unravels the presentation.
    Understand people need to make a living.
    I accept that and I see and subscribe to many on YouTube who are on the money, coming from their Hearts, are compassionate well grounded healers.
    A few have been exceptional with accuracy of my situation, I’ve found great relief and very supported, now being in a better place.
    I sincerely am grateful of you’re work supporting others by creating this service. Thank you with Love and appreciation. 💜🦋🥂⚘🦘

  7. Chris always says I was talking to my friend Marla about you. He said that to several of my friends. He gives the same spiel to people trying to lure in the unsuspecting mark. I was curious and signed up for a free reading. Chris did not get one thing right.

  8. Once he connects to you with that third eye he never leaves. I told him that he was still connected to me but my request for it to stop was ignored

  9. Ok motherfuckers here’s my story…lol

    So this year has been a pretty long and hard year for me, and I decided to do one of those psychic personality tests just for shits and giggles. Just to preface, I just started my spiritual journey this year! I was awakened! Trust me babe, I pay attention to everything around me and I don’t need some David Hasselhoff knock off to tell me my life is shit, and I need help! That’s what I go to therapy for! The first email had me interested and I was even further taken aback at how much he kinda eearily looks like my dad..lol! So I just let the emails roll in and read them in between breaks at work! Ok where he lost me was his offers for these “symbolic” donations! Most of them were nice, I mean I could go for a relatively peaceful life, have a great love life, financial blessings, and all that jazz!

    Where he lost me was one of his “gifts” included ways to seduce people to get them to like me! Ok listen asswipe! If you were so in tuned with me and were that extremely concerned and dedicated to me, you would already known that I have no problem with being sociable! In fact, I’ve had a very shitty love life which lead to prolonged years of trauma and therapy on top what I already went through! And you would know that right now, I don’t give a flying fuck about being in a relationship right now! Let alone, I can’t even bring myself to have a wholesome animalistic sexual conversation with a complete stranger! In fact, I giggle like a middle school girl when a guy is just being himself and I just can’t get into the fantasy because my shop is closed for massive repairs! I’m still waiting on my relief package that I asked for the minute I came out of my mother’s womb! That shit has been on back order since Noah and the flood! Package probably got lost somewhere due to a staff shortage! And the imagery of sharing my body with someone else and having to get in this mood for 5 minutes of pleasure is just not cutting it for me! So if I don’t want to be touched, what the hell makes you think I want to learn how to seduce people to get them to like me! I don’t need black magic to seduce someone!

    I already do that with my personality and bad taste in men! I don’t know what the hell you’re smoking Mr. Chris, but I want it! At least I know the bullshit that produces out of my mouth while I’m high can be blamed on my inebriated state! And TODAY, bitch you lost me at Narna, well technically it starter with your friend (Mary, Martha, whatever the fuck her name was! I just know it started with an M!) from a few emails ago who so generously footed the bill for half of the cost of your services because obviously out of the billions of people on this planet I was the sob story that tugged her heart because you feel so connected to me! I was that poor starving kid you see on those charity commercials with Sara McLachlan’s Angel playing in the background that won you fuckers over ,and in turn, as I’m feeling pretty low about myself reading these emails, I felt so special again and felt like finally someone understands me and wants to help me! Hold the fuck up! Where’s my segment on America’s Got Talent! How the hell you gonna tell me that I am so special and need the utmost attention, yet you get so pissy that I don’t respond in any way because I’m working and have a life and too busy watching show like Sex Sent me to the ER so I can thank God for any remaining brain cells I have, and then apologize for getting angry, involve other people that offer acts of charity to make it seem like you’re legit, and offer grand services (cause I’m that special) at a hugely discounted price! Ok scammers, this was your moment to shine, steal info, and get a little creatively personal with your emails!

    I mean come on, you could still use your generic emails but fuck include some real world shit! Like for instance, instead of getting pissy and making me trying to work on a time clock like all my other abusers did, you could have easily won my heart with a simple, “I understand you have a busy life and may not be able to get to me right away and your finances are currently shit so you take all the time you need to get back with me, just keep in mind your 3 days of light and the 12 years of an even shittier life you’ll have by not subscribing to my sales pitch!” I still would have ghosted your ass, but at least I know that the scammer has a heart and knows that no response is a response! Ok for those that haven’t reached this part of the scam, Narna is his spiritual mother advisor from like India. She is evidently the last of the Hindu seers that knows what the fuck their doing in terms of miracles! Ok guys it all sounded great! He had a dream where I reach out for help last night and somehow, in his dream, we connected and he could feel everything, literally… everything! Like it was like a bluetooth spiritual connection on crack, that was non consensual btw because obviously you have to have a code or accept the bluetooth connection!

    Apparently my sufferings that he felt were so bad it caused him to wake up and he felt shattered, like burnt bacon shattered! Ok Cleo, I already know I am an intense person given my past and circumstances and you just further validated for me that there is a reason why I just don’t have an inner circle anymore! Anyways, so Narna just popped outta nowhere like that fucking annoying neighbor off those tv sitcoms and just spilt the tea about my whole life including my future! Go figure! There was a video attached to this email from today and I just decided to humor myself and watch it! Ok The Extraordinary Chris, let’s talk about some problems with your video since I am such an expert on abusive tactics and manipulation given 28 years of experience, not including any potential spiritual bullshit that happened before I was born! The minute you said that for my love life, I would need to follow Narna’s teachings and ways, I was triggered and quite offended! Not only were you not a hot young closeted pastor with a questionable past trying to sell me on a better life with music, lights, a whole stage production, emotional music, a sales pitch that strings at my heart, testimonial time (Which I lovingly refer to as Dirty Laundry Time), and an altar call where I’m trying to figure out if my body is suppose to ascend to heaven as I’m laying on the floor after executing the trust exercise followed by endless sobbing as others around me look like they need to check themselves in, hell I even feel the need to check myself in, you just did what any religious upbringing would do! Tell me to drop everything I know and follow some dumb bitch I never met! The only difference between you and that pastor is I can drop to my knees for free anywhere I want to, ask Jesus to come inside of me and wash me clean of my sins from the inside out! Now somewhere in the middle of the church service they do their sales pitch for donations which only requires a soft piano melody, a heart warming speech about giving 10% to God to receive blessings and usually the more emotional it is, the closer the bills are due! or they are just hurting for money, which is no shame! Everyone has bills to pay! Just quit trying to endorse your politicians near election time! I came to be enlightened and it is a complete turn off to my whole fantasy of the pastor getting up there preaching about how wrong homosexuality is on the bible as I am feeding off of his pent up sexual frustration while I make eye contact with him and then I make him my bitch for the night when I magically find his grindr profile! Talk about total blackmail! Yea the old backwards thinking stances just makes me wanna call the IRS and tell them how these wonderful churches are not only a charity but also political rallies at times!

    So drop to your knees pastor and receive unto which I am planting you with! Spitters are quitters! As for you Chris, the sense of urgency in your voice rattled me a bit, made me wanna act on your words, but when that credit card page hit (which I am thankful that you have payment plan options, not that is exonerates you from hell, but it saves you from the 9th circle at least! You’ll probably be close to the line but not completely in the 9th circle!), it’s a hell no from me! If the very things that is suppose to change my life for the better is dependent upon the money I give you and it’s coupled with lots of emotional and manipulative garbage, then I’ll just stick with Jesus! At least I can rest in peace knowing that I don’t have to pay Jesus in lambs, or goats, or 3 easy payments of 19.95! You know how hard it is to stretch $20 when that is all you’ve got till the next pay period in this current economy! And you are telling me that my life’s answers depends on paying YOU who is nowhere to be found online, no credentials, fake friends, fake spiritual advisors, and most of all uses abusive language to try to get what they want! I’m sorry, but Jesus gave himself for me on the cross when he died and all I gotta do is just talk to him every once in a while, pop in on Easter Sunday Service so I can eat a piece of Jesus’s body and drink his blood! At least Jesus can take my leftover 5 cents after paying you and somehow multiply it to be 50 cents because he loves me unconditionally! Of course, that comes with a life long pile of bullshit that makes me question my faith every now and then but that’s a topic for another day! Anyways, good job on being the textbook case of what I’ve gone through already in my life! Thank God that I never gave you money because then that means I would have to do what Narna says, and apparently what Narna says goes! I’m not following some dumb bitches advice on my love life! I give plenty of free advice on relationships, I just can’t tell you how to land a partner… That is a skillset that is learned through self exploration and discovery! Anyways, thank you for coming to my ted talk, and I hope you all found this information helpful and hopefully entertaining! And just know that don’t let these scammers get you down and take away from your worth and value! If you were somehow triggered by the abusive and manipulative language these scammers are riddled with, just know these are losers that will rot in hell for all of eternity and I take great solace in the fact that their whole operation will one day crumble before them and they will have to answer to many… many… many people… including all otherworldly beings depicted in every religion and the almighty creators of every religion!

    As well as the flying spaghetti monster! I’m sure if one of our lovely leaders from our history books that have been frowned upon somehow cheated the system and took ranks amongs the demons of hell, these scammers would be subjugated to an endless loop of tacky high pitched Christmas tunes like you would hear when they roll out in the retail stores, while in straightjackets, strapped to a bed not being able to move at all like even your neck and head would be mobilized, and left in a pitch black dark room alone being waterboarded! And once a long brutal eternity passes, they will have 5 minutes of pure bliss and peace! No noise, no waterboarding, just laying there in the dark and just when they think they can exhale and take a shit, a large spear goes up their ass out of nowhere and the whole process begins again for another eternity! At least that is what it felt like reading some of the language containing in these emails! So please don’t feel like you’re doing anything wrong ignoring these scammers! Mark the emails as spam, do what you gotta do to get them off your back! Don’t give them your money! If you wanna change your life, look inside yourself and go to therapy if you need an outsider to help you navigate this shithole we call life! Thank you again and have a good day! 🙂

  10. The picture of “Chris” is that from a French guy who was famous and appeared on French TV in the eighties. But I don’t know whether he’s at the origin of this scam or just gave his picture.
    Someone around me fell into his trap and it’s looking bad.
    (Nov 26th, 1986) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wylMp-wrFk
    or type in “Chris hypnose collective record mondial ( hypnosis world record )” in YouTube if link doesn’t work

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