Do Crystal Balls Really Help During A Psychic Reading?

One of the most common tools used by psychics, even in present times, is the world-famous crystal ball. Clairvoyants usually have a crystal ball at hand. They use it in performing acts of divination and amplifying their intuition.

Seers have used the crystal ball mainly because of its powers in seeing through different events and time settings, depending on the clients’ questions.

Oracles and prophets have always been the main resource for people to get answers to their most pressing questions. Throughout the years, they’ve relied on crystal balls to help them find those answers for people.

Crystal Balls Are As Old As Time


The use of the crystal ball has come a long way in history. Its first recorded use was by Celtic tribes. They used a crystal ball and other crystals and runes to learn about the past, present, and future lives of their people. Ancient Celtic and Nordic tribes always had a sage oracle they could go to for help and advice.

They had important decisions to make that would determine the course of their tribe and couldn’t go it alone. As I mentioned above, these oracles were famous for using crystal balls and other tools for finding these answers. Sometimes their answers came in the form of riddles that they had to unravel and work through.

The oracles would do this because it forced the seeker to think for themselves and problem solve on their own. This is how honest, trustworthy psychics function also. They don’t want to tell you what you want to hear at the moment so you can rely on them.

They want to teach you to think for yourself and discover your own truths. If a psychic keeps giving you the run-around, they’re probably not a real psychic.

Crystal balls are made out of beryllium or quartz. They’re flawless and crystal clear when you look through them. By reciting special incantations and rituals or focusing their psychic ability, these crystals are turned into scrying or “seeing” devices.

Psychics use them for this because the crystals have their own unique energies that magnify these practices. Since then, clairvoyants and psychics have used these crystal balls to help them pick up people’s energy and provide answers that mainstream science can’t explain.

Different cultures and religions have adopted the tradition of using crystal balls. These include gypsies, wizards, high priests and priestesses, and many other mediums.

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There Are Many Different Uses For Crystal Balls

Each psychic has their reasons for using a crystal ball. Some don’t use them at all. It would be impossible to cover every reason a psychic would use one during a reading. Below I’m going to cover the most common reasons psychics use them as a tool.

This list isn’t all-inclusive, but most psychics agree they’ve used a crystal ball for one of these reasons at some point.

They Harness The Energy Contained Within

Spirit mediums

Psychics hold a crystal ball to strengthen their powers when conducting readings to their clients. Balls made of quartz are said to possess greater energies than other crystals. For this reason, most psychics prefer them during readings.

The shape of the ball and the stone it’s made of can help a psychic focus or enhance their energies better. It’s no secret that stones and crystals have unique healing properties. People from all walks of life have used them throughout the years.

Different crystals have different properties that help with specific issues. Some are better for good luck, some for love and relationships, and others for stress relief. Check out my article about crystal healing to learn more.

There’s a misconception that you have to be present or in the room with a psychic for a crystal ball to be effective. This simply isn’t true. A crystal ball is a tool that the psychic uses for themselves. They use it for the unique energy held within.

Their energy combined with the energy the crystal ball emits helps them pick up on other energies. The crystal would be doing the same exact thing if you were in the room.

Crystal Balls Help Clear The Psychic’s Mind

clear mind

Psychics sometimes rely on crystal balls to see through their clients’ minds and to cleanse their own minds. When conducting readings, they need to have undivided and highly focused attention. Looking at a clear crystal ball helps them recenter themselves and clear out their minds for the next issue.

The clarity and flawlessness of the ball allow them to get rid of the impurities they have on their minds and, in turn, gain better concentration on their sessions with clients. The positive energy these balls emit is calming and soothing for the reader.

Psychics experience so much in their line of work. It’s not as easy as many might think. It comes with a huge emotional, and even physical, toll. They not only hear it all, but they also feel it all.

Empaths experience their client’s emotions as if they were their own and this can be overwhelming for them. Crystals help them get back to a place of peace and tranquility.

Spirit Mediums Use Crystal Balls During Seances

Some spirit mediums use a crystal ball to get out of their physical bodies. This makes room for the spirit they summoned to work through them. During séances, the crystal ball serves as their container while the spirit takes over and communicates with their living loved ones for a certain amount of time.

Just like with psychic readings, a medium can communicate with a spirit without you having to be there in person. They may not be able to do a seance without you in the room with them, but they can send and receive messages back and forth.

The crystal ball helps them raise or lower their frequency to reach that of the spirits’. Once the session is over, the spirit of the psychic returns, and they regain consciousness once again. Not all psychics use crystal balls for scrying, however.

Some use a small pool of water known as a “scrying pool” to reflect the images and pictures they want to see, such as future events, past events, and locations of missing entities.

With these on hand, psychics can conduct better psychic readings and help their clients more. Check out the psychics below for an eye-opening reading today!


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