The History Behind The Crystal Ball

One of the most common tools used by psychics, even in present times, is the world famous crystal ball. Fortunetellers usually have a crystal ball at hand and they use it in performing acts of clairvoyance and make predictions.

Seers use the crystal ball mainly because of its powers in seeing through different events and time settings, depending on the clients questions.

Using the crystal ball has come a long way in history. It was first used by Celtic tribes together with other crystal divination objects and runes in order to learn about the past, present and future lives of their people.Celtic tribes

Crystal balls are made of beryllium or quartz, and are flawless and clear to look at. By reciting special incantations and rituals, or focusing their psychic ability, these crystals are turned into scrying or “seeing” devices as they have their own energies that could generate such practices.

Since then, these crystal balls have been used by different fortune tellers and psychics to help them see through people’s minds and provide answers which could not be explained by mainstream science. The tradition of using crystal balls have been adopted by different cultures and religions, such as the gypsies, wizards, high priests and priestesses, and many other mediums.

There are many different uses for crystal balls. Here are just a few:

They release energies that supplement the psychic’s clairvoyant abilities.

Psychics hold a crystal ball in order to strengthen their powers when conducting readings to their clients. Balls made of quartz are said to possess greater energies than other crystals, thus they are preferred by most psychics during readings.

Crystal balls clear out the psychic’s mind.

Psychics sometimes rely on crystal balls not merely to see through their clients’ minds, but to cleanse their own minds. When conducting readings they need to have undivided attention and they can only do this by looking at a clear crystal ball. The clarity and flawlessness of the ball allows them to get rid of the impurities they have on their minds and in turn gain better concentration on their sessions with clients.

Crystal balls allow psychics to enter into a trance-like state during séances.

ScryingThere are psychics who use the crystal ball as their means to get out of their physical bodies to give way for the spirit they summoned to possess them.

They crystal ball serves as their container while the spirit takes over and communicates with their living loved ones for a certain period of time. Once the session is over, the spirit of the psychic returns and he or she regains consciousness once again.

Not all psychics use crystal balls for scrying, however. There are those who use a small pool of water known as “scrying pool” to reflect the images and pictures which they want to see, such as future events, past events and locations of missing entities. With these at hand, psychics are able to conduct better readings and help their clients more.


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