The 12 Different Zodiac Signs And The Meanings Behind Them

Zodiac signs are an intriguing subject for study. Humans fall under 12 different zodiac signs.

Each of the signs has different characteristics, and these characteristics influence our life to a certain extent. Below we’re going to cover all the zodiac signs and their unique qualities in chronological order.



The sun represents the first stage in the evolution of man and his place in the universe. This is evident in the character and make-up of the Aries personality.

As an Aries individual matures, they understand their karmic responsibility and accept that they are not the center of the universe but a part of the larger social order.

Aries are born ‘doers.’ Their astrological symbol is The Ram. This symbol is quite fitting due to the sheer force of energy and enthusiasm with which Aries accomplish their goals.

It’s safe to say that Aries “ram” their way to success and this is a good quality to have. All too often people tend to be too timid or overthink what they need to do. Aries knows what they want and go for it full speed ahead.

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The Taurus is the second stage in the evolution of man. Taurus can be a tad possessive but will devote themselves to people they regard as their own.

Their possessiveness makes them excellent protectors and providers. They conserve psychical resources, and their strongest desire is personal security.

When disappointed in their world, they tend to retreat into themselves. Taurus believe in creating loving personal relationships. A breach of their trust can drive them to seek comfort in others. Taurus may sacrifice meaningful relationships if they don’t feel emotionally secure.

This sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and pleasure, and astrologically, their representative character is The Bull. They can be bull-headed for sure but are also gentle giants.

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The Gemini is the third stage in the evolution of humankind. Gemini is interested in developing their intellect and understands the universe. They are primarily concerned with gathering information, and they express their innovative ideas willfully.

A Gemini can become a serious scholar and a careful researcher. Without proper guidance, they become immature and kind of “jack of all trades but master of none.” Mercury rules the sign, and a Gemini person is usually talkative and quick-witted.

They do have a tendency to bounce from one personality to another. It all depends on their mood for the day. Their unpredictable behavior may drive some people away because of the lack of consistency. However, there’s never a dull moment with a Gemini.

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Cancer is the fourth stage in the evolution of mankind. The need for cancer is not individual survival but survival through the perpetuation of species. It is a sign of nurture and fertility. They are family-oriented and form very close personal relationships.

People who were born under the Cancer sign are doers and achieve anything they set their minds to. However, they often react emotionally to circumstances. They tend to act first, think later.

This behavior can make them do or say things that they later regret. They have a short fuse, but they do love deeply. Once you’re a part of a Cancers life, you’ll be protected and cherished beyond belief.

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Leo represents the fifth stage in the evolution of humanity. Their primary need is to express the creative urge of man. Their sign is represented by The Lion. They’re not entirely emotional types, choosing to keep a lot of their feelings private.

The lion is an expression of man’s ‘ego’ and strength. Just like we’re top of the food chain in the human world, lions are top of the food chain in the animal world.

If Leo’s ego is hurt, they can become domineering, self–centered, stubborn, and unreceptive. They are, however, natural entertainers and get great pleasure in helping others. To say they know how to enjoy life is an understatement.

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virgo zodiac sign

The Virgo is the sixth sign and represents the need to develop man’s creative potential and individuality. It is the sign of service and they try to make things better by pursuing service-sector careers.

The sign is ruled by Mercury. The Virgo has an analytical approach to life and they are good in communication too. They are artistic in nature and most Virgo’s are talkative as well.

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Libra zodiac sign

The Libra is the seventh sign and represents the balance between individual and society. It is not merely a sign of partnership. Inside a Libran, the person seeks to compromise between passion and intellect.

Sometimes, the usually charismatic and passionate Libra can be cold and unemotional. The sign is ruled by Venus. Librans appreciate beauty in all forms. They have good manners and maintain high level of diplomatic attitude. They have impressive physical energy and stamina.

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scorpio zodiac sign

The Scorpio is the eight sign and represents a greater development of emotional involvement in all matters. They have innate understanding of human emotions and they play an impressive role in the process of life and death.

Sometimes a Scorpio is stubborn and impervious to change that is not of their own making. Scorpions have the tendency to react emotionally to everything. The sign is ruled by Pluto and their personality is magnetic and powerful. They are also strong and competitive in nature.

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sagitarius zodiac sign

The Sagittarius is the ninth sign and seeks to control emotional power with knowledge. They have an intellectual curiosity and interest to cover a wide range of subjects. They are factual in nature.

Sagittarians become easily bored and restless when surrounded by circumstances they don’t have interest in. The sign is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of good luck and fortune. They are optimistic and friendly in nature, and they are enthusiastic sports persons as well.

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capricorn zodiac sign

The Capricorn is the tenth sign and represents the desire for authoritarian control. Capricorns are rather conventional in nature and they are adopting the policy that “the end justifies the means”. Sometimes, Capricorns can be guilty of not following the rules they make.

Like other astrological signs, Capricorns are doer in nature and they are determined to achieve things they set their mind to. The sign is ruled by Saturn. They maintain proper behavior and though and throughout their life, they are bound by rules and regulations.

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aquarius zodiac sign

The Aquarius is the eleventh sign and represents the role of making the societal organizations function. Their loyalty and societal orientation are the reasons why they tend to attract many friends and acquaintances in life. They are “people’s person” and not interested in amassing great wealth. The sign is ruled by Uranus, previously it was Saturn. They are compatible in nature and sometimes unpredictable.

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Pisces zodiac sign

The Pisces is the twelfth sign and represents all that has been learned and assimilated in order to gain perfection. The last sign is symbolic of existence between individual and humanity as a single unity.

The sign is ruled by Pisces and they have all the sensitive qualities found in man. It is a sign associated with spirituality and they thirst for knowledge and understanding.

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