Family Of Disappeared Barrenhaven Man Turns To Psychic

Amine and Nicole Nayel hope that the sketches of five men will play a crucial part in finding their son. , A British psychic drew sketches and gave them to the devasted couple. Their missing son is a 28-year-old named Fouad Nayel. Fouad Nayel disappeared on Father’s Day.

He had spent the previous night, June 16, at his family’s Barrhaven home eating pizza with his father. On the morning of his disappearance, he had mentioned to some friends that he was going to Petawawa. However, Fouad did not return home for Father’s Day dinner that night. His mother knew something was wrong because Fouad is a “phone guy.” He always calls and texts his family to let them know what is going on.

They didn’t hear from him all evening that day. He had disappeared without a trace. His mother, Nicole Nayel, told ‘The Citizen,’ “I don’t know if he’s dead or alive. We have to do something. It’s a month now. It’s not a day or two days. In this country, people don’t vanish just like this.” Fouad’s family friends took it upon themselves to email a photo of him to Christine Hamlett. Hamlett had formerly hosted a Canadian paranormal show called Rescue Medium.

“I never ever contact anyone. I always wait for them to contact me,” Hamlett said over the phone to The Citizen. “Straight away, when I tuned in psychically, I heard the telephone ring, and I knew that somebody had called him and that he got a message and was going to meet someone. I did feel that there was something involved in it that wasn’t quite right.”

Psychic Hamlett Receives A Strong Vision Of The Suspects

Fouad Nayel
Fouad Nayel, 28

She states that she got a vision of a black car, and Fouad did leave Ottawa in a black 2002 Nissan Altima with Ontario license plate number ATTA 634. Fouad’s family shared that police have not been able to locate this vehicle yet.

After receiving this email, Hamlett’s spirit world contacts guided her to sketch the suspects. She drew five men and two tattoos that she believes are associated with the disappearance. She thinks these five men may have information related to the case.

The two tattoos, one a crescent moon and the other an armband of shark teeth could be linked to the five men she sketched or the people directly involved in his disappearance. These sketches have been given to Ottawa detectives by the Nayels. “We’re hoping with these photos that somebody will speak up.

Somebody must have seen something. Somebody must have heard something”, says Nicole Nayel. Nicole also mentioned that Hamlett had not asked them for any payment for her help finding their son. “For somebody to do it for free, she must feel something,” Nicole said. “She’s not doing it for money- just to help us.” Hamlett states that she still has visions relating to this case.

“The information I’m getting is quite good, which is why I’m carrying on with it,” says Hamlett. According to Hamlett, 55, she has been a medium since age 14. “Whether I can find him, I don’t know. I can’t promise anything,” she says. However, the Nayels hold out hopes that Hamlett’s sketches will help them find Fouad before his 29th birthday on August 3rd.

Fouad Had No Enemies That The Family Knew Of

According to his family, Fouad does not have a criminal record and didn’t have any prior problems as far as they knew. His sister, Natalie Mattioli, described Fouad as a loving uncle and said he used to take her three children on walks and play games with them. “He made friends with everyone. He has such a good heart,” she said. So far in the case, police have asked the public for help three times. Due to their assistance, they determined that after he left Ottawa, Fouad was in the Renfrew and Calabogie area.

Fouad is a 6-foot, 180-pound Middle Eastern man with a thin build. His eyes are brown, with partially thinning short and black hair. He does not have any facial hair. People with any information about this case should call the Missing Persons Unit at 613-236-1222, ext. 3726, or Crime Stoppers at 613-233-8477. Check out my other article about psychics using their gifts to help search for missing persons and psychics who have been successful in the search.

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