Crystal Healing For Beginners: 4 Things You Must Know

You don’t have to be a New Ager or into magic and mysticism to benefit from the healing properties of crystals. Using crystals to heal makes sense when you think about it, considering they have vibrational energy properties. Because of this, crystals can pick up vibrations from our chakras and help flush out negative energy.

They act as conduits for healing by allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative energy flows out. They can do this by being held, touching your body with jewelry, or displaying them in your home. You can use crystals to tune into your wants and desires and to work through any personal issues you’re experiencing.

They can help you reach your goals by balancing your energy and getting you spiritually aligned. Like you tune a radio to get the strongest and clearest radio signal, you can also tune into yourself. Consider this explanation from the founder of Place 8 Healing in California, Azalea Lee: “Everything in the universe is a vibration, including you.

Your organs, chakras, mind, and thoughts are also vibrations. As a whole, you are an intricate symphony of resonances, with some vibrations out of whack. Crystals have a specific and clear vibration. By openly engaging with these vibrations, crystals act as a tuning fork to recalibrate your vibrations to a more ‘in-tune’ place. They help you be more balanced physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

Each Crystal Has A Unique Purpose

After being introduced to crystals and crystal healing during a psychic reading, I researched and spoke to more online psychics for information. It made sense to me, and I’ve embraced the art ever since. Now I have a pretty extensive collection of crystals and love every single one. I initially chose my crystals based on their beauty. The ones that pulled me in the most were the ones I’d take home with me.

After purchasing them, I learned everything I could about each one and now associate each with its unique energy. For example, Rose Quartz symbolizes love and harmony and helps you open your heart to give and receive love. Looking at or holding my Rose Quartz stone reminds me to check in with myself and my loved ones, and I feel a wave of love and gratitude. I also reach for it and hold it whenever I feel emotionally troubled.

There’s nothing wrong with being skeptical, and you don’t have to learn all the metaphysical words and phrases to benefit from the power of crystals. All you need to know is that you can use crystals to achieve balance and increase personal awareness. Doing this includes looking at things differently than usual and being open-minded. If you want to begin your journey with crystals and crystal healing, being as informed is helpful. Below are some things to know before you get started:


Choose The First Crystal That Draws You In

Healing crystal

Usually, when you’re in the market for something, you’re told to research products first, then choose the one you think is best. With crystals, it’s better to pick one that draws you in independently, then research its uses and benefits. It doesn’t hurt to learn about the different properties of all the crystals beforehand. That knowledge can help point you toward the variety that will benefit you, but it isn’t necessary.

As I learned from a psychic, you might think you’re choosing a particular crystal for how it looks when you pick first and research later, but this isn’t the case. Believe it or not, you’re being pulled into that specific stone intuitively for its spiritual benefits. Since crystals hold energy inside, the ones that resonate with your energy are the ones that draw you in. When you go with your gut first, you select the stone you need the most at that moment. You’re essentially letting the crystal choose you.


Choose Quality Over Quantity And Watch Out For Fakes

Healing crystals

While choosing the crystal you’re most attracted to is helpful, ensure you only buy quality stones. It’s very common for ‘metaphysical’ crystals to be artificially treated and heat-treated to look like a different stone. For example, about 98% of the ‘citrine’ stones available are not genuine citrine but amethyst treated to look like citrine. A chemical process patented in 2006 is used to color stones like Angel Aura, Titanium Aura, and Aqua Aura.

Some crystals that claim healing properties are manufactured in factories, like Opalstone and Goldstone. Research the different shops to truly heal with crystals and ensure they sell nothing but the real deal. Also, make sure they’re ethically sourced. You’ll have to pay more for your crystal collection up front, but it’ll be worth it. Nothing’s worse than spending money on a healing crystal collection with no healing properties.

Look at a healing crystal collection as a lifelong investment because genuine crystals last a lifetime. Choose quality over quantity with them, just as you would with a good pair of running shoes or jeans. It’s a good idea to start your collection by spending your money on one quality stone, research it, work with it, and get to know everything you can about it, then move on to another. If money is a concern, slowly build your quality stone collection instead of accidentally buying several cheap fakes together.


Learn The Healing Properties And Benefits Of Your Crystals

Since each stone has its unique set of benefits and energy, you should associate it and use it for things you want (or want to get rid of) in your own life. You’re the only person who knows what you want to clear away from or heal from, so that will look different for everyone. Once you’ve chosen a crystal based on the magnetism you felt towards it, learn as much as possible about its benefits and energy and apply it to your situation.

“Working with crystals is very much like making food. Making scrambled eggs or turning eggs into a delicate lemon soufflé depends on intent and technique, much like a chef would understand his ingredients to maximize their deliciousness. The best way to care for crystals and reap their benefits is to learn about the individual crystals and develop techniques with them through the experience of working with them.

As with everything, how much you put in is how much you get out with crystals,” Lee says. You can always learn more about individual crystals by consulting an online psychic. They’re an excellent resource for beginners to learn and start their journey. You can tell the psychic what you’re struggling with the most, and they can tell you what stones they suggest for that particular problem.


Be Sure You Place The Crystals In the Appropriate Place

Where you put certain crystals depends on what you’re using them for. For example, citrine reveals goals and inspires new beginnings. A workspace or office would be the perfect area to place citrine because of its ability to manifest goals and progress forward. The bedroom would be an excellent place for it if you were trying to have a baby. You can also get guidance from a psychic to determine the perfect placement for your particular crystals based on your needs.

Since each crystal variety has specific healing properties, it’s good to become familiar with the most common ones. Doing so is especially recommended if you want to improve a particular area of your life. Please read The 7 Most Common Healing Crystals And How To Use Them to learn about the most common stones and their different healing properties. This article will help you know which crystal to use depending on what you’re hoping to accomplish.

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