How To Get Guidance From Your Guardian Angel

Since the beginning of time, people have known that we’re assigned a guardian angel when we’re born. These angels watch over and protect us while we’re on Earth. Even if you don’t know it, they’re constantly communicating with you and sending you messages.

Their whole purpose is to guide you in the best direction for your life. Sometimes, the signs are obvious; other times, they’re subtle and easy to miss. Read on to learn the most common signs of your guardians trying to communicate with you and how to receive their guidance.

But First, What Is Angel Guidance?

Before you understand the signs and how to interpret them, you must know what angel guidance is. This guidance is spiritual information given to you by your specific guardian angel. As I mentioned earlier, everyone is assigned an angelic protector at birth. Our loved ones join them when they pass and watch over us until our last breath when we become guardian angels ourselves.

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe they exist because your life isn’t going the way you imagined or want it to. And seeing so much evil in the world also makes it seem like we’re on our own. That happens when people aren’t ready or willing to open their hearts and minds to their guardians and never try to connect with and receive them.

How Do Guardian Angels Help Us?

Our angelic protectors usually come to us when we feel lost, depressed, afraid, or in danger. They’re there throughout your life every step of the way, so learning how to listen to them is important. Since these guardians are divine beings, they can’t manifest into our physical forms to tell us what we need to know. They are spiritual entities who must send us signs of their presence in a way our minds can understand to protect us.

The dangers they protect you from are both physical and spiritual. Whether you know it or not, you’re constantly experiencing psychic attacks daily. Your angels know it, though; they intervene divinely to keep as much dark and negative energy from affecting you. They are there when you need them the most, like during heartbreak or unbearable stress. Your angel’s goal is to carry you when your mind isn’t in the state it should be in. They are here to help you heal when you’re sad, anxious, or ready to give up.

They want to get you back to the mental state you belong in with their light and unconditional love. It’s no secret that you have a higher chance of pursuing your life’s purpose when you’re at your best. When you were born, you had a mission, and your angelic protector is here to ensure you follow the path without straying too far. Their guidance shows up as experiences, rewards, miracles, relationships, and hard lessons. You can always learn something from problems and heartache.

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What Signs Do Guardian Angels Send?

Your guardian angels communicate with you in many different ways. These are just the most common ones that are easier to recognize. Remember these signs next time you feel lost or sad, and see if you can spot them.


Music has the power to move mountains. Sometimes, specific words and phrases that are important for you to hear come through as songs. It’s possible that a loved one’s favorite artist came on while thinking of them, or you were asking yourself something when the answer came through in a song. Listen closely because these are answers they sent to help you!


Dreams are one of the most common ways an angel communicates with you. Through your dreams, they can send you images and scenarios. The great thing about dreams is that your mind is more receptive to messages from the spiritual realm when you’re asleep because your conscious mind is at rest.

Do you experience recurring dreams? If so, have you stopped to think deeply about what they can be telling you? I like to keep a journal next to my bed to write down my dreams as soon as I wake up. That way, everything is fresh, and I can return to make sense of it all when I’m more awake. You’d be surprised at how much information you can get from your guardians through your dreams.


Have you ever just been minding your own business when suddenly you smell something so familiar? Something that filled your nose and gave you a feeling of instant love and warmth. Angels use scent to send you messages of reassurance and love all the time.

Perhaps it’s the smell of your mom’s favorite food, the perfume your grandma used to wear, or the scent of your favorite flower. These could all be signs that you should reach out to this person if they’re still with you, and if they’re not, then know they are watching and protecting you.


Guardian angels can also use animals to reach out to you—for example, a butterfly landing on your shoulder or a bird visiting you at your window. Or perhaps your pet is being extra lovey that day- it could be because they’re communicating with your protector. Animals have a different consciousness than humans and are great vessels for receiving divine and spiritual energy.


Numbers that keep repeating and appearing in your life are another sign. These are called angel numbers, and each has a different meaning. That’s why it’s important to remember what numbers keep popping up in your life so you can learn their meaning and understand what your guardian is trying to tell you.

These numbers can appear randomly or in addresses or times. Do you ever have a number that randomly plays repeatedly in your head, and you don’t know why? It could be your angel trying to give you a message. 

Is It Possible To Communicate Back With Your Angel?

Prayer and meditation are two of the best ways to receive angel guidance and communicate back with them. If you find yourself in an unfortunate situation and really need a sign from your guardian, put yourself in a deep state of focus and meditate. You can do this by using visualization and relaxation techniques. Openly ask your angels for help once your mind is clear of other noise and focused.

Reaching out to your guardian is a good idea when you need help with a specific question or decision or just want to know they’re there. If you contact them, it will happen quickly, so be on the lookout for the signs. Use every one of your senses to notice what you think, see, smell, taste, and hear. You might feel a warm sensation around you or see visions in your mind. Don’t dismiss what you experience when in this state.

Open Yourself Up To Their Guidance

You’ll have an easier time identifying your angel’s guidance if you’re open to receiving it in the first place. Always remember that their whole goal is to protect you and make your life easier and more pleasant. Don’t be afraid of them or try to shut them out. Encourage communication by meditating, praying, enjoying nature, keeping your body and mind healthy, and studying your dreams.

Anytime you’re feeling down or lost and hopeless, ask your angels to come to you, then listen and pay attention to all the things above. Know that you’re never alone and have constant love and support. If you need help or are curious about receiving guidance from your guardian angels, chat with a trusted online psychic. Read my list of recommended advisors or click the box below!

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