7 Most Common Signs Of A Spiritual Connection Between People

Is there a special someone in your life who you feel you’ve known forever? A person you haven’t known for a long time but feel an extraordinary connection with, perhaps? If so, you could be experiencing a spiritual connection with them. When most people hear the word “spiritual,” they automatically think of it in a religious sense. However, spirituality manifests itself in many other ways, including person-to-person.

Signs of a spiritual connection between two people vary from subtle to very powerful. Feeling familiar with a new person in your life, an unexplainable ‘pull’ towards them, or a deep understanding of them are signs of a spiritual connection. Today, I wanted to talk about this special bond because it really is very remarkable and unique.

What Does It Mean To Have A Spiritual Connection To Another Person?

When you have a spiritual connection with someone, you have a deep understanding of each other and an attachment unlike any other. This bond goes way past the physical and emotional realms. It’s felt more on a spiritual and soulful level. It can include sharing the same beliefs, values, and spiritual practices. It can also come from a sense of shared purpose, energy, unity, and oneness. When two spiritually connected people meet, they often feel a strong sense of trust and familiarity, even if it’s a new relationship.

In addition, they also feel incredibly peaceful and comfortable around each other. It’s even possible for them to communicate without words. They can use body language or even pick up on each other’s vibes, energy, and frequency to know how they feel. In a spiritual connection relationship, both parties feel a deep sense of support and guide each other on their spiritual journey. They help each other evolve, grow, and tackle hardships. They always want what’s best for each other and don’t have drama like jealousy or competitiveness.

Also, just because I use the word relationship, doesn’t mean I’m referring solely to a romantic relationship. Romantic connections and spiritual connections aren’t the same. You and a family member, friend, or even a stranger can have a spiritual connection, along with a romantic partner. This relationship doesn’t distinguish between race, age, gender, or anything like that.

What Are The 7 Signs Of A Spiritual Connection Between 2 People?

Spiritual Connection

It can also be very subjective because it’s such a personal experience. That makes the spiritual connection hard to measure and define scientifically. People experience this connection in different ways, but below are 7 of the most common and undeniable signs:

An Understanding That Runs Deep

You understand each other on a deeper level than you do with anyone else in your life and can feel the special bond in your body. You can express your feelings, thoughts, and needs to each other through something as small as a look.

An Intense Feeling Of Empathy Like You’ve Never Experienced

You feel what the other is feeling in their body as if it were happening directly to you. You put yourself in each others’ shoes without trying or wanting to. Your body experiences sadness when they’re in pain and joy when they’re happy.

A Deep Feeling Of Oneness And Unity

You have a strong feeling of unity and like you’re part of the same whole or like you complete each other. Your sense of shared energy and purpose in life is the same, which drives you closer together.

Unexplainable Synchronicities

You realize how certain things happen in your lives that are connected or related to each other around the same time. You often cross paths when you least expect it. For example, you both had a weird experience at work on the same day and simultaneously picked up the phone to call or text each other about it.

A Profound Feeling Of Peace And Comfort Around Them

You always feel comfortable, calm, and peaceful around each other. Their presence instantly unwinds you, even if you’re having a bad day. This feeling is usually rooted in the deep understanding and acceptance you share.

A Strong Sense Of Familiarity Or Déjà Vu

The instant you met, you had a powerful feeling of knowing them for a long time. You can’t explain why or how your souls recognize each other. One explanation could be that you knew each other in a past life and have found your way to each other once again.

An Inexplicable Draw Or Attraction To Each Other

You feel yourself being pulled by an invisible force towards them and have a strong desire to be near them as much as possible. Being in their presence makes you feel complete, while being away from them makes you feel like you’re missing something.

These are just a few signs, but there are no set characteristics of a spiritual connection. The feelings are as fluid as the days are long, and they can come and go and morph and evolve. It is not set in stone forever, either. It could be a smaller connection that isn’t always present in the relationship but serves as the meeting point and a strong foundation from which the relationship can grow.

If you need clarification on whether you and a special someone are spiritually connected, speak to a talented psychic from the box below to find out. They can help you distinguish between a regular relationship and a soulmate-type situation. Knowing this can help you elevate your connection to the next level, and that is a beautiful thing!

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