10 Hot Tips To Develop Your Hidden Psychic Abilities

Psychic Medium Jamie Clark states, “We all have dormant psychic abilities waiting to be exercised.” Clark, from Phoenix, AZ., believes we can sharpen our intuition and psychic abilities by exercising them, much like exercising our other muscles and organs. As with learning any new talent, training to succeed is essential; the more you practice, the better you will become at it.

To uncover your natural psychic abilities, you must learn to get your body into a relaxed frame of mind. You must learn to quiet your mind long enough to concentrate on the task. Honing your psychic skills is no different than learning any skill or talent requiring constant training. By practicing at least four of the ten exercises below, you’ll be on the road to uncovering and refining your hidden psychic abilities.


Meditate Regularly


To unearth your inner psychic, you must be able to reach and maintain a relaxed state of mind. One of the best ways to do this is by practicing meditation regularly. Being in tune with your spirit is basically what psychic ability is all about. Once you can easily reach your center, you are ready to begin your psychic training.

Being in contact with your inner self will facilitate a psychic connection with the universe. To relax and quiet your thoughts while meditating, begin by having a focal point to keep your attention on. A lit candle is an excellent example of something to keep your focus on. Don’t think about anything except the candle’s flame, and quiet your mind.

Take normal breaths as you would any other time, and do not try to control or strain your breaths. It may be easier to start meditating by being outside. This way, you can keep your eyes open while watching trees blowing in the wind or birds flying by. Focus on that vision and don’t think about anything else. To have a successful meditation session, you must find something that helps you clear your mind.


Attend Psychic Classes

take psychic classes

You don’t have to be born with psychic abilities to benefit from psychic classes. When choosing psychic courses, ensure that Certified Professional Psychics teach the classes. You can even find classes taken online in the comfort of your home and at your own pace. You will have to do some research to find the one that will work for you.


Keep Your Body Healthy

exercise and stay healthy

Psychic ability is affected by how well you take care of your body. It’s crucial to adhere to a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and just keep your body healthy to improve your chances of getting in touch with your psychic self. Along with exercising and eating well, it’s also important not to drink alcoholic beverages or smoke cigarettes.


Work With Your Spirit Guides

spiritual guide

Whether we know it or not, every one of us has guides who help us make decisions in our everyday lives. If you want to hone your psychic abilities, you must consciously connect with these guides. This connection is vital because it will give you a powerful and effective advantage that will benefit you. The connection with your guides becomes more evident as you work with them.

You must also learn how to allow the connections to happen naturally instead of trying to force them to happen. This natural connection will build more trust between you and the guides. They are always willing to help; you just need to ask them!


Trust In Yourself And Your Abilities

trust yourself

Trusting yourself and the information you receive from your guides is very important. Your psychic abilities increase when you take chances with and expand your perceptions. Your subconscious needs to accept that you are capable of having psychic abilities. One excellent way of moving towards that is by using affirmations every day. The more you believe in yourself, the better the outcome will be.


Open All Seven Chakras

Intro to Chakras

Your chances of discovering your psychic abilities rise when you develop a spiritual understanding because it gets you closer to your celestial element. Learning to open all of your chakras is vital in uncovering your natural abilities. Chakras are centers of spiritual power in our bodies. All seven of them have distinct ways of acquiring psychic data. Once you have mastered opening your chakras, you should learn about opening your “third eye” because this is very important. Your third eye is always on and processing information. It is associated the closest with intuition.


Visualize Auras

visualize peoples auras

This part is not crucial, but learning how to do it is advantageous. Visualizing auras is especially beneficial to know if you are in a profession that involves healing. People not born with the ability to see auras can learn to do this over time with lots of practice and patience. Everybody’s learning experience will vary, and some can start seeing colors and auras after several days of practice, while others will take more time. The key to mastering this is to keep your chakras clear and practice consistently.


Utilize Psychometry


Psychometry is the ability to learn facts about a person and know their past, present, and future by simply touching them or something they own. You can develop this ability by touching items that belong to an acquaintance and seeing if you can pick up information or impressions about that person. If you can get good at this, you will have made an enormous step toward uncovering your psychic abilities. Once you learn this, you can start using it straight away. You may even be surprised at the speed at which you can begin receiving impressions.


Use Psychic Tools

Psychic tools

Learning how to use things like pendulums and tarot cards is relatively easy. Once learned, these tools can help you hone your psychic abilities. Researching and familiarizing yourself with the available psychic tools, such as angle and divining rods, pendulums, etc., would benefit you. This is because anytime you use psychic tools of any type, you communicate between your higher self and your spirit guides. This communication helps get you answers to questions that you ask them.


Maintain A Dream Journal

keep a dream journal

Being aware of your dreams is also very important. Keeping track of your dreams in a diary or journal will help you because they are a direct path to your subconscious. Dreams can provide answers that can help you unlock the mysteries of your day-to-day life and future events.

It is also nice to look back on your dreams and see if they came true or held any meaning. These steps may seem too complicated, but rest assured, psychic abilities are one of nature’s most amazing gifts and are worth taking the time to learn. They give us a view of things happening beyond our existence. Even though most people do not realize it, everyone can be psychic within themselves.

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