How Our Life Plan Works- Destiny And Free Will

Many of us wonder whether our life is pre-planned through destiny and fate or if we make it up as we go through free will. If it’s pre-planned, what happens when we lose a loved one we thought was our soulmate? Does this derail everything? These are excellent questions and have always interested me to no end.

During one of my most recent readings, I chatted with my favorite psychic network, and what the psychic told me fascinated me. I thought I would share it with those also interested in this subject. The psychic told me that our spirit guides map our lives with our soulmates before birth. Contrary to popular belief, we have more than one soulmate.

Everyone thinks there’s just a single person in the universe that’s our special someone, but we have many. We meet with them repeatedly and randomly throughout our lives, and they help us fulfill our life’s purpose. They come to us as romantic partners, friends, family members, teachers, and even coworkers.

I learned that we don’t have a set-in-stone “life plan,” but rather a life plan that’s more like a map or guide with many different routes. It doesn’t consist of just one road but several. These routes change throughout our lives as we make decisions through free will. The map isn’t definitive, and we’re constantly changing it daily.

For example, say my life plan is to grow up in Texas but move to Washington state eventually. There’s more than one way to get to Washington from Texas, right? I can go by car and choose from several different routes. A certain road might be closed or backed up even if I choose a specific way, causing me to take another road unexpectedly.

We’ll Encounter Many Different People Along The Way

Some of these people will be good, and others will be bad. Some individuals will steer me in the right direction when I’m lost, while others will purposely derail me just for a laugh. I may have car trouble along the way, and some people might help get me back on the road, while others will want to cause me harm or try to take advantage of me, and I have to be careful around them.

The point is that even if we have a general life plan or goal, we can take different roads to get there, meet different people, and have many different experiences. Even if we were to have the same life plan for five lives in a row, we could take different routes each time, meeting some of the same travelers and some new ones. No matter how we get there or what we do on the way, we take the journey and get to the place while learning things along the way.

The psychic told me that life is a journey we take to learn about ourselves. It isn’t a destination with a specific person or for someone special; it’s for us to explore and uncover our deepest selves. We gain new knowledge and wisdom each time we live, making the next life even better. That’s where karma and past lives come into play.

The people we meet and our soulmates are companions and are part of our plan for a while. They’re going in the same direction as us, and it helps to have each other. Some stay with us throughout the journey, while others are only with us for part of it. Maybe they get off in Colorado instead of following us to Washington because that was their life plan.

Everyone In Your Life Is Important In One Way Or Another

Even if it was a short encounter, you taught each other when you were together. Meeting each other served a great purpose in both of your lives. Perhaps you yourself never make it to Washington because you fell in love with a town along the way. That’s okay because you can try again in the next life with a different route. We’ll experience many unexpected things along the way, some good and some bad.

Ultimately, we must decide what to do with each experience and what road to take. In a nutshell, destiny IS the life plan, the people we must meet, and the places we must go. Free will is the route we take to get there. Luckily, we have many lifetimes, which means we can keep trying if we don’t fulfill our destiny in one. We won’t know it, but we’ll eventually fulfill our destiny, and it won’t matter whether we took the highway or the long scenic route to get there.

Life will give us many options; even if we make the wrong choice and hit a dead end, we can turn around and go the other way. Please remember that life is about the journey to the destination, not the destination itself. The people you choose to travel with will make all the difference in making it a fun journey or the worst trip you’ve ever taken.

The secret to enjoying the journey is learning to choose good travel partners. As I mentioned, these travel partners can be anyone, so don’t stress yourself out trying to find your soulmate and focusing only on that. If it’s in the cards for you to find each other, you will- trust me. Until then, enjoy those around you and be good to them, whether they’re your soulmate or not.

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