How To Identify Authentic Psychics And Avoid Psychic Scams

Sadly, life has a way of bringing you down at times. When this happens, you need someone honest to talk to. Should you call a friend? A psychologist? A support group? There are plenty of options, but not all are created equal. Some are a better choice than others, depending on what you’re going through.

Friends are great to talk to when you need lighthearted advice or want to let them know what you’re up to. However, I don’t recommend making them your primary source for advice. Some issues are too severe, and if you don’t know each other intimately, you shouldn’t burden them with your problems. Sure, they care about you and want to know you, but you don’t want to unload on them constantly.

You want your friends to enjoy being around you and chatting with you for as long as you know each other. They can get mentally and physically exhausted if you keep going to them with huge issues. They might start viewing you as the friend who always leaves them drained. I’m sure you don’t want to be known as the one who always seems to bring everyone down.

Seeking friends for advice is fine sometimes, but I wouldn’t turn to them every time. A psychologist can help if you have mental health issues from a physical cause. Sometimes the chemicals in the brain don’t do what they’re supposed to, which can lead to psychological distress. There is nothing wrong with seeking a professional for medication that can balance those chemical and neural pathways.

Pills Aren’t The Only Way To Fight Depression

Depression isn’t something you have to live with since there are a variety of natural and medical treatments that can help. Sometimes you have a problem, and it doesn’t mean you’re depressed; therefore, psychologists won’t be much help there. Counselors are great listeners and are a good option for getting things off your chest. Sometimes you need real help, though, and talking can’t answer your questions. Support groups can be a fantastic resource- if you’re lucky enough to have one near you. Not every city has them, so they aren’t always an option. If you have one, checking it out can be a good idea.

You’ll find like-minded individuals experiencing some of the same things you are there. Of course, the downside is that you can’t be socially shy or have social anxiety. You also have to be on their schedule and can’t talk to someone when it’s the most convenient for you and from the comfort of your home. Remember to consider the time it takes to drive back and forth. If you’ve reached the end of your rope and want to know WHY things are going the way they are, you’re not alone!

Sometimes The Problem Isn’t Medical; It’s Spiritual

spiritual problems

Sometimes nothing makes sense, and everything seems to be falling apart. This is when you need the most personal and private help. Maybe you’ve tried everything else and don’t know who else to turn to. To me, spiritual advisors, psychics, and mediums are great at filling this role. They allow you to be your vulnerable self without judging or viewing you negatively for your choices. They know life is hard and use their unique gifts to help you get through life’s curves.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that many people who call themselves psychic aren’t. They’re con artists who lie, cheat, and steal their way through life. They exploit people who are in their most vulnerable and desperate state. They know the people reaching out to them are hurting and need help, and they rob them blind instead of helping them. I know how it feels to be taken advantage of by someone who claims to be a psychic because it happened to me.

Since then, I’ve learned a lot and know better than to write them all off as fakes. I’ve experienced the worst of the worst to the best of the best since I started consulting them. I learned what to look for, how to decide if someone is trustworthy, the warning signs that they’re duping me, and all the tricks.

It’s Never Happened To Me Again

Since discovering the most trustworthy online psychic networks, I have yet to feel the need to keep looking. I can trust these; they’ve helped me more than I can express. They’ve gotten me through so many different situations and problems. Some seemed so hopeless that I didn’t think anyone could help me with them. I was wrong every time, though.

With the help of some very gifted psychics, I’ve overcome tremendous obstacles in my life, and I always come out the other end of the situation better than before. They taught me how to view my problems differently and presented me with many options and possibilities I never even knew existed. The best part is that they never told me what to do, with the expectation that I would just do it blindly.

They walked me through everything and led me to decide and find the best solutions. I speak to them less now than when I started, thanks to the insight they’ve given me throughout the years. I only speak to those on my psychic reviews page when I need to consult one. Here is what I have learned about genuine psychics versus fake ones:

Genuine Psychics Don’t Throw Themselves At You

desperate psychic

Honest, talented psychics with unique abilities don’t need to stand outside begging people to come in and see them. They don’t need to flag people down and hawk their services. Word gets around when someone has unique gifts, and people flock to see them. There might be cases where legitimate psychics do have to find business on the streets, but the majority don’t do this.

I also don’t like in-person psychics because they’re experts at reading body language, and I guess you could say they ARE gifted at that. They can tell by your facial expressions and body movements if you’re scared, sad, nervous, happy, etc. Then, they use your emotions against you. They also toss words and ideas around to see which ones you react to and then focus on them.

For example, if they say the word “baby,” they might see that you’re face lights up, and now they know you’re either a mother or would like to be one. If they say “father” and your eyes tear up, they know you either lost yours or they’re no longer around.

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Be Wary Of Too Many Questions

They also trick people by beginning their sessions with questions. The point isn’t for psychics to ask you questions; it’s the other way around. The more questions they ask you, the more information they get. Scammers can use this to trick you into thinking they know all these things about you. If they don’t start sessions with questions, they start with vague phrases that force you to direct the conversation. An example would be them saying, “I sense a deep sadness within you.” 

This forces you to respond and proceed to give them lots of information. This information is ammo for them because they’ll use it against you in a heartbeat. They can get a lot of information from you by asking seemingly vague questions. This method is how they make money- by asking you questions and drawing conclusions from them. It’s hard to see these things at the time if you’re vulnerable. At that point, you might be so desperate for help and answers that you’ll be more trusting.

You want the “psychic” to be honest so badly that you might convince yourself they are. True talent lies in the psychic’s ability to use intuition and extrasensory perception no matter how far away you are. Authentic psychics don’t need these old sleight-of-hand tricks to get money. They have adult conversations with their clients through phone calls, instant messaging, or video messaging. Their gifts know no limits and can transcend space and time.

Authentic Psychics Have Good Referrals And Ratings

good psychic referrals

You might think you’re weird or naïve for wanting to speak to a psychic, but you shouldn’t feel that way. I used to think that until I realized it was not true. More people rely on a psychic’s wisdom and guidance than you’d think. I know it might be a little embarrassing to ask your friends and family if they have one they recommend, but it shouldn’t be.

You’d be surprised how many people you know have consulted a psychic at least once. As I mentioned, authentic psychics don’t need to find you; people find THEM through word of mouth, referrals, and recommendations. People are usually more than willing to tell you about their experience or favorite psychic once you open that door with them.

They know these gifts are a true blessing and want as many people as possible to get helped by them. I have personally referred countless friends and family members to my favorite psychic networks. They always come back and thank me because they got a lot out of it. There is no experience like a psychic reading, and I love pointing them in the right direction. I want their first experience to be great, so they know how life-changing it can be.

You May Not Be Able To Ask Friends Or Family

I get it, though. Even today, asking friends and family about this can feel weird. Psychics can be a sensitive subject for some, and there are a lot of contradicting opinions. People who’ve never benefited from a psychic reading can be skeptical, and they may think badly of you for believing in them. No worries, though; not everyone understands, and that’s ok. 

Some people can’t believe something they can’t physically see with their own eyes, and if science can’t explain it plainly, they cannot accept it as a possibility. There’s nothing wrong with that. You can believe in witches, ghosts, spirits, different dimensions, vibrations, and energies, while others don’t. If so, you may not have anyone to ask for a referral. The internet can be your best friend in this situation. There are so many reviews online for various psychic services that you’re bound to find a good one.

Unfortunately, the internet can also be a double-edged sword. It’s excellent for finding talented psychics but can also be great at leading you to psychic scams. I always suggest doing some homework and researching any psychic before contacting them. I wrote an article to help people prepare for a psychic reading that you may find helpful here.

Differences Between Fake Psychics And Real Ones

fake psychic real psychic differences

As I said, fake psychics are a dime a dozen, and you must know how to avoid them. I’ve written extensively about well-known online psychic scams. I have researched and exposed fake email psychics such as Esmeralda Psychic, Extraordinary Chris, William Guardian Angel, Magellan, and Celeste. Please read up on them here and stay as far away as possible. Genuine psychics don’t get you to lead the conversation- they guide the session themselves.

They may need some information initially, but you shouldn’t be doing most of the talking. Trustworthy psychics also don’t make outlandish claims that they can’t support. Be suspicious if one tells you you’re winning the lottery soon or gives you exact dates of significant life events. Genuine psychics don’t claim to know the future precisely as it will happen. They only give you the tools and answers needed to create your future the way you want it to be. We all have free will, so nobody can tell us what to do or what will happen. They can only make suggestions and recommendations.

Fake Psychics Love Scaring You With Curses And Spells

It would be best to stay far away from a “psychic” who tells you a curse or spell is placed on you. These things aren’t real; only fake psychics use these dirty scare tactics. It’s unethical and downright low. They’ll try to convince you that something terrible will happen to you soon and that they can stop it if you give them more money. However, this doesn’t mean genuine psychics will never give you bad news.

They’ll be honest and upfront with you, sometimes giving you less-than-pleasant information. They won’t sugarcoat or omit things simply because they’re hard to hear. They want to help you get your life back on track, not make you think everything is perfect if it isn’t. Don’t be afraid to ask them to explain themselves if you’re ever confused about something they said. Ask them to go into detail if you need more information about something they mentioned.

I love consulting psychics online because I control when and how to end the session. When you visit one in person, they always find a way to keep you there longer than necessary. They draw you in by only giving you bits and pieces at a time. With online psychics, you can focus on one issue at a time and end the session when you choose. Take the time afterward to let everything they said sink in. 

Stick To Tried-And-True And Highly Reviewed Psychic Networks

Sometimes things they tell you don’t make sense until you’ve had a chance to think deeper about them. You don’t need to do that on the spot because that will only lengthen the reading. I always recommend taking notes or asking for a reading transcript so you can refer to it later. I could talk about psychics all day, but I hope this helps if you want a psychic reading. Even if you want to but are skeptical, talk to one if you’re going through something difficult.

Worst case, you hate it and get your money back; best case, you love it and gain clarity and answers to your most pressing issues. I also urge you not to judge all psychics off on one bad reading. Psychics are still people like you and me who have both good and bad days, and sometimes they get emotionally drained and may not be as receptive as they can be. This is especially true for empaths.

Ideally, they should be unavailable after a particularly rough session, but sometimes they may not even know they need a break. If you’ve ever had a psychic reading, I’d love to hear your story or experience! Leave me a comment below. A genuine psychic reading won’t leave you feeling like you wasted your money or worse off than before the reading.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

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