How To Prepare For Your Psychic Reading And What To Watch Out For

Humans have been fascinated by the spiritual aspect of our existence since the beginning of time. We know there’s something deeper and more meaningful that most of us are unable to see. Prophets, oracles, seers, psychics, and mediums belong to a group that are able to see things we cannot.

They have been guiding people and helping them make sense of their lives for centuries. Knowing how to make the best decisions for yourself allows you to know what to expect for the future. Psychics can help you decide what to do now so that your future is everything you want it to be.

Unfortunately, not all psychics are authentic and for every one that is, there are a lot of fake ones. Psychic scams are rampant thanks to the advanced technology available for communicating with each other. Phony psychics give real ones a bad name and cause skepticism towards psychics in general.

This is unfortunate considering how many people have received invaluable guidance and wisdom from legitimate psychics. I count myself amongst the people who have been helped and hate to see them all categorized as scammers. If you’re thinking about getting a psychic reading, you need to be as prepared as possible to avoid being scammed.

Knowing these five things before contacting a psychic advisor can keep you from being ripped off.


Fraudulent Psychics Are Rampant

fake psychic

It’s a sad fact that some people will take any possible opportunity to steal your money. Some people get conned out of  hundreds of dollars while others get taken for hundreds of thousands. Criminals have numerous ways to scam people and pretending to have psychic abilities is one of them.

They’ll tell you outlandish things and try their hardest to scare you into paying them. If a “psychic” starts mentioning curses, spells or bad luck, stop speaking to them immediately. This is a common trick scammers use on unsuspecting victims.

Additionally, you should never give money to a “psychic” who tells you they’ll return it to you once it’s “cleansed.” Run as far away from anyone who tries to convince you to do this. Fake psychics will also try to convince you that you need to purchase expensive items from or for them, this is a scam.

Do not do it and drop all contact with them asap. Just like with everything else, when it comes to psychic readings, you get what you pay for.Psychic scammers like to reel victims in by promising them FREE readings. We all know the old saying … if it’s too good to be true, it probably is and this definitely applies here.

“Free” readings are just another common trick to get people through the door so that they can start scamming them. Also, cheaper is not always better when it comes to something as intimate and personal as a psychic reading. You might be tempted to choose the cheapest psychic service but there’s a reason they’re the cheapest.

Their goal is “quantity over quality.” Their readings are cheaper because they’re trying to get the most customers in the shortest amount of time possible. For a lot of dishonest psychics, you’re nothing but a number to them. They know more people will contact them due to their low price and they can just crank out subpar readings.

Authentic psychic networks like Psychic Source and Ask Now test, verify, and background check all psychics before partnering with them. They know that readings are a sensitive subject and they only want to work with the best of the best. These companies also offer satisfaction guarantees so you don’t have to worry about paying for something you aren’t happy with.

When choosing a psychic network, make sure to read their reviews and ratings. The best psychic reviews are from actual customers who have personal experience with them and can vouch for them. Read any available testimonials from past and current customers to get a good feel for the company.

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I’ve been consulting psychics for years and like to think I have a pretty good idea of who you can and cannot trust. Check out my suggestions and reviews. This will save you a lot of hassle and headache on your psychic journey. Don’t make the same mistakes I did when I first began consulting psychics!


Learn About The Different Types Of Psychics

learn about psychic abilities

The word “psychic” is actually pretty broad. It’s used to describe people that possess all sorts of gifts and abilities. Not all psychics are the same and they certainly don’t all do the same things. For example, all mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums.

Mediums are a certain group of psychics that have the ability to communicate with the spirits of those who have passed away. These individuals were born with this amazing gift and have had years to understand this ability and master it.

Mediums are special because they can relay important messages between you and your loved ones.They are a great way to get closure from the death of a loved one who passed unexpectedly. Psychics have precognitive abilities, deep spiritual intuition,  heightened ESP, and vibrate on a different frequency than the rest of us.

They aren’t mediums because they don’t have the ability to communicate with spirits. To learn more about the different psychic abilities, read my article here. Another thing to note is that it’s incredibly helpful to know what it is you’re hoping to get out of a psychic reading.

Ask yourself what it is that you’re needing answers to in your life, what you need help and guidance with, etc. After you’ve worked that out, then you can go about choosing the best psychic for your specific needs. You could need a Tarot reader, clairvoyant, or Medium and you shouldn’t waste time figuring that out during the reading. Some networks have a great customer service team that match you with the type of psychic they think is best.


Make A Game Plan Before Your Reading

plan for psychic reading

When getting a psychic reading, it’s important to know what questions to ask and the best way to word them. There’s a popular myth that psychics can magically answer any question in the world right then and there. This is not true, they are not there to answer direct, specific questions. They are simply there to help you find the answers to these deep questions on your own.

This might not make sense at first but think of them as a vessel through which the spiritual realm can communicate to you. Contrary to popular belief, they (usually) can’t tell you specific numbers. For example, they can’t tell you what lottery numbers to pick or the exact date you’ll meet your soulmate.

They can however, help you arrive to these answers on your own. They’ll guide you through the steps needed to get to where you want to be. If you’re anxious to meet your soulmate for example, they can advise you on how to make this possible.

They can use their gifts to find out what steps YOU specifically need to take. Talented psychics can help you see what kind of person to look for in order to have the highest chance of happiness. They’ll help you discover the place where you’re most likely to meet this type of person, etc.

Instead of asking them extremely specific questions, ask them questions that can teach you how to move forward. Things like, “How can I find my true purpose?” “What kind of career would fulfill me the most?” “How can I improve my relationship?”


Let The Psychic Guide The Conversation

Psychic abilities

Once you’ve asked the psychic your well-thought-out questions, be prepared to just sit back and listen. A lot of people think that they’re the ones that need to do all the talking and asking during a reading but this is not the case. During the consult, your psychic should be the one doing most of the talking. Learn to relax and allow them guide you.

Leading and directing the conversation comes naturally to genuine psychics. Fake psychics will want you to keep talking on and on because this is how they get information to use against you. Telling them your life story may seem innocent enough, but you need to know that you’re making it easy for them to scam you.

They will learn personal and meaningful details about you that they’ll bring up later and surprise you with. It’s easy to get lost in your mind when you start talking about yourself and you may not be keeping track of what exactly you shared with them. When they  bring up a specific detail later on, it might come as a surprise and make them seem more believable.

If you’re ever speaking to a psychic and it seems like you’re the only one talking, be prepared to end the call. Of course even authentic psychics will need some information about you but the keyword here is SOME. They need to get to know things about you but then they need to take over the conversation and direct you after that.

You’re not paying them to just listen to you, you’re paying them to give you valuable advice. Learn to let go of the reins and listen carefully to what the psychic has to say. Another reason you don’t want to talk nonstop during a reading is because of how distracting it is for legitimate readers.

True psychics need to be able to focus on their senses because this is where their gifts come from. Whether they visualize the information in their mind, hear it being told to them, or feeling it as if it were them experiencing it, they need to be able to receive the message so they can relay it to you.

It can be irritating for a psychic to have someone always talking when they’re in this state or in a trance. Give them their space and allow them to do what they do best. If they have any questions they’ll ask you.

If you have important information that you feel they should know, wait until they’ve finished a sentence then ask them if you can tell them something. Try not to interrupt them in the middle of speaking or talk to them during quiet moments when they might be concentrating on something.


Give Yourself Time To Process What You’ve Been Told

psychic thought

One thing I’ve learned during my psychic journey is that sometimes my reading doesn’t seem to make sense at the time. There have been times when I got done with a reading and I didn’t think it was accurate. I found out that this is actually quite normal following a consultation.

It’s important that you take notes of what the psychic is telling you for this reason. Give yourself some time following a reading before you decide to write the whole thing off. There’s actually a name for this feeling: “psychic amnesia.” This is where the reader gives you information that they hear, see, or feel but that you can’t relate to at the time.

You might think that the information was wrong, or that they were picking up information for the wrong person but that’s not the case. Remember when I said that a psychic acts like a vessel through which information is shared? The psychic advisor receives the information and then relays it to you.

They are simply the middle-man and sometimes they might not be able to explain what they’re receiving. They can only tell you that they’re receiving it and can try to help you make sense of it. This is more common during a reading with a spirit medium.

You may not remember the person or animal that’s coming through at the moment. The medium may have mentioned symbols, memories or messages that you don’t immediately recognize or recall. Oftentimes, things don’t hit home until after you’ve had time to sit with the information and process it.

Once the reading is over, you have more time to sit and ponder what you’ve been told. Things that didn’t make sense while speaking to the psychic suddenly “click” and it all makes sense afterwards. This could take minutes, days, weeks or even months sometimes.

This is why it’s so important to take notes or get a transcript of the reading. Once you realize what they were talking about you can go back and make better sense of what they meant. Sometimes psychic amnesia isn’t within your control, but there are a lot of things you can do to keep it from happening. These things include:

  • Going into the reading with an open mind
  • Not getting a reading when you’re tired, in a rush, or intoxicated
  • Going into the reading in a relaxed and trusting state
  • Giving yourself time to grieve before speaking to a medium
  • Not being afraid of what you’ll hear or go in with preconceived notions of what will happen

Due to the staggering amount of fraudulent psychics, I cannot stress enough the importance of doing your homework ahead of time. Of course it’s easier to just pick the first psychic who offers you a “free” reading but easier isn’t better.

Take the time to research several different psychic networks and read up on each of them. Read the profiles and reviews of the psychic you’re thinking about speaking to. You can get a good feeling for the psychic by how they describe themselves. Make sure their abilities match your needs and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I’ve done a lot of the work already if you’re looking for the best psychics to speak to and I’m always available to answer any questions you may have! Click the box below for a list of my all-time favorite psychic networks. I also suggest you read my “Psychic Scams and How to Avoid Them” section of the blog to learn what to look for and what to avoid.

You’ll also find reviews there of well-known psychic scams like William Your Guardian Angel, Magellan, Esmeralda Psychic and others.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

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