Digital Journal Chats With Psychic Jeffrey Wands

Psychic, medium, author, public speaker, and radio host Jeffrey Wands from Long Island conversed with the folks over at Digital Journal and shared with them some information about his psychic and medium abilities.

He told them that he plans to do more television appearances as well as write more books in the future. “I already have six books out, and I am looking to do a few more,” said Wands.

The psychic first discovered his special ability when he was just five or six years old and recalls what that was like; “I started as a kid, where I had an experience where my great-grandmother appeared to me. I had gotten in trouble for something and I told my mom that grandma said I shouldn’t be punished. Of course, it didn’t work out. I still got punished, but it was okay. It was harmless.”

You can listen to him on Sunday nights from 9:00 pm to midnight on Walk 97.5 FM on the radio show he has. “I do it once a week on Sundays, and once a month I am on their morning show,” he says.

He made the “Best of Long Island” list two years in a row as one of Long Island’s Top 3 psychics back in 2011 and 2012.

Wands states that his desire to help people is what motivates him to keep going each and every day. “I like what I do, and I have made a difference in many people’s lives. I have been very fortunate.”

Wands describes success as “being respected in what you do” and as being healthy in general. “It is something that I do and I am blessed. I expect a lot for myself because of what I do, and I’m always looking to perfect what I do,” he says.

The psychic enjoys spending his free time taking walks by the water and watching movies. “I find anything connected to the water to be very peaceful,” he tells the journal.

To learn more about psychic and medium Jeffrey Wands, who also happens to be nationally-recognized, you can visit his website at


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