Is Intuition The Same As Being Psychic?

Intuition can be a feeling or instinct that allows you to know the answer without knowing how you knew the answer. Senses are constantly relaying data to the brain for processing. This feeling happens quickly without thought, and decisions are arrived at intuitively.

The human brain may sense danger in the subconscious before telling the conscious mind there is a danger. It’s natural for people, like blinking and breathing. Psychics also have this feeling, but it’s amplified to the max.

The Brain Has A Primitive Form Of Psychic Ability

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For example, take the sense of smell. Say there’s a fire that just started in a distant room. People may sense trouble and feel uneasy about it before they ever smell smoke. The brain raises the alarm to prepare the body. Many experts believe that humans can develop instinct; others believe people are born with it.

Some think it is DNA coding in the brain to alert humans to danger and prepare for fight or flight. Sensing and feeling bad things is especially important for those who’ve lost the ability to see or smell. They are just as in need of being made aware of danger nearby. To survive, humans needed a backup to the basic five senses- a sixth sense.

A Mothers Intuition Seems Psychic

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Mothers are well aware of intuition. Their bodies tell them when their child is in danger. The body prepares itself by immediately releasing adrenaline at the first sign of trouble. The transfer is rapid and without thought, like a little voice giving them a heads-up. The mother may have heard the faintest sound, caught a fleeting glance of something, or smelled danger and quickly reacted.

They knew their child was in harm’s way without knowing how they knew. Intuition happens in real-time; nobody plans it ahead of time. It’s a natural process that the body does—rapid assessment of the situation without thought by the mother. Over thousands of years, the environment may have had a hand in developing instinct.

People living in constant danger developed skills to protect themselves. They immediately knew it was a wild animal lurking and whether or not it posed a threat. This sixth sense is why an individual can walk into a room and immediately sense something is wrong. It is reasonable to assume that people’s environment may have something to do with intuition. A Mother’s environment is their child, whose job is to protect it.

Psychics Have The Mental Ability Most Do Not

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The brain is highly complex, and no two are alike. The basics are the same, but some may have additional wiring that gives them a more powerful perception. Psychics can decipher situations differently. It’s no secret that some people are more gifted than others; it’s always been this way. Some can mentally add complex numbers in a second, while others can learn a language without trying hard.

Psychics are the same way; they’re just born with unique abilities. They say humans only use 10% of their brain’s potential- maybe psychics can use more than that? Psychics are often called upon to locate missing people. When a person is missing, someone knows where that person is. Psychics have a powerful intuition that tells them who that person is. They can ask the police to question so and so and pick up information that gives them clues about where the person is.

Maybe their mind keeps showing them a rock quarry or a cabin. The family can then think of who can access a cabin and go from there. Psychics have the answer without having to ask the question. Psychics have been around for thousands of years. Emperors and heads of state have all consulted them. Psychic advice influenced many critical worldly decisions. One example is a king consulting a psychic before declaring war on their enemy.

Past Lives Could Play A Role

Past intuition

Psychic visions may be a symbol of something that’s already happened. After all, history does repeat itself. They could have had a past life and are now remembering bits and pieces to share. Or they may be picking up the past life of the person they’re giving a reading to.

Even if we’re unaware of them, past lives can strongly impact us, shape and mold our minds and alter our current lives. Maybe someone had a terrible experience at the lake in a past life, and now in this life, they have this inexplicable fear of lakes or water. They don’t know why; they just feel it in their bones. Their body is screaming not to go in there, which could be where phobias come from.

When you ask someone deathly afraid of clowns why they feel that way, most can’t give you a reason. Maybe they were severely hurt or harmed by someone dressed as a clown in a past life. Again, knowing about your past life can help you in this life. Consider getting a past-life reading with a psychic. You’d be surprised at what you’ll learn.

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  2. Hi Angela. Do you think psychic ability is something that we can develop even later in life, or is it a gift that you have to be born with?

    • Hi Alissa,

      Its definitely something you’re born with. Its possible however that you are born with the gift but it just needs to be developed. If you feel you are Psychic try developing and growing it, you’ll know very quickly if it’s there is something there.

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