What’s The Difference Between A Psychic And A Fortune Teller?

The difference between a psychic and a fortune teller is controversial amongst genuine psychics. It can be hard to tell the two apart, and frauds who claim to have gifts can scam unsuspecting victims. Anyone interested in paying for a psychic reading must know the difference to avoid getting conned.

Fortune Tellers Claim To Know The Future

Predicting the future

Fortune tellers often lie about their ability to tell their client’s futures. The lies don’t usually stop there, either. They also pretend to know what will happen to the client’s family in an attempt to hook them. They have several ways of doing this. Some include asking personal questions, searching into the person’s history, or making vague blanket statements that could apply to anyone at any time.

Fortune tellers will also ask their clients not to share what they learned with others during their sessions. This secrecy is how they cover themselves when the prediction is false, and it also allows the client to interpret it without skeptical opinions from loved ones. Contrary to popular belief, genuine psychics can’t know what will happen next. Instead, they uproot and break down trends and paths that people are currently on. They use their unique gifts, like ESP, heightened intuition, and powerful instincts, to shed some light on their projected course.

Real psychics know that everyone has free will over every situation in their life. People can change the trends and paths in their lives and alter their futures. Genuine psychics don’t lie about their ability to predict the future, and they can’t do this because they can’t predict winning lottery numbers. There is no amount of supernatural mental power in the world that can accurately foresee what the future holds.

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A Fortune Teller Is Usually A Con Who Uses Scare Tactics

Conning fortune tellers may convince their clients to purchase a specific and costly type of candle. Or they might lie to their client about needing to come back for a second session because they need to spend more time meditating on a particular issue. It’s very common for them to lie to their clients about having a curse or a spell put on them. More often than not, these are scams designed to suck the most money out of clients.

Fortune tellers are more concerned with how they can profit instead of how they can use their ability to assist people seeking help. Authentic psychics use their gifts to provide clients with honest answers to their questions. They do this to the best of their ability in the amount of time the client wishes to spend. The price is set and made known ahead of time before the session even begins.

From there, the client chooses how long they want to talk and how much they want to spend. They enjoy their ability to help others with their unique abilities and never use their client’s personal information against them. They may offer their services for additional sessions, but not as a “cliff-hanger” tactic to make them return with more money. Authentic psychics respect the nature of their work and clients and never lie to someone just to keep them coming back.

Fortune tellers may use a variety of methods to appear legitimate. They may use stones, cards, or crystals, but these are just props in the show, not genuine abilities. Authentic psychics may use material objects to get to an answer, but they never rely on these tools. The truth of their answers lies in their natural abilities.

There Are Several Different Kinds Of True Psychic Abilities

psychic aura

Genuine psychics are not all the same. They all have their unique gifts and abilities. However, their gifts all have one thing in common. They all rely on a type of metaphysical extrasensory perception, also known as ESP. Typically, a psychic is born with one or two types of psychic abilities, but they can possess more than one. Here are some of the most common and helpful types:


Aura readings are one type of psychic ability. An aura is a subtle circle of energy that envelopes and radiates from each person. Certain psychics can see and understand the colors, intensities, and locations of strong auras on the body of a person’s aura. Aura readings can help someone sort through their thoughts and emotions. These feelings may hide below the surface but still affect the client’s mind. In this type of reading, the psychic will put themselves and the client in the appropriate mindset and use their judgment to give an accurate reading.


A clairvoyant can see or sense images in their mind with great clarity. They can see objects, events, and people at a great distance. These things may be in the client’s past or present. When clients have a psychic reading with a clairvoyant, they may have to work with the clairvoyant to put the pieces together. A psychic may see objects or people, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they know how they affect the individual with questions. In such cases, the client must be open to the situation to allow the psychic to use their clairvoyant abilities.


One of the most common types of psychic abilities is intuition. Nearly everyone possesses it to some extent, but others have been blessed with an enhanced intuition or have learned to use it more effectively. Intuition means knowing something without using the physical senses. It also involves knowing it immediately, and without using the traditional logical assumptions or thought processes they use in making daily life decisions.

Intuition is the “gut feeling” so often experienced when something out of the ordinary is going to happen. Psychics with enhanced intuition can help clients by relying on their gut feeling when advising them. While these are some of the more common psychic abilities a genuine psychic may possess, it is not a complete list.

Other psychics may be able to hear things or understand an object’s past by touching it. Some, known as psychic mediums, can communicate with the spirit of those who have passed and who have messages for their loved ones who are still alive. While no psychic ability is more special or important than any others, the ones listed are those most commonly used for readings.

Ask The Psychic About Their Abilities Before The Reading

Psychic abilities

Don’t be afraid to ask the psychic you chose some questions before you get into the reading. Their profile usually tells a lot about them, but you may get more information by asking them directly. Genuine psychics can give you detailed descriptions of their services and experiences. They can also provide references and customer testimonials.

Fraudulent fortune tellers will be more inclined to drop celebrity names when asked about their experiences, and that’s a tell-tale sign that they’re not a real psychic. Unfortunately, people use the terms psychic and fortune teller interchangeably, and associating the two is why so much skepticism surrounds honest and genuine psychics.

Authentic psychics use their services to help people through difficult times, provide insight into situations, and even assist in police investigations. They have spent years honing their gift and figuring out how to use it for good. While they may make a living off their ability, they are not pulling scams to make a quick buck or drain their clients’ bank accounts. They have no problem with being questioned about their skills and abilities.

Are You Speaking To A Genuine Psychic Or A Fake Fortune Teller?

Clients should keep a few key ideas in mind when speaking with a psychic or fortune teller to determine if they are genuine or fake:

  • First, true psychics will not be concerned with converting their clients to their beliefs. They are there to provide what they can, and how the client accepts it is their right.
  • Second, genuine psychics will never try to tell their clients that they have a determined fate. Free will plays a much greater role than intuition or other abilities.
  • Third, be wary of psychics who pump their clients for information. Occasional questions are necessary to open the lines of communication and establish comfort. However, a crafty fortune teller will know what questions to ask to trick the client into unknowingly revealing too much information.
  • Lastly, do not trust those that give a total “doom and gloom” reading. True psychics know there is more to the reading than scaring their clients with bad news.

There are always some positive aspects to every reading. Curses aren’t real, so don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you that you have one placed on you or your family. If you’re looking for a reading, opt for a genuine psychic, not a fad fortune teller. Find someone with an ability they have understood for years and the proof to back it up. Of course, go into it with an open mind. Even though fake psychics give the real ones a bad name, these abilities are real and can be extremely helpful in the right situation.

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    • Fortune tellers typically use all the tactics I warn against. Its pretty easy to spot a fortune teller because they look like your stereotypical “fortune teller” from the movies. Crystal balls, dark rooms, evil spirits, etc…. run far away from these people. Real Psychics are people just like you and I that have a deep connection to the spiritual realm. You probably even pass a few on the way to work each day.

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