Victims Come Forward After Being Scammed By Fraudulent Psychic

Manitowoc, WI. – Police arrested a 37-year-old Manitowoc self-proclaimed psychic on September 11th, 2013, for allegedly scamming two Manitowoc residents out of $35,000. Detective Mike Stone works for the Manitowoc Police Department.

His department recommends charging the psychic with two felony counts of “theft by fraud” and seven counts of forgery. “In October, we took a complaint from a Denmark man who was having problems. He was having marriage, work, and other issues,” Stone said. The 42-year-old man sought the psychic’s help in 2010, hoping she would help him fix his problems.

He was dissatisfied with her service but was far too embarrassed to report her or complain against her. “Ultimately, he claims she performed an egg ritual on him. During the ritual, she stood behind him, rubbed an egg on his back, then cracked the egg in a bowl. Lots of worms were inside, and, according to her, those were the evil spirits coming out of him,” Stone said.

The woman told the victim that she would need to perform more rituals to banish the evil spirits from his life. She quoted these rituals about $12,000. He gave her $23,000 but then complained about the high price. She decided to give him back a small amount of that money. After returning that small amount to him, she quickly cut off all contact with him. It became impossible for him to reach her.

The Victim Realized What Was Happening To Him

Stone states that the man soon noticed that nothing in his life had changed for the better. He began to realize she had scammed him of his money. That’s when he decided to report her to the police. Stone says the man didn’t report her just for the money. He was also trying to stop her from conning others like him. When the police got ahold of the psychic to question her, she denied performing an egg ritual on him.

She stated that she had spent a lot of money purchasing hundreds of quartz crystals and candles to help him. The victim told the police she only used one crystal and candle on him- not hundreds. “At that point, based on the law, we didn’t feel we had quite enough to pursue charges. In our heart of hearts, we felt differently though,” Stone said.

However, that changed in August 2013 when another Manitowoc resident called them to make a similar complaint against her. The 63-year-old caller told the police she started seeing the psychic in May 2013 for spiritual guidance. She informed them that the psychic performed an egg ritual on her that supposedly unveiled a demon from the victim’s ex-husband “two lives ago.”

According to Stone, the psychic told the woman that the demon had transferred from her ex to her daughter. This demon was supposedly causing the woman to have a lot of negativity in her life. After revealing the “demon” to the victim, the psychic told her she needed $12,000 to banish it from her life. The woman told the psychic she didn’t have that kind of money.

The Psychic Went Above And Beyond To Rob The Victim

The psychic then convinced her to get a cash advance from her credit cards then drove her to the bank. The victim withdrew the maximum amount allowed on her cards- $3,9000 and gave it to the psychic. The victim told the authorities that the psychic performed a ritual with her money afterward. Then the scamming psychic told her she had to keep her two credit cards.

Investigations performed by the police concerning the credit cards revealed that the psychic used the cards on herself over three weeks. She used them to get her nails done, buy clothes and groceries, and purchase things online. She signed the victim’s name every time she used them at a physical location. Stone states that after all was said and done, the psychic bilked the victim out of about $12,000.

He said the psychic returned a small amount after the victim complained but kept most of the money. According to Stone, the psychic finally admitted to fraudulently using the victim’s credit cards after heavy questioning. She confessed that she made personal purchases with them and illegally signed the victim’s name for each buy.

“It’s a person taking advantage of someone else’s weaknesses; that’s what it is,” says Stone. “We believe there could be other victims out there who might be too embarrassed to come forward. We encourage anyone who feels they have been scammed or defrauded to contact the police department. I would have thought she would have seen this coming,” he added.

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