The Scientific Study of Psychic Energy Healing

What exactly is psychic energy healing? Is it real, and if so, does it work? Before answering these questions, let me tell you a fascinating fact about Energy- It is everlasting. The scientific community defines Energy as “a substance that cannot be created nor destroyed- only be transformed into other forms.” Since nothing can destroy energy, that means it’s eternal. Along with being eternal, energy is also conscious.

The famous ‘double-slit experiment’ proved this fact to a certain extent. wrote about the experiment. Here is a short excerpt from them: “In some strange way, an electron or a photon [or any other elementary particle] seems to ‘know’ about changes in the environment and appears to respond accordingly,” says physicist Danah Zohar.

A group at the Weizmann Institute in Israel has done a variation of the famous “double-slit” experiment. They used electrons instead of photons and observed how the resultant interference pattern dissipated the longer you watched the electrons go through the slits.

Like a wave, the electron passes through both slits simultaneously. However, according to E Buks, if it “senses” that someone is watching it, the electron (as a particle) goes through only one path, diminishing the interference pattern. Elementary particles (such as photons and electrons) appear to possess a certain degree of “intelligence” and awareness of the environment.”

A Different Way To Heal

In energy healing, you use more obscure and underrated forms of energy, like thoughts and intentions, to heal things. From our perspective, these forms of energy may seem too weak to do anything, but they are powerful at the atomic level, which makes nuclear weapons so intense. Our thoughts aren’t that powerful at our current level of evolution, but when we merge them with other peoples’ and focus them on healing something, incredible things happen.

This action strengthens the thought-healing process enormously. We can then work together and share energy back and forth to heal each other. For this reason, we get better results in healing a person if we have more than one person using psychic energy healing techniques together. Quantum physicists have found evidence that energy makes up the fundamental building blocks of matter. 

Quantum physicists have also confirmed that our thoughts and intentions affect energy behavior. The fact that energy makes up everything and that thoughts and intentions affect the behavior of energy is why the combination of these two (energy combined with healing thoughts and intentions) can heal within the deep structures of the body.

What The Double Slit Experiment Means For Psychic Energy Healing

So, what does the double-slit experiment have to do with energy healing? This experiment used electrons and photons to show that they’re conscious and aware despite being just another form of energy. The double-slit experiment proved that energy has some form of awareness and intelligence that can be affected by our thoughts.

By understanding how energy works at the most fundamental level, we’ve learned how to affect its behavior. We’ve also learned how to change it into a type of quantum energy that can heal our bodies. The power of thought, emotion, and intention are the most effective ways to affect energy behavior.

Why Does Psychic Energy Healing Take Longer To Heal Your Body

Using energy healing techniques to heal our bodies usually takes longer to see results than conventional medicines and herbs. The reason is that when we use energy healing methods, we’re targeting the energy structures of the body that exist at a much deeper level in the body than the physical structures. That means more time is needed for the energy to transform and heal and for the effects to appear physically.

Conventional Medicine Is Faster But Not Necessarily Better

Many people have difficulty trusting in energy healing techniques because results take longer. Most people want immediate results, so they turn to conventional medication instead. Conventional medicine is a good option if you want quick results. However, the problem with it is that it only heals the body at the physical level, just at the surface.

It only affects our energy subtly and doesn’t heal our bodies at the deeper level, which is where permanent change happens. These medicines only mask the problem and usually have many side effects. These side effects are generally worse than the condition we were trying to heal.

Unlike conventional medicine, psychic energy healing methods heal the deep energy structures within the body. We can get the best results by combining holistic medicine, such as herbs and tonics, with energy healing techniques like acupuncture and reiki. When we heal our bodies at the deep energy level, we heal our physical bodies, minds, and souls.

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