Isha Tarot Master Review- Is Isha Soul Healer A Scam?

Making his rounds on the internet is a ‘psychic’ calling himself “Isha Tarot Master.” My readers have asked me if I believe he’s a fake or the real deal, so I took some time to research him. I became suspicious of Isha not long into my research. I learned he associates himself with well-known psychic scammers “Maria Medium” and “Roxane Psychic Astrologer,” who I’ve reviewed here and here.

That’s reason enough for me to automatically dismiss anything Isha says as a lie, but I wanted to keep digging and be sure before I tell people not to believe him. Along with ‘Tarot Master,’ he also calls himself a ‘Soul Healer’ and a ‘Psychic’ on his website. In his “about me” section, he says he believes he inherited his powers from his Druid ancestors and discovered his gift at a very young age. He adds that he designed his own deck of Tarot cards when he was 13 years old and hasn’t looked back ever since.

He decided to skip college at 17 to continue uncovering the supernatural world and astral realms. That sounds nice and very believable, and I could see myself falling for it, but too many things stood out to me. These things drove me to the conclusion that he’s yet another scam in the world of fake psychics. No different than his friend Maria. Below are my reasons for not recommending him as a legit psychic reader:

His Website Is Owned And Run By A Company Based Out Of Unregulated Countries

Isha’s business is owned and operated by a company called “Apps & Go” based out of Gibraltar, Hong Kong, AND Malta. That alone automatically discounts his services to me and creates distrust. It makes me skeptical because unethical English-speaking psychics favor these three countries. They base their companies in these countries because they have lax rules and regulations.

They don’t have to answer to their own government when they’ve scammed people and are hard to get a hold of for refunds or complaints. I’ve always believed that if an English-speaking psychic were authentic and genuinely gifted, they would have nothing to hide or fear and base their business out of their home country. His friend, Maria Medium, along with Extraordinary Chris, William Guardian Angel, and Esmeralda Psychic, to name a few, also bases herself out of Gibraltar.

In fact, his street address is Pittmans Alley which is the same as all the other scamming psychics I’ve reviewed. Angel Medium Angela and Padre Messenger, to name a couple, are based out of Hong Kong. Miranda Sensitive Psychic and Master Abram also base themselves out of Malta. Notice the pattern? All these psychics have been proven to be psychic scams, and Isha is now part of the list.

He Baits People With The Promise Of A “Free” Reading

Skilled and gifted psychics don’t pretend to offer their services for free to get your email address. They use their abilities to make a living, just like anyone else. They partner with trustworthy psychic networks like Psychic Source, and customers in need find them there. From the beginning, these companies make it known that you will pay for their guidance and advice and how much.

You then decide whether getting personalized help with your problems is worth it. There’s no false hope that it will be free of charge. Psychics are human and must eat and pay rent, too, and are honest about this. Always be skeptical of any psychic who offers to help you with your life for zero payment. Nothing is ever free and will cost you more in the long run.

That said, I received my “free” reading from Isha about 2 hours after requesting it. How can a real psychic drop everything they’re doing, analyze my life without any information, and read me that quickly? They can’t- that’s how. Everything about Isha is automated- all done by his marketing company, Apps and Go.

He Only Gives Readings Via Email

Another thing all fake psychic websites have in common is only giving readings through email. If they are authentic psychics who want to share their gift with the world to help make it a better place, why can’t I pick up the phone to talk to them? People are usually desperate and desperately need help when they decide to speak to a psychic.

They could be experiencing love problems, financial matters, work issues, etc., and need help NOW. How is a generic email reading supposed to help anyone? You need to be able to call, chat, or instant message someone in real time to express your concerns. Communicating back and forth with them allows them to pick up your energy/vibrations and help you discover your truth.

I requested a reading from Isha and immediately received a “welcome gift for happiness” from him. It was an automated message and had nothing personal in it. No one was available behind the screen to discuss my life with me. I later received my “free reading” from him, which was even more of a let-down, which I’ll explain below:

His Emails Were Incredibly Desperate, Pushy, And Generic

I signed up to get my “free” reading from Isha on 04/19/23 and didn’t provide any information about myself to him at all except my name and email address. As I said above, I received my first email from him within 2 hours, and then I received one new email EVERY.SINGLE.DAY after that. His first “reading” said he had urgent revelations about my future. He told me that connecting to my energy was quite the experience and that he rarely had such intense visions as a professional psychic throughout his life.

Well, I can tell you that this is 100% fake. Psychics can only connect to your energy by speaking to you by phone, video, or instant messaging by text. He literally hadn’t heard a SINGLE thing from me or anything that I had to say. How did he get so much information about me by just receiving a request for a reading? We had zero back-and-forth communication- just him sending me emails daily. And the more I ignored them, the more desperate they got.

Remember, Readings Are Never Really Free

From the first email, he told me that if I paid him $49.00, I could receive my “Magical Tarot Reding+Ritual.” He said it’s usually $99.00, but since he feels like “our souls are so close to one another,” he decided to discount it for me and only me. He is so full of it; I can’t even with him. Since I didn’t pay $49.00 after that first email, he sent me another the next day asking me to please read it because he is my friend. It was another link to pay for my special reading, of course.

The following day’s email said my case was SO UNIQUE that it kept him awake last night! New information came up, and I had to act even sooner than he initially thought. Otherwise, I risk losing my wealth capital, whatever that is. The email I received from him the next day said, “a negative influence is ruining your life and causing you not to heed my advice and pay for your magic readings.” He insisted that I have an astral imbalance that is the source of all my problems. Isha couldn’t be more fake and desperate if he tried.

I Really Did Want To Believe In Isha, But He’s Just Another Scam

Psychic Scam

Unlike his friend Maria Medium, Isha’s image didn’t come from a stock photo company, so he does have that going for him. He may be a real human, but unfortunately, he isn’t a real psychic. He and his company, Apps and Go, have created the perfect scam. They get people’s names and email addresses with the promise of a free reading, then they immediately start spamming you daily, asking you to pay them.

When you don’t, they scare you and make you feel like you don’t care about yourself enough. Please remember that to truly, genuinely connect with a psychic or Tarot reader- YOU MUST HAVE AN OPEN LINE OF COMMUNICATION WITH THEM! They can’t read you through email unless you reply to the emails and have a two-way conversation. You can’t reply to Isha’s emails because they’re from “Apps and Go.” Unfortunately, they don’t want to speak to or hear from you.

They just want you to fall for their scam, follow their link, and give them your hard-earned money. Authentic psychics are nothing like that; they actually WANT to hear from you. They want to talk to you in real-time, even if it’s by messaging back and forth. That’s the only way they can get a feel for you as a person and help you navigate any issues or answer any questions you have.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

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