What Is Psychic Healing? Does It Really Work?

If you’re interested in using psychic healing techniques successfully, it helps to know some basics first about what psychic healing is. Essentially, psychic healing is a transferring of energy. It’s basically two people’s energies communicating with one another. During psychic healing, one person (the healer) transfers positive, healing energy to the receiver (the one being healed) and the receiver openly accepts and receives that healing energy.

Psychic Energy: What Is It?

So now that you know the basic concept of psychic healing, I’ll dig deeper into what exactly psychic energy is. It’s actually very interesting to read about the scientific definition of energy and the role it plays in psychic healing.

Scientifically, energy is defined as something that cannot be created nor destroyed; it can only get transferred and transformed into other forms.

This is exactly what makes psychic healing so effective. Psychic healing involves understanding how the energy inside people transforms and how their energy can be balanced out for optimal health.

The scientific definition of energy serves to remind us that energy is eternal, since it can’t ever be destroyed. Each and every one of us can pull up energy from inside ourselves because it is within us just waiting for us to harness it.

The 3 Most Popular Types Of Psychic Healing

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There are three different types of healing energy:

  • Pranic Healing
  • Mental Healing
  • Spiritual Healing

Each of these three types of psychic healing are unique and provide the healer with varying benefits. A talented psychic healer will decide what type of healing works best for each specific situation and problem that the patient is undergoing. The healer can either specialize in one of the three types of healing energy, or may be trained on all three types.

Pranic Healing

The first type of psychic healing I will talk about, pranic healing, is fairly simple, but must be done with a lot of care. In pranic healing, the universal life force called “Ki” or “Prana” are invoked by the healer. The healer then directs this force into the part of the body of the person who needs to be healed. This restores the balance of energy in those parts of the body and the body can then use the Ki life force to begin its own healing.

Mental Healing

The second type of psychic healing I’ll discuss, mental healing, is particularly powerful because it makes use of the human mind and all of its astounding complexities. In this type of healing, the healer establishes a mental connection to both the other person’s mind and to the area on that person’s body that is in need of healing.

After that is done, the healer then visualizes that body part being healed and focuses all of their positive, healing energy onto the other person and the affected body part. Once the transferring of energy and the visualization of healing has passed from the healer to the affected person, the affected person’s mind openly receives it and the energy begins a healing process inside of themselves.

Spiritual Healing

The final form of psychic healing, spiritual healing, is extremely advanced and continuous. In this type of healing, the healer summons a universal and spiritual healing force, then sends it directly into the person being healed. Psychic healing through this spiritual energy is very rewarding and therapeutic.

How Is Psychic Healing Used?

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So now that you know about the three different psychic healing types, you may be wondering how to use them and put them into action. The three different approaches outlined above can be explored through a variety of methods.

There are a number of techniques available that people use in order to make psychic healing the most successful it can be. You can read about them in my article Top 5 Most Effective Psychic Healing Techniques. Before you read about those techniques however, it is crucial that you always keep in mind how important the individual experience is.

Psychic healing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It relies on being in tune and in balance with yourself first and foremost. What I mean by this is that you need to listen to your body when trying the different methods and if you feel like one specific technique works better for you, then you need to hone in on that technique.

Focus on perfecting that healing method. You can also seek others who already specialize in that particular healing method and make a connection with them. Learn as much as you can from them and never stop developing the skill. Psychic healing is all about finding the healing technique that fits your individual experience.

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