Pat Bussard Delivers Messages From The Dead To The Living

Abingdon, VA. – Last Saturday night, people gathered in a circle for a supernatural event, filling up the Star Museum in Abingdon. Among the crowd were photos of Hollywood icon Mae West. The images showed West in the prime of her life, with a smile that transcends time. In the 1920s, West dabbled in spiritualism to contact her friend Rudolph Valentino, whom she had only known for about a month before he passed away.

West grew very fond of him in that short month and was deeply saddened when he died so abruptly. She was not embarrassed to let people know that she was a spiritualist, and even became a medium and held séances until she died in 1980. “I use Mae West as a switchboard operator,” said the museum owner, Robert Weisfeld. He smiles ever so slightly and insists he is not joking about that.

Weisfeld claims that he has been a spiritualist since the 60s and ’70s. He used to be a newspaper editor, and though he no longer does that, he is still a lively writer. On these evenings, when the museum is full of chairs grouped in a circle, Weisfeld plays the host. He is not the primary energy of the show, nor is he the star of it. The person filling that role is a woman named Pat Bussard.

Bussard is an Appalachian psychic. Both her mother and grandmother were mediums, making Bussard a third-generation psychic. “They call us psychics, or they call us mediums. In my case, I’m a psychic medium,” she says. “I can see what’s going on in someone’s life. If a spirit has a message for you, it will give it to you. What I consider an angel and Spirit lead me.”

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What The Event Is Like

On this dark night, Bussard uses her spiritual abilities to get in touch with the other side to deliver messages from them to their loved ones in the crowd. Weisfeld wants to make it clear that these aren’t séances, though. It’s not a séance because it’s not entirely dark, and the audience doesn’t hold hands. “I would call them psychic gallery readings,” Weisfeld says. “She’s trying to get in touch with people in spirit for people present.”

Aside from being a photographer, columnist, and graduate from Old Dominion University, Bussard also wrote a book titled ‘Thirty True Tales of the Weird, Unusual and Macabre.’ “I consider myself just somebody with some additional senses,” she says. The museum has held these events with Bussard for several months now. Participants pay $40 per event to see her. “Most people were interested in contacting relatives, especially mothers and grandmothers,” said Weisfeld.

Weisfeld talks about the time a woman whose daughter had passed away in a tragic car accident attended. She went in hopes of contacting her daughter. “She had so much unresolved worry about her daughter,” Weisfeld said. Bussard successfully contacted the daughter’s spirit, and the woman left the event feeling overjoyed. She liked it so much that she returned the next night and brought a relative with her, according to Weisfeld.

Weisfeld believes that the people who come to the events are not specifically interested in paranormal activity. “A lot of the time, it was more about having some kind of emotional need attached to someone in spirit,” he says. “A lot of these people are very sensitive, so they sense people with them,” said Bussard. They mostly just want to ensure their deceased family and friends are “ok.”

Not Just Anyone Can Show Up And Participate

You must follow specific rules that Weisfeld has established if you want to attend these events. “No drinkers, text addicts, kooks, would-be thieves, or negative thinkers” are allowed. He also insists that participants wear comfortable clothes, and he is strict on his rule about not letting anyone in who shows up late.

Once the door is locked, it’s closed for the duration of the event. The building, currently known as the Star Museum, was a saloon at one point, followed by an office for a newspaper company. This venue isn’t the only location Bussard makes appearances at, though. She travels a lot doing these events. She’s currently going from Lynchburg, VA., to Kingsport, TN.

After that, she will head to Cincinnati, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh. She refers to her Abingdon appearances as “evenings of reconnection, laughter, and healing.” She says that even though she’s been giving individual readings for several years, the readings at the Star Museum are more refreshing and unique for her.

“I like to be a meaningful connection- if I’m able to connect them with someone- if there’s an unanswered question, I’m compelled to do this,” she says. A few decades ago, Bussard began giving spiritual readings when she was only 16. “It takes a lot of energy for people to do this kind of work,” says Weisfeld. “It takes a lot of physical energy because you’re walking between dimensions on some levels.”

Bussard’s Events Are A Blessing For The Community

Weisfeld loves having Bussard appear at his museum because he feels that her take on supernatural things is calming and that she “brings an incredible sense of comfort to people seeking answers to important questions. It’s wonderful to witness the transformation in folks once they know the spirit of a loved one remains a benevolent force in their lives.”

Bussard has a 23-year-old daughter named Stephanie Bussard, who lives in Tannersville, VA, and Weisfeld greatly admires her. “Young Stephanie seems to have a good facility for spirits’ names and for making contact with pets,” he says. Stephanie travels with her mother often for these types of events. “I guess I’m the little sidekick,” says Stephanie.

“I just try to connect with people as much as mom does and try to build up my ability.” If you would like to attend one of these events at the Star Museum, you can call 276-608-7452. The next events will be on 03/14/14 and 03/21/14 at 7:30 pm. The address to the museum is 170 E. Main St., Abingdon, VA, and Pat Bussard will host these shows.

Those who live in this area make reservations to check Bussard out at the Star Museum. She is amazing!

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