Esmeralda Psychic Review – Is Psychic Esmeralda A Scam?

I get a lot of questions from my readers asking about Psychic Esmeralda and I thought I would make a post about her. For those who haven’t heard of her, she is a self-proclaimed psychic and refers to herself as “Authentic Clairvoyant and Tarot Reader Esmeralda” on her website. She is known for harassing people nonstop via email.

She claims to have been born into a Gypsy family who were all well known for their accurate predictions and to have been raised within the world of “Sacred Magic.” She tells stories of how her grandmother decided to teach her everything she knows and now calls herself a “master” clairvoyant, tarot reader, and expert in “Sacred Magic”– whatever that is.

No matter how much Esmeralda has managed to build herself up, create interest for herself, and separate people from their money, make no mistake- she is quite the scam artist. She infiltrates people’s inboxes with scare tactics involving curses and promises of a better future. She alternates between calling herself a “certified medium” and an “authentic clairvoyant” but neither of these are true.

Her Website Is Owned And Run By A Market Company

New Lotus Web Scam

In fact, according to the privacy policy on her website, her business is owned by New Lotus Web Limited based out of the country of Gibraltar. It lists her address as:

World Trade Center
1st Floor – Unit 1.02 Suite 253
6 Bayside Road
GX11 1AA – Gibraltar.

A quick web search for New Lotus Web Limited reveals this is actually an internet based marketing and advertising company. This seems like Esmeralda isn’t even a real person and this is just an advertising and marketing company and not a real psychic. This is the same company that pretends to be The Extraordinary Psychic Chris, Maria Medium, and William, the Guardian Angel.

She Only Gives Readings Via Email

Email psychic readings

She never gives readings by phone or video because she purchases mailing lists from companies, then begins to bombard people with emails. She gives them a fake story of her background and if she convinces the reader and they’re interested, she leads them to her website.

Once they’re on her website, she proceeds to ask them A LOT of questions, including their address and telephone number. She requests a lot of personal information from the reader, but doesn’t share any information or history about herself aside from her Gypsy family story.

The emails that she sends are all very generic and can be pretty attention-grabbing. They might sound like they were made specifically for the receiver but a web search will reveal that she sent the same exact email to others, only bothering to change the receivers name.

Her go-to method to “hook” people is to scare them by telling them they’ve been cursed since birth. She will either tell them that someone who didn’t like their parents cursed their unborn child, or someone who was jealous of them placed a curse upon them and that these are the reasons for their misfortune.

She Sends The Same Email To Everyone

Here is an actual email she has sent out to unsuspecting victims:

“Dear (Insert Name)

You must absolutely do something, it is vital for your future! If you don’t intervene quickly your future could become gloomy…even though it has everything needed to be bright.

(Insert Name), I don’t know what is happening, I have the impression that you are not aware of just how much is at stake. Perhaps you haven’t read my previous emails? In that case, I understand and I suggest you read them right now.

For the past few days I have written to tell you that someone you know is about to harm you. It is not the first time you may say, but this time, it is a special type of harm. I am speaking of sorcery, and believe me… it is invisible harm that does the greatest damage.

(Insert Name), I am not talking nonsense here… sorcery wreaks havoc! I have great affection for you, and certainly that is why I had this vision concerning you. Let me remind you that just before I dozed off, I heard a voice whispering:

“(Insert Name)”

Don’t you think that someone was warning you through me? I am convinced they were!

This is precisely why I am coming on so strongly again today. It is my role as a clairvoyant to be the link between the visible and the invisible, between here and above, between this dimension and others.”

esmeralda psychic scam email

Initially, she offers the email recipient a free reading but then quickly states that if they give her their $59 and their birth date, they can get a more detailed reading.

She Uses Fear And Scare Tactics

esmeralda psychic scam warning

It’s during these more detailed readings that she pulls out all the stops. Aside from scare tactics, she also uses emotional black mail to get people to pay her. This is one of the oldest and most common psychic scams in the book.

She tells them that someone stole their life and that they will grow old all alone, she tells them that their loved ones will turn on them, that their health is going to deteriorate, that a man wants to harm them, that they will be financially ruined, etc. etc.

She then says that she alone can fix these issues and get them their identity and life back on track by lifting the curse off of them for additional payment. The payments never end either. Once she’s been paid to fix one thing, she comes up with a different thing she needs to fix for even more money.

Another one of her scams is telling her clients that her family has a secret they want passed down to them but that she can’t relay the message unless the customer pays her. She says that if they pay her she’ll download the information and send the document to them so they can hold on to it. However, some customers have complained that they were unable to download or view the bogus document after they paid her.

In the spirit of fairness, I tried to find good testimonials and reviews for her but was shocked at the ratio of bad to good ones there are. People had a lot of very negative things to say about their experience with Esmeralda.

Not surprisingly, despite promising a refund if not satisfied, it is impossible to get a hold of her when you realize she scammed you and want to be reimbursed. She will keep sending you emails asking for more money but will not return yours.

She doesn’t provide a phone number to reach her at either of course. Even if you decide to take your losses and move on, she doesn’t stop emailing you even if you unsubscribe or opt out of her emails!

“Psychic” Esmeralda is a complete scam artist that needs to be avoided at all costs! You can’t believe anything she tells you.



Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. I must thank you. So many critics say they are all scams but I just finally found yours and I intuitively trust you as you are a believer. Esmerelda, Magellan, Celeste have all been hounding me. Esmerelda for more than 3 years. I must admit I paid each of them when their initial fee was reduced to me and getting nothing from each but requests for more I didn’t trust but they are tempting. They do seem to be on to something but do not provide anything . Although they all see wonderful turn arounds , and as my life isn’t common what they did describe of me was amazingly accurate. Thank you. I will, if ever, seek one that is proven from your list.

  2. Oh and two of three have hinted to meyself having an inner eye, that I can learn to use it, and not need to seek guidance. You can understand my need to know something, I’m sure. My life has been almost constant pain, shunning, rejection, suicidal feelings and attempts. I feel like something is there just out of my grasp. And a calling from God, then a year later a messenger, just a man, telling me of a job that is mine to fulfill my destiny.. That was 8 years ago, and just 4 days ago, epiphanies have begun to come.. I am absolutely poor, and they seem urgent, NOW, NOW, NOW, but I have zero funds and I need to know because they seem so ludacris, and I feel insane, when I’m made to feel as if I’m to pass on this horrible news.. Seeking guidance, literally life or death…

  3. Hi everyone.
    Unfortunately my naive mum payed 29€ for a finance advice to Esmeralda. Should we be worried about our bank account? Will there be other unauthorized payments?

  4. Hi Angela
    I just paid $100 and should I worry about my bank account?

    • Hi Angela,
      I did the free reading and received the same email that others are saying they have received. However she included the actual reading for 3 cards and in it she mentioned the town I leave in. I never gave her my address, so wondering how she got that information. Just wondering if tho happened to anyone else!

      • Visitor analytics on her website will show the ip address of anyone who looks at her website.
        Check your ip address and see if it gives your town as the origin of your ip address

      • Hi Ashley, your internet provider gives each person a unique IP address. When you visit their website, or reply to an email that address is collected. With that they can look up your approximate location. You’re in or around Charlottetown. See no magic needed.

  5. This is all a huge fraud !!
    All is a big trap, New Lotus manages names looking like Fortune Tellers, the whole team that cheating on us is located in Barcelona, they have many people behind computers to maintain clients hooked on the websites. They are thieves. They are being pursuit by different countries laws. It s a very big fraud. All the answers and products they sell, are already written. If you have been a victim, go to the police.
    The big frauder is Rogeau. the manager.

    • It is true, it s a big scam , an international fraud !

      They steal innocent people, and fraud States with screen companies.

      They are into radar justice of different countries.

  6. Hi Angela, can you recommend me to a psychic?

  7. I havent paid yet. I just redeemedmy first free reading. Can I stop her emails if I do not pay?

  8. Hello, i wanted to tell you about my experience with esmeralda, i just browsed onto her webpage, & i said to myself (after i had chosen 3 cards, like she asked me to), sooner or later she is going to ask me for money, & BINGO, right at the very end of her so – called FREE consultation, she did, i just played along for a bit of fun, & told her that she was doing really well, until she wanted my c c details, what a scam, i obviously did NOT give them to her, but to me its just comedy, the way she keeps trying. When she realised that she was not going to get any money out of me, she eventually gave up, but YES SHE IS A SCAMMER/CON WOMAN.


  10. Esmeralda is sending lot of mails how do I avoid her? I have not replied even didn’t click on the links. It’s irritating.

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