Psychic Sisters Who Helped Solve Murder Case To Be Featured On Television

The Investigation Discovery show “Six Degrees of Murder” will feature the psychic sisters who helped the police solve the murder of Christine Sheddy- Suzanne and Jean Vincent. They will dedicate the show to Sheddy’s death, and the Pennsylvania-based “Psychic Sisters” are on the guest appearance list.

The duo helped the police using their psychic intuition and premonition. “When I do this, I volunteer, which means I don’t charge anyone, family or police, for my time,” Suzanne said. Suzanne tells about how Lynn Dodenhoff, Sheddy’s mother, reached out to her after family members spoke of her.

These members told Dodenhoff about Suzanne assisting the police in the murder case of dentist John Yelenic in 2006. “When she had reached out to me, I knew she was gone,” said Vincent. “But I also kept getting two names; ‘Tia’ and a second with a ‘J,’ Junior or Justin.” 26-year-old Sheddy lived with three other people in a farmhouse in Pocomoke City in late 2007.

These three other people are Clarence Butch Jackson- 33, Justin Hadel- 17, and Tia Lynn Johnson-26. Jackson and Johnson were a couple, but Jackson also had sexual relations with Sheddy. Sheddy wanted more from the relationship and asked Jackson to become exclusive, but Jackson refused her proposition, making Sheddy angry.

She allegedly threatened to tell Johnson of their sexual relationship in her anger. Authorities believe this was when Jackson told Hadel to “finish her off.” Hadel killed Sheddy by hitting her with a two-by-four three times, breaking every bone in her face below her forehead. Jackson and Hadel then buried her body in a shallow grave near the farmhouse in the woods.

What Did The Sisters Pick Up About Sheddy?

The three roommates moved Sheddy’s body later to Snow Hill. They buried her between a guesthouse and the fence at the River House Inn– Johnson and Jackson’s previous job. “When I tried to get an image of Sheddy’s body, I kept seeing an image of bungalows. I knew her body was buried somewhere by them,” says Vincent.

Jackson and Johnson later moved to Tennessee and Hadel to Texas. “I kept feeling a connection to Texas, that someone involved in the case had a relationship to Texas. Police told me that there was a suspect who did have a Texas connection.” Police arrested Jackson in 2010 for his connection with an arson in Hamilton County, Tennessee.

At this point, he reached out to Sheddy’s mother and offered to give her information about the location of Sheddy’s remains if they let him out of jail. Dodenhoff accepted, and the court would later try Jackson and Johnson in 2012 for after-the-fact involvement in the murder. Jackson stated that he was the ringleader of the murder and accepted a 30-year sentence plea deal.

The psychic sister claims that police had initially chalked Sheddy’s disappearance as a runaway and would have probably remained that way if it hadn’t been for her, her sister’s, and Sheddy’s mother’s efforts. “I knew, from the moment I began receiving messages about Christine, that she was no longer in this world,” said Vincent.

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