Winner Of 2013 March Madness Predicted By California Psychic

Sacramento, CA. – Don’t let her closed eyes fool you! Her eyes may be closed, but you can bet her mind is open wide as she predicts the future. We’re talking about Tammy Adams, a spiritual psychic from Sacramento.

She has always had the gift of seeing into the future, and CBS13 sat down with her in hopes that she could predict the winners of this year’s March Madness. “It’s like I’m closing my eyes, and I’m able to see them play,” says Adams. She refers to her visions as “mini-movies” and states that March Madness is no different; it is like she is watching the games unfold in her mind.

She states that even though she’s unfamiliar with college basketball, she can tell who’s getting ahead based on the energy she picks up. Hoping to get the March Madness winners from her, CBS13 gave Adams a blank game bracket and asked her to tell them what she saw. “Butler, I know this is gonna sound not very nice, but they’re a little egotistical,” she declared.

According to Adams, Butler’s overconfidence will cost them a loss to Bucknell. She states that it’s an “easy call” for UCLA against Minnesota. “UCLA I see as a team. I see them happy. I see them working together,” she said. She did not hesitate to answer when it came to Oklahoma State against Oregon.

Onto The Meat Of The Matter

“You want to know who does better? Oregon,” was her answer. For not knowing much about basketball, Adams sure does seem to know a lot about the teams. She says that Oregon has something to prove, which would seem correct since they feel disrespected after they got a 12 seed.

So it’s like they’re excited about proving that point, so that’s why I see them doing so well,” she said. New Mexico also stood out to her from the bracket. “New Mexico was pretty strong- since you first gave me the paper- cause there’s a guy on their team that is most likely going to end up going to the professionals.”

More than likely, the guy she refers to is Kendall Williams, the star guard. Most scouts have him as a top 50 NBA draft pick. Towards the end of the interview, she gave us information about the UOP vs. Miami game. “They’re going to look bad, and then they’re going to end up taking off and doing a great job later,” she claims, referring to UOP.

However, it will not be enough to win them the game, and Pacific will lose. Finally, the answer we’ve all been waiting for: which two teams will make it to the finals? Her answer is, “On this side, I will definitely say Indiana. Then on this side, this Gonzaga looks really positive.”

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