Elissa Psychic Review – Is Psychic Elissa A Scam?

When a reader asked me about a psychic calling herself Elissa Psychic, I hadn’t heard of her. I then started getting more and more requests for my opinion on her, so I decided to investigate this psychic. She’s been making her rounds on the internet, and I think it’s important to know if she’s real.

My research turned up several psychics with the name Elissa and Allissa. All of them, but one seemed legitimate, so she’s the one I decided to look into more in-depth. I discovered that Elissa-psychic.com is just another psychic scam website among hundreds. Nothing about Elissa Psychic is true, and I want to share what I found with anyone considering reading from her.

Who Is This Woman Pretending To Be A Psychic?

Elissa psychic scam

The Elissa Psychic scam is no different than the Esmeralda Psychic, William Guardian Angel, Extraordinary Chris, or Celeste Angelic Medium scams. They are all so generic and predictable when stealing money from people. Her website states she is a medium with over 20 years of experience. It says she can help you prosper by talking to Guardian Angels. She claims to be gifted by God in her abilities, allowing her to fix your life. As I mentioned before, there are several psychics named Elissa.

One of them, in particular, was very annoyed because the fake Elissa was using the real one’s name and pretending to be her in emails. I believe fake Elissa is trying to capitalize on a real psychic who has already built a reputation for herself. The fake psychic’s “about me” page on her website doesn’t give any personal information about her. Aside from saying she has years of experience and can talk to angels, the about me section is just her telling me how her services can fix my life.

That’s not the place to try to convince me how much I’ll benefit by contacting her for a reading! That’s the place for her to make herself known to me. This section is where she should tell me about her psychic experiences and where I would expect her to tell me stories of the people she’s helped. This place is where she should familiarize herself with me and tell me about her life. The lack of personal information made her lose all credibility with me and was my first red flag.

Is There Anything True Or Authentic About Her?

Sadly, there is nothing authentic about Elissa Psychic in the photo below. Even the picture of her isn’t real! Or rather, it is a real photo of an actual person, but it is NOT an Elissa Psychic. The image is a stock photo purchased by the company behind Elissa Psychic. This company is a digital marketing corporation called Sl Digital. They created, marketed, and plastered her all over the internet.

They’re the ones spamming people’s inboxes with her urgent-sounding emails. The company wanted Elissa to seem warm, personable, caring, and happy. They went to a stock photo purchasing site like stockphotos.com or stock.adobe.com to find the perfect face for the scam. They chose this photo because the woman fits the bill.

The real woman in the photo is a model who got paid to take her picture in different poses and outfits. After she received payment, she had no idea or concern about what the buyer would use her photo for. In this case, it happened to be used to pass as a psychic named Elissa Psychic. Another red flag was that their address for Elissa Psychic was fake. The website lists her address as:

1234 Divi St. #1000
San Francisco, CA. 95123

This address doesn’t exist anywhere, and 95123 isn’t even the zip code for San Francisco! The whole thing is exceptionally shady and makes them entirely untrustworthy to me. Why lie about your address if you have nothing to hide?? After learning about the stock photo images and fake addresses, I distrust everything about Elissa Psychic.

The Emails She Sends Are Awful


Elissa Psychic is just like all the other psychic scammers I’ve reviewed on my “psychic scams and how to avoid them” page. Her main goal is to take advantage of vulnerable people. The minute you sign up for the “free” reading, you let her prey on your emotions. She’ll give you generic and useless “readings,” just for Sl Digital to harass you.

Once they have your email address, they scare you into paying them for a more detailed reading. They’ll try to grab your attention by making everything seem urgent. They make you think your life will suffer if you don’t contact her soon. This trick is a classic psychic scam that’s very effective on the confused and too trusting.

The fact that she only provides email readings is yet another red flag. I don’t trust anyone I can’t directly talk to during my time of need. Nowhere on the website does it give a phone number where you can reach her for human-to-human chats; I want to be at least able to call and speak to someone directly. I also like to video chat or talk through instant messaging when I can’t speak on the phone.

Neither of these is an option With Elissa. I need to feel like my psychic advisor and I are on the same page. They must spend the time I’m paying them to focus on me and my questions. This dedication isn’t possible through email only. I want to be able to ask a question and have it answered immediately, not days later. At that point, they’ve had time to look me up and learn about me or make things up.

There’s A Lack Of Real Reviews

Fake 1

Anytime I’m looking into a psychic scam, one of the first things I do is search for honest reviews left by actual people. That’s never a problem when the psychic is authentic and genuinely gifted. Not surprisingly, I couldn’t find anything real about this Elissa Psychic, which tells me she was recently fabricated and created. Her website claims she’s been around for over 20 years, but this is a lie. If she were as experienced and gifted as she says, there would be more information about her online.

There would be positive and negative discussions about her on the websites I look at when researching a psychic. There are only about three “testimonials” on her website, which isn’t very assuring to me. Before recently, this is the first time anyone has heard of this particular Elissa. This lack of customer feedback confirms that the company behind her character, Sl Digital, came up with her recently. Everything about her website screams SCAM to me! These marketing companies produce fake psychics faster than I can keep up with because that’s their whole business model:

Create a fake psychic, advertise them as much as possible, post them all over the internet as a gifted psychic, offer people a free reading, get their email addresses, and spam the heck out of them. They try everything possible to convince trusting people to pay for readings. Meanwhile, the “psychic” doesn’t even exist. Customers are talking to an automated bot or a worker behind a desk replying to people’s intimate issues and problems.

She’s Nothing Like A Real Psychic

Online psychics

I want to reiterate what I said about A LOT of psychics out there named Elissa or Allissa. I don’t want people to think I’m discrediting any of them besides this fake Elissa, the one on the website I mentioned and whose photos I’ve shown. The others are legitimate psychics you could consult in person if you live in their area. One is in New Mexico, another is in Australia, one is in Florida, etc. They are real people whose photographs match who they are instead of bought off stock image websites.

The Elissa I’m talking about has zero qualities of an authentic psychic reader. Genuine psychics, like the ones I use and recommend on my reviews page, don’t scare you into consulting them. They’ll never reach out to you and then start spamming you nonstop. They know that you’ll contact them if you have a question or problem you need help with. All the psychic networks I personally use and recommend below test and verify the psychics who work with them. They abide by a code of ethics that removes the shady tricks and games psychic scammers love to use.

They are there to advise you when you decide to reach out to them and give you honest guidance. We all go through hard times when we need to talk to an intuitive—knowing who to trust can be difficult. That’s why I created this website in the first place. I’ve been there and don’t want it to happen to anyone else. I’ve broken down the most reliable psychics for you here. No matter who you decide to speak to, please avoid this Elissa Psychic at all costs!!

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. I was foolish enough to let her talk to me. About my health which is genuinely pretty scary at the moment and I am waiting to start a very expensive infusion.I said No to her her address is Gibraltar!.Just had my cc come and been charged but for NOTHING paid #45.00 but she still has my number! She was really pushy

  2. I am so sorry that I didn’t see this site before I went ahead and sent this woman my $50.00. All I got for that money was a PICTURE of a St. Michael on my computer screen. I was expecting to receive something physical in the mail, a medallion, a medal, a token or SOMETHING, ANYTHING! I am so angry I could just scream. Yep, my fault really because I didn’t check her out first. But it was late, I was sad and feeling sorry for myself and I have a special affinity for St. Michael and I thought ok, even if it is just a Catholics medal I could use this as a meditation piece. Instead I got a computer image of a medal. Please everyone stay away from this woman and don’t get taken like I did!

  3. Re the on-going Elissa-psychic scam, the reviewer refers to “Elissa-psychic” as “her” and “she” – there is no Elissa-psychic, it is all fake info on a scam site, and that’s why there are no reviews. It is not just $50 people are losing; some people are losing THOUSANDS. I talked to two internet fraud specialists from Belarus and Russia, and they told me that processing companies like Paypal can refuse to process payments to scam sites, but victims must report it and keep contacting the banks and money processors to make this fraud stop, and to get their money back. I am still called daily about this scam with people reading my reviews on Yelp, Google, etc., and mistaking me for the fraud.

    • I too fell for this “Ellisa Psychic.” I was curious about her “free reading” and stupidly signed up for it. She kept claiming there was a “special reading” if I “gifted” her a “special donation.” I was at a low point at the time when I came across this scam advertisement. I thought some insight from a psychic would help…I am glad I haven’t proceeded further with paying for anything. Please avoid any “Elissa Psychic” ads if you come across them on the internet. I’m going to look into a legit psychic and go from there. Don’t fall for this scam like I almost did. I unsubscribed from her email chain. And yeah the emails are pretty awful and cliche.

  4. Are there any reliable psychics anywhere? For example, why are they all in California? I’ve been contacted by Elissa, Padre, Maria, Bethea, and Gabriel. However, I have noticed in some of the communications that some of them seem to be speaking as though they were from another country with broken English. If they are using a computer program, how are they speaking as though they are foreigners? I am very skeptical, but each one of these people have told me the same things, and one of them has given me numbers for gambling, telling me which days are the best for using the numbers. With this one I have printed out everything she sent to me. Her approach was very kind, humble, and thoroughly convincing. All of these people have pinpointed some specific things about me that match up in each reading. I keep wondering if they know each other. I don’t make a habit of discussing my personal life online or socially, like on Facebook. The one in particular, who seems so authentic, I have looked up some of the things she mentioned, like Beings of Light. Much to my surprise, there were a lot of heavy articles about these beings, going all the way back to Adam and Eve and the angels who were thrown down to earth when the flood of Noah’s day came.


  5. Refund 197.00 and 69.00 have no email i approved 69.00 not 197.00

  6. I am not interested in Elissa sending me Email iwould like this stopped my faith and trust is in my God above

  7. Haha they were saying to me that “my life was going to change on the 13th of October” saying everything I truly desire is coming my way and maybe I might meet the love of my life but that can’t be because I already found that a while ago ,don’t get me wrong some of the stuff they were saying was legit and did sound like a lot like me because my life hasn’t really went according to plan,in my 21 years of life but Destiny is Destiny no-one will be charging you hundreds of pounds for your own destiny,Destiny is Destiny if it’s meant to be it’ll be,legit psychics might tell me about me and know what’s going on and what might happen in my future but no way would they charge as much about 20 pound they’ll charge as a one of payment and if it happens it happens and if it doesn’t then they don’t know themself I didn’t get my hopes up about it though because I knew there was going to be a catch somewhere in the email usually money and I was right,these scammers getting more and more desperate mate let me tell you absolute divvys,won’t be getting nothing out of me so be careful of this new scam people

  8. I got the following, in the form of an email. I am livid at the scare tactics! :


    I have to share something worrying with you. I strongly believe that you’re under the influence of evil forces that are ruining your life.

    Don’t worry, Sherry. I have already taken action that will grant you temporary protection.

    But we must act now if you want to banish these horrible energies from your life for good.

    Alone, I could only keep you safe for a short period, just until we could implement stronger measures of protection. I really want to help you sort out your troubles, for good.

    But I cannot act without your approval, even if I wanted to. I believe that if we do nothing, you’re heading for tragedy and even more bad luck. If we do something, Sherry, I believe you’re about to enjoy two happy events that I have already seen in your future. These dark forces have the power to snatch them away from you.

    Don’t you feel like everything is going wrong in your life, Sherry, despite everything you’re doing? What if I told you that your bad luck could be reversed with just a simple process?

    It’s not too late for you, Sherry. Act now and you can set your life’s course in a new, better direction.

    Enjoy the happiness you truly deserve, Sherry.

    Your true friend,

    Add me to your contacts to be sure that you will receive my emails
    Please send your message to: support @elissa-psychic.com

    Medium for more than 20 years and Tarot expert, please let me help you find the answer you are looking for.
    Manage your subscription by following this link.

    Astrodigital Ltd, Suite 2b, 143 Main Street, GX11 1AA, Gibraltar

  9. In 2021, I honestly cannot remember how I came across this stupid bot scamsite. There’s too much evidence that whoever it is pretending to be Elissa is just after your money by tempting you with these readings. As if they’re really real!!

    Please all block dis woman. If you pay her money, you could lose all of it. I also read somewhere that when a person sent an answer on Quora, dis deceptive Elissa woman was still after their money even if they had less than $100 left, I think.

    Block her! Block her! Pleeeasssseeeee! Block her! She’s a fraud and there’s much too much evidence!

  10. Hello, can you please confirm if the below is part of the same scam. The image with the lady is the same however it looks photoshopped to me…..

    Thank you!

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