What’s The Significance In The Way Tarot Cards Face?

Yes! Absolutely! When using tarot cards or having your tarot cards read by a qualified psychic, it is important to understand and be able to correctly interpret the metaphysical truths of the cards and the themes they symbolize in your life.

In order to maximize the experience, be sure to have your psychic thoroughly explain the significance of the court cards as well as the directions the individuals themselves face. This interpretation is common in classic Marseille-type readings and can be an important dimension in discerning the true meaning of the spread and message being delivered to you.

The cards all fall under four distinct suits that signify different meaning and characteristics depending on the card, the suit itself, and the direction the person faces in the card itself. The suits are wands, pentacles, cups, and swords and the court cards that fall within the suits are the kings, queens, knights, and page cards. The court cards display specific characteristics and interactions with the world, signifying actions and behaviors we should embody or perhaps avoid in our own lives.

Please note: there are two generally recognized systems, the Rider-Waite and Crowley style and it is important to discern which system being used.

For our purposes, we will focus on the Rider-Waite system as it is the most popular. Court cards typically represent a person in your life, either past or present, or even yourself. Making this distinction early in the reading can be an important element in a successful reading. Court cards can have more literal or symbolic interpretations as well.


Known as masculine and assertive cards, they may be read as “managers.” They often represent males or individuals demonstrating mastery and control over certain aspects of life.


Creators and often masters of the home, queens represent feminine energies or domestic priorities including passion and amorous intent.


Mounted on horseback, knights often signify “movement” or “journeys.”


Messengers by nature, they can often be an important card in relaying true meaning or significance in the spread.

These are only a few of the many interpretations a professional can make in a tarot spread. The often complex and dynamic interactions of the cards, especially in respect to the position they face on the card and with one another are best read by someone with the experience and ability to discern beyond superficial understanding.

Directions of the Court Cards & Communication

Though working with a psychic professional is the best way to ensure an accurate and thorough reading, interpreting the direction in which the court card individuals face can be done by yourself or with the help of your psychic. Just as people exhibit certain behaviors or characteristics, the cards will demonstrate and embody these behaviors in the reading. The direction and characteristics of the card itself will help you determine its true significance in your life or specific circumstance.

As an example, if two knights are laid facing one another, it may signify a playful exchange or an immature relationship taking place. Because knights can signify immaturity, playfulness, or abundance of spirit, the position of the cards can demonstrate body language and how the cards are interacting with one another.

In another scenario, you may experience a queen and a king card placed, both persons facing away from one another. Just as people do in the real world, looking away from someone can be interpreted in a number of different ways. They may be distracted by something else, they may be angry with us, they may simply be disinterested in what we have to say, or are trying to get our attention by playing “hard to get.” These same scenarios can be interpreted from the cards, always taking into consideration the suit and ranking of the court card to determine the ultimate answer or translation. This can be a complicated process and a qualified psychic is the best equipped to help you accurately interpret these readings as they apply to your own life.

Misunderstandings happen with real people and the same can be said for the court cards. In the instance of a king and queen who seem at odds with one another, it can signify a number of things. Kings often signify assertive control, mastery, and is considered masculine while the queens are mature, feminine, and associated with feelings of being relaxed and natural. Clearly, there are many ways we could interpret this scenario and only through the divining question being asked and experienced advice, can the true meaning be ascertained.

Other Explanations and Scenarios for Direction of Court Cards

There are many different schools of thought on correctly interpreting the relevance or significance on issues such as court card placement or the direction the individuals themselves face. One such interpretation is there are specific ways to read these positioning: Linear, Choice, Central Origin, Central Destination, and Central Problem.

In reading cards in a Linear fashion, the cards are read from one side to the other, signifying importance and placement of the cards based upon the individual’s direction. For an example, in a three-card spread, starting from left to right, the significance of the middle card can be determined by the first card’s relationship to it. This creation of story or picturing is another way professionals determine the correct and individual interpretation for certain circumstances or questions being asked.

For a Choice reading, the central card is read to determine its relationship with the surrounding cards. The direction of the central card can help determine the relationship and relevance of the other placed cards.

In a Central Origin placement, the significance is determined by whether the individual court card is facing the person doing the reading or whether they are looking upward.

In a Central Problem combination, the central card figures appear to be blocking the actions or significances of the other cards surrounding it. In the same vein of thought, the Central Teacher is when the central card enhances or amplifies the effects or characteristics of the cards surrounding it.

The Importance of Accurate Interpretation and Professional Guidance

This way of reading the court cards adds a further dimension to reading a spread accurately and is one of the many reasons a professional psychic can be essential in helping determine a successful and accurate reading. A tarot spread is a highly individual and personal experience, with powerful implications for the inner workings and fluctuations in the natural pulse of the universe and spiritual elements. As a result, turning to a professional can be a significant boon to the experience and help transform meaning into true application for your life or particular question.

Left to chance or misunderstanding, the true meaning and significance of the reading can be lost and the words of the universe beyond unheard. Failure to recognize these inner workings can lead to disharmony, unhappiness, and missed opportunity. A professional can guide, enhance, and facilitate a harmonious experience sure to benefit you in short and long-term prospects.

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