Hypnosis As a Psychic Tool: Does It Really Work?

We have used hypnosis for many things throughout the years. When people hear the word “hypnosis,” they think of hypnotherapy or hypnotists. It’s true; hypnosis is usually used as a form of hypnotherapy to help people through many ailments and problems, such as smoking.

During hypnosis, a person’s brain enters a deep relaxation state that alters their consciousness. This state is known as a trance. A person in a trance is in an intensely focused state. They are very responsive to a specific idea or image, and this responsiveness is why hypnotherapy works. However, hypnosis has more uses than just hypnotherapy.

Psychics Often Use Hypnosis To Alter Their Mental Awareness


Once a person alters their awareness, they can influence and control their bodily functions and psychological responses. Often, psychics who have mastered hypnosis put themselves in a trance. When they do that, they become more receptive to the energies that fluctuate and emit from people and surroundings. Some psychics use objects to help induce a trance.

These objects can be anything from a crystal ball, lit candles, or even noises like wind chimes or nature sounds. When a psychic is under a trance, they have a heightened awareness of their consciousness level. That allows them to communicate with or sense energies on a different plane. They can see patterns that someone untrained or without intuition can’t sense.

Psychics Use Hypnosis As A Tool To Further Develop Their Intuition

einstein intuition

When psychics are calm and in a trance, the lines come more clearly to them. They’re unaware of the interference in a normal, conscious state of mind. As a result, it doesn’t hinder them. Psychics are more in tune than other people with the energy of living things and Earth, like magnetic energy.

Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer, The Father Of Hypnosis

Franz Anton Mesmer

An Australian doctor, Franz Anton Mesmer, discovered he could heal people without surgery or medication. Mesmer believed he had a magnetic force that humans could use to regulate the flow of natural magnetic fluids in other people. By regulating the flow of magnetic fluids in other people, Mesmer could produce a cure for people. He had a high success rate of people he successfully cured.

Franz Anton Mesmer wasn’t the only one with this kind of effect. Another doctor, Albert Mason, used hypnosis on a 16-year-old boy with a genetic skin disorder. This disorder had plagued him since he was a baby, and the condition caused his skin to be extremely dry and have a black layer of skin that oozed bloody serum of some sort.

Medication and skin grafts weren’t able to help him. Albert Mason decided to try and help him. He put him under hypnosis and told him the skin on his left arm would clear up. Ten days after the hypnotherapy session, the boy’s left arm had completely cleared up. Albert Mason then put him under hypnosis again for the rest of his body, and the boy’s skin disorder vanished. After three years, there was still no sign of the condition returning.

Hypnosis Has A Very Long History


People have practiced hypnosis for thousands of years. The use of hypnosis traces back to ancient Egyptians, and historians believe they used a form of hypnosis in their dream temples. Ancient Egyptian paintings have also depicted a supposedly asleep person surrounded by people who seem to be making hypnotic passes over them.

There also are some verses in the Bible describing what sounds like hypnosis. In ancient times, villages would have a shaman or witch doctor who would visit sick patients. The procedure descriptions show that the shaman would have the ill patient go under a trance, and some form of singing or chanting would occur. That would convince the patient of their healing, and they usually left the session healed. Healers believed in an ancient Roman saying, “healthy mind in a healthy body.” 

This saying shows that healers believed if a person were of a healthy mind, the mind would conquer the sickness in the body. The shamans used hypnosis to help make the patient’s mind strong and healthy, believing it would conquer the sickness. People who went to see the shaman typically had conditions their body would have healed on its own, but the shaman helped speed up the process. Humans aren’t the only ones who use some form of hypnosis.

For instance, experts believe that animals also use hypnosis. An example of this would be hibernating animals. Bears can hibernate all winter, surviving without food or water for months. When animals like bears go through hibernation, they turn inwards and can sleep for weeks. What exactly occurs when an animal goes into a hibernation state? Many people argue that this is a form of hypnosis at work.

Hypnosis Has A History Of Being Effective

Trance effects on brain

Hypnosis helps a person’s brain increase in a state of awareness, higher than when they’re not in a trance. When we use the brain this way, things that would be impossible become possible. After all, scientists only understand about 10% of the brain’s total function and how we use it. The brain forgets memories, but they are still in the brain and are just not as easily accessible as before. Some forms of self-hypnosis can help bring back repressed memories that the conscious mind didn’t know about.

Hypnosis Allows Us To Tap Into The Brain’s Potential

clear mind

Psychics are trained people who use hypnosis regularly to sense patterns and help people heal. Hypnosis has proven useful, especially in psychic healing, but keeping an open mind is necessary. There is another saying: “Mind over matter.” Hypnosis won’t be as effective on a mind against the idea as on one receptive to the possibility. Hypnosis is a real tool that many psychics use.

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