Connecting With The Spirit Of A Deceased Loved One

Whether you can feel it or not, the spirit of your deceased loved one is always with you. It can be hard to sense the love they are sending you when your energy is low, or you feel rundown and overcome with grief and sadness. After a loved one has passed, most people want to know that they are okay and comfortable and how much they loved them. Connecting with your loved one is especially helpful when you’re feeling down.

The Spiritual Connection

memory garden

There are several different ways to do this. One way is to write them a letter. Something as simple as this can have a profound impact on your being. Use the letter to spell out your feelings and what’s on your mind. Express your love and miss them as clearly and as detailed as possible. Let them know how their absence has affected your life. Thank them for the difference they made while they were alive. Another way to connect spiritually with them is to plant a memory garden.

Take a box and decorate it with images that remind you of them, then place notes, favorite memories, least favorite memories, funny things you remember about your time together, receipts of something you did together, photos of the both of you, etc. Bury the box and plant their favorite flowers over it. You can also decorate it with items, figurines, statues, etc., of things they like. Set a chair or a bench in the area and spend time there when you feel especially blue.

This area will be a unique and sacred spot for the two of you. Another common way to reach them is with the help of a psychic medium. They can put you in touch with them or relay messages to the two of you. The first time a medium tells you something about your loved one that only you would know is a fantastic feeling! Be prepared for the emotions you may experience. It is truly life-changing and unforgettable.

The Spirit World Is Filled With Love And Compassion

moving on

Did you know that your loved ones send you signs all the time? They’re there, but it’s up to you to recognize them. For example, sometimes I’ll get a random trace of pipe tobacco scent, and I know my grandfather is with me. My friend knows her deceased husband is with her when she catches the scent of his favorite cologne he used to wear out of nowhere.

One of my readers wrote once and told me he knows when his mother is with him because her favorite bird sometimes sits outside his office window and looks in calmly. He said he instantly feels loved and comforted when the bird visits him. Many people are afraid that they will no longer be able to feel or sense their loved one’s presence as time goes by. They shouldn’t be worried, though, because the opposite happens to be true.

When you consciously connect with your loved one regularly, the spiritual connection strengthens, and so will the feelings you get when they send their signs. However, how your loved ones express themselves and the signs they send can change over time. That’s because, just like you here on Earth, they are constantly growing and evolving into their new world.

They will still be with you if you wish, but you may have to relearn how to communicate with them if the spiritual connection feels lost. Opening up and exploring your natural six senses will expand your intuition and awareness. Your world broadens when you become more aware of the other ways to communicate with your deceased loved one, making them more likely to return to you.

Moving On After Some Time

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If you stop trying and give up, they might move on and realize that this chapter of your life is over. They will want to let you move on if that’s what you wish. It’s important to note that there is nothing wrong with wanting to move on after some time. Doing so doesn’t make you a bad person or mean you didn’t love or still love that person. It just means that this period of your life has ended, and you’re moving on to the next one. 

Your loved one will understand- they only want what’s best for you and your happiness! Until you’re ready to close that chapter, know that your deceased loved one hears you, and you can speak to them out loud or in your mind anytime you’d like. I have friends who speak to their loved ones daily, bringing them comfort. One friend, in particular, makes it a point to talk to her mother on her way home from work every evening.

She tells her about her work day, worries, joys, future work goals, etc. She says it brings her peace and makes her feel connected to her even though she is no longer on the same spiritual plane as her. Your loved one can hear and feel your thoughts, and they can tell what’s in your heart. They support you every day of your life and wish the best for you.

Love And Energy Never Die


The spiritual world has a higher vibrational frequency than our physical one. If you wish to connect with and feel your loved ones’ presence, it helps to raise your vibration. Think of your vibrational frequency as a radio station frequency. Each station has a different frequency, which is how we can listen to multiple stations on one radio. Imagine your loved one trying to reach you on station 102.1, but you’re only tuning into station 94.5.

It will take a lot of work to receive their signals and messages. If you were to open your heart and soul to the love you have for them, you could raise your vibration. Take some time to sit still in a quiet room and acknowledge your loved one. Think deeply about your loved one, and remember your favorite things about them or your favorite moments.

Become conscious of your thoughts and let them sink in deep. Meditate, journal, practice gratitude daily, and be positive. Visualize a ball of bright white light that starts in your heart and slowly expands to take over your body. Invite your loved one in spirit to connect with you however they can. These things raise your vibrational frequency and allow you to feel, sense, and connect with the spirit.

Follow Your Intuition

These moments of higher vibration are the best time to connect with your loved one. They may send you loving emotions, memories, thoughts, or sensations. Be in touch with your intuition and become more aware of the space you’re in. The temperature and sounds of the room, the pressure of your body sitting against the floor.

If you smell or hear something that reminds you of them, then you know they are with you, and you have connected. When it is time to move on, thank them for joining you and send them unending love. Sometimes our lives are just too chaotic, and it’s hard to find the time, space, or energy to make this connection.

That is entirely understandable in today’s society, and luckily doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from communicating with your deceased loved one. Thanks to psychic mediums’ unique gifts and abilities, you can still speak to or hear from them. Check out my reviews page to find a trustworthy and authentic spirit medium and get started on your journey to connect with those loved ones who have passed on.

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