5 Ways To Know You’re Falling In Love With Your Friend

When you envision meeting the love of your life for the first time, do you picture them just swooping into your life, engulfing you in a sea of love and passion while fireworks burst in the air? That’s how they make it seem in the movies, right? Unfortunately, the movies could have given you the wrong impression of what it’s like to meet your Prince Charming.

Cinema and the arts can steer you wrong and make it to where you don’t realize that you’ve been friends with the love of your life this whole time. It’s not unheard of to fall in love with someone you’ve been friends with for a while. Sometimes it can be hard to realize this is happening because the process is subtler and less like the explosion of fireworks you see onscreen.

If you don’t know you’re falling for this friend, you might miss the opportunity to move from friends to lovers. It’s important to recognize when your feelings for someone you’ve always considered a friend become more profound. There are several ways to know, but this article will cover the five most common ones. Feeling your anxiety rise once you know your feelings is normal.

Take a deep breath and give your nerves a chance to calm down. You may want to sit and meditate on this information for a little. You can also talk to a genuine online psychic for guidance and insight. Give yourself time to explore these emotions before immediately sharing them with that person. Doing so will let you share your feelings with them in a well-thought-out manner that they can better understand.


You Love Spending Your Time With Them

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Who do you turn to when you need someone to be there for you? Whether you’re griping about a work disagreement or celebrating a pay raise, who is it you can’t wait to tell? Your aunt, sister, girlfriends, or your special friend? If, more often than not, it’s your special friend, that can be a sign you’re developing romantic feelings. This is especially true if you seek them out in good and bad times.

Doing so means you know they care about ALL aspects of your life, not just the good ones. Another way to know is if you want to spend all your free time with them. Maybe you used to only hang out with them with other friends, but lately, you find yourself contacting just them. This can mean you like how it feels when it’s just the two of you experiencing things together.


You Start Having Feelings Of Jealousy


Do you feel protective and possessive when you witness others talking to or spending time with your friend lately? Another common sign that your feelings towards your friend are turning more into feelings of love is jealousy. This is especially true if you never used to have those feelings before. Do you feel your blood warm and your anger rise when your friend talks about their love life?

If so, chances are, you want to be the one they’re dating. If hearing about their love life makes you sad instead of happy for them, that’s a telling sign. You may not have known it before but think about it- if you don’t have romantic feelings for them, why don’t you want them to go out on dates and meet someone new?


You Suddenly Feel Nervous Around Them


If you used to feel relaxed and at ease near your friend but now find yourself nervous and jittery, this could be another clue that your feelings towards them have grown into something else. This nervousness usually happens when you acknowledge your feelings toward that person without knowing how to proceed.

It can be stressful if you don’t know how to move forward with your friend. Maybe you’re afraid of making the first move out of fear that they don’t feel the same way as you. You’re nervous that if you let them know and it’s not reciprocated, you’ll now feel awkward. Another reason to suddenly start feeling nervous around them could be because you’re worried about how you look to them.


You Place A Lot Of Trust In Them

It’s no secret that trust plays a huge role in relationships. Even though it’s so important, it can be one of the hardest things to establish in a partnership. If you already trust each other with everything, you’re already more than halfway there, which says a lot. You were willing to take the time to get to know this person enough to realize you can trust them.

There’s a reason you put that much time and effort into the friendship. Maybe you trust everyone in your friend group, but if you could only pick one person to confide your secrets to, you feel like you can trust this friend the most. You know your bond is special, and they won’t spill your secrets to the others behind you. The same applies to keeping their secrets safe- you treasure their trust and don’t want to disappoint them.


You Were Broken Up With Over Them

If anyone’s ever broken up with you because of your friend, that’s a big sign that there’s something more there. Even though you couldn’t see it, the person you tried to date could tell you’re more interested in your friend than in them. The two of you may have made him feel like a third wheel in the relationship.

This is especially true if you focus more on your friend than your date when you hang out together. Perhaps they noticed you and your friend always laughing at inside jokes and not letting them in on it. Or maybe you were constantly bringing up fun memories the two of you experienced in the past to your date. That person broke up with you because they could tell you were in love with your friend before you could.

Another way to know you’re falling for your friend is if you can’t stop comparing other dates to this friend. Suppose your dates are disappointing compared to your friend; that says a lot. If it feels like no one else can seem to make you as happy as your friend does, you have some thinking to do.

Don’t Let Fear Get In The Way Of True Love

If any or all of these signs apply to you, you might start worrying and think it’s best to keep these feelings to yourself for fear of rejection. You care about this person, and if they don’t feel the same way about you, it could really affect the dynamic of your friendship, and you might even lose them as a good friend, which is scary. You might also worry about what will happen if you tell them and they feel the same way, so you decide to date but then break up later.

That could also result in losing the friendship you once had and cherished. This situation can be nerve-racking, but you must focus on what you can gain by following your heart and pursuing a romantic relationship with your friend. Being friends first before being lovers provides a solid foundation for a romantic relationship to flourish, thrive, and survive the tests of time. It could also be the best thing to happen to you.

So, would you rather live with the regret of not knowing what could have been or live knowing you took a chance and tried at least? That’s a personal decision you’ll have to make. Feelings and emotions can be so complicated and confusing. Consulting a psychic online is always helpful because they can shed light on your situation and help you make sense of everything you’re feeling.

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