Is a Love Psychic Better Than a Relationship Therapist?

People go to love psychics when they are having problems with their relationships. Some are curious if their partner is cheating on them. Others want to know what went wrong or why the spice in their sex life has disappeared.

There are relationship therapists who can provide couples counseling, but still, many prefer to go to psychics instead. Some believe that a sex or relationship therapist is the only solution, and that’s perfectly fine. As we evolve as a society, however, a growing number of people have realized the benefits of a psychic over the conventional method.

Are Love Psychics More Effective Than Therapists?

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Traditionally, relationship therapists have been the only way to go when experiencing love problems. It makes sense because they have thoroughly studied human psychology and interpersonal relationships. They have a scientific approach to analyzing love problems between couples. However, relationships involve more than just love, including companionship, friendship, and understanding; a therapist must consider all those aspects.

Through therapists, couples should get to know where they have gone wrong in the relationship. They are encouraged to discuss each other’s mistakes, shortcomings, behaviors, and attitudes. The goal is to talk about these things until they find common ground and come to an understanding. Love psychics have the same goal, but they approach it differently.

Many people prefer psychics because they can get help 24/7, and you can’t beat the convenience. Therapists usually have regular office hours, making it hard to schedule with them. Sometimes the mood to discuss your private life strikes you at odd hours. You may be lying in bed, unable to sleep because of your thoughts. It’s nice to know you can speak to a professional psychic at that moment instead of waiting for the next appointment.

Love Psychics Are Experts On Matters Of The Heart

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Talking about love is a sensitive subject that can make people emotional, and it’s hard to be open when you’re vulnerable. Speaking about your most personal issues in the comfort of your home is one advantage psychics have over therapists. Also, you don’t have to worry about gathering the strength to get dressed, gather your belongings, travel to the therapist, and cry in front of a stranger.

There’s nothing wrong with crying; on the contrary, it’s very healthy, but it’s an intimate act that can be hard to do in front of a medical professional. It’s much easier to let go when speaking to a psychic by phone or chatting online. Love psychics do more than just be there for you while you cry; they analyze your behavior and see through your stories to uncover what’s really going on.

Their ability to pick up on your energy and powerful intuition allows them to help you in a way no one else can. They can paint a picture of you intimately and even feel your feelings as if they were theirs. Therapists only give you an hour of their time, and it’s on their time. They can’t afford to get fully invested in your situation. They tend to find the glaringly obvious problems and focus on those.

These can be superficial issues that won’t help the relationship in the long run, just for the moment. Love psychics dig deep into your heart, and that’s where everything that truly matters lives. Getting to the core of your disagreements makes it easier to mend the relationship. You can’t know why your heart hurts if you don’t take the time to find out. Therapists trained in psychology but not matters of the heart.

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Psychics remind their clients of their own self worth

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When we’re in love, we tend to forget about our self-worth. Over time we may become bitter about losing this sense of worthiness. Given enough time, this can become a relationship problem. Since psychics focus on your well-being, they help you realize your self-worth and consider your overall happiness.

This focus on you versus the whole relationship leads to helpful advice that can patch most relationship issues. It’s true when they say you can’t love anyone until you love yourself. You may think you love someone wholeheartedly, but it could be missing something. Low self-worth and lack of confidence are catalysts for other relationship problems. They’re usually the driving force behind these issues:

  • Jealousy & Insecurity
  • Lying
  • Anger issues
  • Being overly controlling
  • Selfishness
  • Competitiveness
  • Lack of self-control 
  • Being overly critical 
  • Impatientness 
  • Being emotionally needy
  • Guarding yourself
  • Intimacy problems

As you can see, not believing in yourself can really affect your relationship. If you want a happy and healthy love life, the first step is gaining confidence and knowing your worth. Genuine psychics are experts at helping people with this, and it’s one of the biggest reasons clients reach out to them.

Love Psychics Give Tips on How To Bring Back The Spice

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While therapists may briefly touch on the past, love psychics look closer at it. Past relationship events and milestones can tell you much about your current situation and unravel how and why the relationship ended badly. Reflecting on memories can also remind you how the relationship formed in the first place, and it can walk you back to when it blossomed into something more than friends.

Thinking back on this is important because it brings back old feelings. It reminds you of what you saw in your partner that made you want to be with them. These memories take you back to the feeling you used to get when seeing your partner. A lot of times, we tend to take our lovers for granted. We get so used to them just being there with us that we no longer appreciate it. We stop noticing the things they do for us and just start expecting it.

Or maybe your partner used to do something that you loved but stopped doing it somewhere along the way. Pinpointing these things allows you to bring them up with your partner. Often, it’s not that your partner just doesn’t want to keep doing those things; they just forget or don’t realize how much they mean to you.

Professional relationship coaching from a certified therapist has its place. They have advantages, like being on a set schedule, charging a flat fee, and seeing them in a clinical setting. However, a love psychic can advise you on matters of the heart, answer important questions and help you solve your relationship issues.

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  1. I’ve been to a Therapist and a psychic for some issues I’ve been dealing with and I agree a Therapist can’t fix everything. I don’t believe in Psychic predictions but they can be incredible spiritual healers. They see energies that we don’t.

    I like to use Psychics and Therapists at the same. They both have their strong points and together you really can get to the bottom of all sorts of issues, emotional baggage, etc..

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