6 Reasons Why Your First Psychic Reading Should Be Online

If you’ve never had a psychic reading, an in-person can be intimidating. Sharing intimate details with a stranger sitting across from you can be nerve-racking and stressful. A psychic looking into your heart and soul requires you to be vulnerable. Letting your guard down and being vulnerable can be difficult when you’re in unfamiliar territory or a stranger’s space.

The good news is that you can receive spiritual advice from the comfort of your own home. Some of the most reliable psychic networks, like Psychic SourceAsk Now, and Keen, offer their services online and by phone. I regret not starting my psychic journey with one of these networks instead of visiting a “psychic” at their shop! Speaking to a psychic can still feel overwhelming, even from home.

The more relaxed and at ease you are, the more detailed and informative your reading will be. This is why it’s important to know what to expect from a psychic reading and be as relaxed as possible. Psychics can help you make sense of your life and answer your biggest questions, but it requires effort from you too.

Click here for tips on getting the best online psychic reading possible. Are you ready to speak to a psychic but unsure whether you should do it in person or online? Here are six reasons why I believe first-timers should start with an online reading:

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Home Is Where The Heart Is

home is where the heart is

As I mentioned, the more relaxed you are, the better a psychic can read you. You genuinely need to be as comfortable as possible for all psychic readings. Home should be your safe place and where you’re the most open and uninhibited. It should be a place where you can be yourself without being judged. You should feel at ease and comfortable in your skin.

For some, wearing a favorite soft sweater makes the process more soothing; for others, it’s lying on their bed wrapped up in their childhood blanket. Social anxiety is prevalent in our society, affecting a lot of people. Our world seems to get crazier, louder, and busier as the years go by. This activity can be too much for more timid and soft-natured types.

It’s almost impossible for some to let their guard down anytime they’re out and about in public. Luckily there’s no need to subject yourself to this extra stress if this describes you. A good psychic can form connections and read your energy, whether over the phone, through video chatting, or even messaging back and forth. That is what separates them from the rest.

As Much Privacy As You’d Like

private phone call

When you’re home alone, you can rest assured that no one listens to your conversations. If you live with others, you can choose a time when everyone is gone and have the house to yourself. This privacy allows you to share as much as you’d like without worrying about being overheard and judged. Online readings also eliminate the possibility of being seen entering a psychic business by people you know.

While visiting a psychic isn’t bad, there are still a lot of skeptics and nonbelievers. They aren’t familiar with all the beautiful things psychics do and might form a negative opinion about it. It’s easy for skeptics to see you going there and assume you have huge problems. Sometimes I want to speak to a psychic for clarity, not because I’m going through something traumatic.

The last thing I want is someone I know to see me and start thinking the worst. This is how rumors, gossip, speculations, and misinformation begin. With an online psychic reading, it’s just you and the psychic, that’s it. No one else gets involved in your business. Online chatting is your best option if you can’t ever have the house to yourself. Chatting lets you converse directly with the psychic without interruptions or curious eavesdroppers.

Larger Selection Of Talented Psychics

many different psychics to choose from

Unless you live in a psychic hub, the chances of finding a genuine psychic you can drive to are pretty slim. Gifted and talented psychics exist worldwide, but they can only be in some cities, which means that your town or even state may lack in this department. Luckily distance doesn’t have to be an issue. The internet now allows you to connect with thousands of top-rated psychics from around the globe.

All you need is a phone or internet access, and you’ll be on your way to spiritual enlightenment. The psychic networks I recommend on my reviews page allow you to search for psychics based on specialty, experience level, price, and customer ratings. Gone are the days of trusting someone in town to have more clairvoyance than a fortune cookie.

Brick-and-mortar psychic shops are never secure because they can scam victims without repercussions. All they have to do is close the shop and head to the next town. They start over under a new name and continue doing this repeatedly. They’re hard to pin down or get your money back from. With online psychic networks, you can rest assured that you’ll get a refund if you’re unsatisfied with your reading.

Online Psychics Are Available Anytime You Need Them

psychics available 24 hours a day

Another reason I love online psychics is that they can work whenever they are most receptive to external communication. For some, this might be in the middle of the night, and they’re not limited to set daytime hours. Spirits and visions don’t always follow regular business hours. Reaching a psychic around the clock ensures that you don’t have to speak to a psychic from 8-5, even if they’re not as functional as they can be.

It also means they are available anytime you need them, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. You can’t pick and choose when fear, doubt, and questions overcome you. It would be best if you didn’t have to be limited to business hours only. Just receive some unsettling news? Had a massive fight with your partner? Faced with a difficult, life-changing decision? Call, chat, or video message a psychic any time of day.

Even if you’ve had great experiences with a local psychic and prefer in-person readings, talented ones usually book up fast. Word gets around when a psychic is truly gifted, and they can quickly get flooded with work. Their next available date might be months away, which doesn’t help when you need guidance. Get in front of the line and get the help you need when you need it. Choose a reputable psychic network available when you need them the most.

No Chance For Smoke And Mirrors

fake psychic real psychic differences

Unfortunately, fake psychics are everywhere. They know they can make money by taking advantage of scared, unsuspecting victims experiencing hardships. They’ll sound and act like real psychics but are just masters at pretending. You can learn much about a person by reading their body language and facial expressions alone. There’s a whole scientific aspect to this. Fraudulent psychics aren’t clairvoyant; they’ve just perfected the art of reading body language.

They can study their victims’ movements, postures, word choices, eye movements, etc., to understand their feelings. They also rely heavily on “props” to create an illusion of authenticity. Fog machines, sound machines, “blessed” eggs, candles, and relics are all tools of their trade. They use these things because people are easy to trick visually.

All they need to do is get someone in a vulnerable state, dim the lights, play eerie music, and show them holy-looking relics, and they’ve got them. Many scamming psychics also scare people into thinking someone placed a spell or curse on them. In-person psychics also see what you’re wearing or what you drove up in and make financial judgments based on that. If they see you driving a nice car and wearing expensive clothes, you can bet they will raise your price.

Phone and online psychics don’t rely on these shady methods. Instead, they must rely on their gifts, intuition, sixth sense, and instincts to guide them. They can’t see a ring on your finger to know you’re married and then surprise you with that information. It also prevents them from seeing how old you are and how much you’ve lived through. They must be genuinely gifted to survive as online psychics, or they wouldn’t have clients or employers.

Online Psychic Readings Are More Convenient

online phone psychic reading

Of course, not all local psychics are con artists trying to rip you off, and plenty of authentic ones are genuinely gifted and want nothing more than to help you. However, visiting with them is hard if they’re hours or hundreds of miles away. Full-time psychics tend to surround themselves with other psychics and might live in the same area.

That means hundreds of gifted psychics could reside in California, but it’ll be hard to see them regularly if you live in Texas. This is where the beauty of online psychic consultations comes in. You can speak to them anytime once you’ve found an excellent psychic that reads you well. You don’t have to go way out of your way to visit them in person or wait until your next day off. They are just a phone call away.

Online consultations are more convenient not only for you but for the psychic as well. In addition, working on an online platform allows them to lower their prices and pass these savings down to you. When a psychic works out of an actual shop in town, they must pay rent or mortgage on that building. That means that they have to charge their customers more for their services.

Psychics who work online don’t have this vast overhead cost, so they don’t have to pass that price onto their clients. You do not have to pay for upkeep or cleaning of the building or the gas it takes both of you to drive back and forth. Local psychics tend to come and go as they like, often closing shop early or leaving for errands. With online readings, you don’t risk driving to a shop and finding them closed.

Genuine, Talented Psychics Are Out There Waiting To Help You

Finding your new favorite psychic online can be a little like online dating. There are millions of fish in the online sea, and it will take some work on your part. You’ll have to do some filtering, read a lot of different profiles, research the psychic, and message several people before you find the one you mesh with. You’ll need to learn who and what to avoid and look for red flags. All the work is worth it, though, because once you speak to a genuine psychic, you’ll wish you had found them sooner! Their valuable guidance and advice can help get you through any life situation.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

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