Medium Maria Review – Is Maria Medium A Scam?

Throughout my mission to expose fraudulent psychics and their scams, I’ve come across a lot of con artists. The latest one I want to debunk goes by the name of “Medium Maria”. I get asked about her a lot from my readers so I decided to research and review her. She’s also known by some as “Maria Medium”.

On her website, Medium Maria claims that she has spent the last 15 years developing her numerology, tarot, clairvoyant and psychic abilities. She also states that being a psychic medium runs in her family, and that her great grandmother was famous for her psychic abilities and supposedly gave readings for royal families on a regular basis.

She adds that her mother inherited her great-grandmother’s psychic skills and that they were both welcome in many ‘Great Houses’ around the world in the last century.

It was only natural, she says, that she be initiated by her family into the world of esoteric practices at a young age.

She says that it is her intention to always learn and study the paranormal sciences so that she can stay up to date on all that is happening and further develop her clairvoyant skills. She claims that this helps her provide ‘world-class readings’ to her customers, who she offers her services to through her website.

Right off the bat, I don’t like the fact that she doesn’t tell us the names of these supposedly talented and famous psychic relatives.

I don’t know about you, but personally, I would be proud of my psychic family members that came before me and were so gifted that royalty consulted them. I would be sure to let everyone know their names so those who would like to could look them up and learn more about them!

Services That Medium Maria Provides

This is the way Maria does business: You subscribe to her mailing list from her website and she emails you a free reading every month. Then, if you want a personalized and detailed reading from her, you pay her for one through a link or on her website. She guarantees that she will send you your reading within 48 hours of receiving payment.

Getting free readings on a monthly basis sounds nice and all, but her motives run deeper than that. She provides you with these free readings as a way to keep in touch with you in the hopes that you’ll decide to pay her for a more detailed reading.

I normally wouldn’t have a problem with this either, except that the content of the readings is really unethical to me. I don’t like it when “psychics” prey on people’s anxieties, fears, and emotions in order to con them into giving them money.

Curses are not real, and being told you have one placed on you is the oldest trick in the psychic book. Don’t fall for it! If a psychic were genuine, they would not reach out to you using words and language that they know will trigger your anxiety and scare you .

Maria’s website is also filled with e-books for sale in her “occult shop” that start at $29.95 and go all the way up to $49.95. The subjects range from explaining what auras are, to teaching you about candles and perfumes. I personally would rather spend this money consulting with an actual psychic and getting this information in person.

I’m also not a big fan of getting psychic readings done solely through email. I prefer a personal touch where I can either speak directly to a psychic, or instant chat with one.

I feel like waiting on emailed readings gives fake psychics a chance to do some research on me and make things up that they they I’ll want to hear. I would rather have my questions and concerns addressed in real time as I ask them.

Medium Maria addresses

As fair as I wanted to be to Medium Maria and as much as I wanted to believe that she is credible, I just can’t recommend her. I came across several red flags, outlined one by one below in an attempt to be as detailed as possible:

First Red Flag – Her Privacy Policy Lists Two Questionable Addresses

Medium Maria’s privacy policy on her website lists these two addresses:

Mediaweb Limited

Room 1004

10/F Railway Plaza

39 Chatham Road South

Tsim Sha Tsui

Kowloon, Hong Kong


Mediaweb Limited

8A Pitmans Alley

Main Street, Gibraltar

I’ve mentioned New Lotus Web Ltd. based out of Gibraltar before when reviewing Esmeralda Psychic, Extraordinary Chris, and William, The Guardian Angel. I explained why I don’t trust any businesses that do business out of Gibraltar- if you haven’t read it, I urge you to go click here and do so.

Aside from the Gibraltar address, there is also a Hong Kong address. While this may seem normal enough, this is shady to me. The reason for this is that mixed in with legitimate businesses, there are numerous shady businesses that operate out of here as well.

This is because Hong Kong doesn’t have to follow Chinese laws even though they are located in China. This allows them to get away with a lot more than other companies and it makes it extremely difficult to get any sort of refund or file complaints against them.

In my opinion, there is no reason to do business out of these countries unless you are trying to get away with something, especially if you’re not from either of these countries, like Medium Maria.

Though she never says where she or her family is from, or gives any personal background information about herself at all (another thing I don’t like) something tells me she isn’t from either of these places.

Second Red Flag – She Lies About Being A World-Renowned Psychic

I take issue with her claiming to be a world-renowned psychic because she has nothing to back this up with. By her logic, any one of us can call ourselves that and start selling our “psychic” services.

In order to be considered “world-renowned”, you have to be extremely good at what you do and gain recognition from others. This is usually a title that other people give you because they’re impressed with your abilities, not something you call yourself.

In order to be a household name and be well-known, you need to show people your work in action. I have not been able to find anything showing Maria physically at work. No videos or anything.

That is because she doesn’t do anything in front of an audience. All her readings are done behind a computer screen, which isn’t very inspiring to me.

Therefore, I don’t think she should be able to call herself a world-renowned psychic medium, but rather a self-proclaimed world-renowned psychic medium. Giving yourself a title that can’t be backed up is shady and deceiving.

Third Red Flag – The Readings She Sends Aren’t Even Written By A Real Person

Medium Maria scam

When you do an image search for Medium Maria, you see an attractive young woman with short dark hair. Other sources that link to her site also show the same woman, BUT I don’t like what I discovered when I dug deeper.

By performing a reverse image search on her picture, I discovered that the photos of this same exact woman can be bought off of stock image websites, such as

Photos on these stock image sites can be purchased by anyone and used for anything.

Unless Medium Maria has a second job as a stock image model, the pictures we see of her aren’t actually her. So why would a genuine psychic pay for stock photos to pass off as herself instead of using real photos of herself??

This is just another example of how she is just a person created by Mediaweb Limited to make money.

Fifth Red Flag – The Content of Her Readings

Aside from the fact that I don’t like readings I can only get by email, I also don’t like the content of Maria’s emailed readings. They are so broad and generic sounding. This goes for both the free AND the supposedly personalized readings you pay for. None of them show psychic abilities or make me believe she has a gift.

As I mentioned before, the readings have a threatening tone to them designed to scare you into continuing to pay her for her help. They can apply to anyone and are not specific to one person at all.

They are filled with anxiety-inducing writing and her goal is to “save” you from your bad luck (that she is making up) and turn the tables for you before things get bad.

The emails are ruthless and never-ending. Their goal is to convince you to pay for an emergency reading and this isn’t how legitimate psychics do business.

Genuine psychics, like those found on trusted online psychic networks, have morals and ethics. They know that those who reach out to them for help are usually vulnerable and are going through difficult situations.

They act with integrity and treat their customers with dignity. They don’t hound them nonstop with emails trying to scare them into continuing to pay for more and more readings.

The goal of real psychics is quite the opposite actually. Their intention is to relieve you of your anxiety and help you find inner peace. They want to teach you how to move forward and grow ahead in life without letting fear hold you back.

You should never trust a psychic who purposely incites fear and anxiety in you.

How Genuine Psychics Work

Now this isn’t to say that everything a psychic tells you is going to be good news. There are some circumstances where a psychic might have to tell you something that you won’t like, or that you prefer not to hear. However, a genuine psychic will always explain why this information is important and why you need to talk about it.

They concentrate on your situation and help you through it every step of the way until it’s resolved. Also, when you speak to a psychic from one of these trusted psychic networks, it’s because you contacted them- they didn’t reach out to you by scaring you into calling them.

An authentic psychic doesn’t send marketing emails saying you need to contact them because you have bad luck coming your way, or that they have critical information about you. They will never threaten you by saying that only they can help you avoid a difficult situation.

If you ever get these sorts of emails from a supposed psychic, you need to be aware that it is a downright lie and a low dirty scam. Do not fall for it. Real psychics are too busy guiding those that seek them out with their problems.

They’re not waiting behind a computer screen picking up your bad vibes and hoping that they get your email address right so they can warn you about your upcoming bad luck.

The best thing you can do is ignore these types of emails- the kinds that Medium Maria, Extraordinary Chris, or Esmeralda Psychic send. If you reply even once to them, they will see you as susceptible and naïve, and will not stop hounding you with email after email.

The content of the emails will become more and more threatening in the hopes that they’ll break you and you’ll pay them to save you. Their “help” isn’t cheap either, and you may not even receive it after paying for it. Learn from my mistakes and don’t let these scammers steal your hard earned money from you!

My Verdict – Medium Maria Is Not A Genuine Psychic

Long story short, my opinion is that even though Medium Maria’s website seems authentic enough, digging deeper reveals that this is not a trustworthy psychic who I would recommend.

I don’t think it’s run by an actual psychic, but actually by an automated bot created by Mediaweb Limited. The fact that the photos of her aren’t even actually her and are a stock image they purchased only adds to my distrust.

With so many red flags, it isn’t hard to come to the conclusion that Medium Maria is a scam and not at all legitimate. I really wanted to give her a fair chance and discover that she is a genuine psychic but I just can’t for all the above reasons.

I wasn’t able to identify her or her famous psychic family and I couldn’t verify anything she says about herself on the website. At least with psychic networks such as Psychic Source for example, you know the psychic you’re speaking to has been tested, verified, and offer a satisfaction guarantee.

My best advice would be to save yourself the hassle and stick with a psychic from one of the trustworthy psychic networks below instead.



Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Is Tara psychic a legit . I spent lots of monies on her services with promises after promises of changes which never came. One entire year of promises and I am further into debt. She claimed that I could have a refund if not satisfied but after weeks and weeks of requesting monies ,I just de died to unsubscribe could not spent anymore.

  2. Thank you for your advise Maria has been scaring me for years now I’m so glad I know the real truth which is a huge relief thanx again.I would also like information on how I can help people unlike you do as I have experienced what you have mentioned in psychic scams

  3. But her prediction about my past, present and my future re true. Xo how is she a scam

  4. Thank you so much mam

  5. Thank You Angela I get this stuff from Medium Maria all the time and I thought it wasn’t real but then I decided to start checking, and I’m not sure if any are real at this point.

  6. Hello Angela. I was also sceptic as to whether to trust her or not. However, just now when cleaning up my email inbox (plenty of emails from her), I noticed something rather very obvious.

    All of her emails are sent on the same time of the day, namely 12:30pm sharp. This suggests some kind of automated mechanism. See for yourself, I have uploaded a screenshot of my email folder with her emails.

    I am not sure about the one single email which was sent at 16:01 o’clock (4:01pm), the sheer majority of 12:30pm however leads me to the same conclusion. Maria the Medium is scam.

    Now that this is out, they might find this and change their automatism to include random send times, but as of now: has anyone else noticed this?

  7. Thank you so much!That lady has freaked me out more than once! Í am far from tech savvy so I wouldn’t know how to begin tearing into one of these sites. I’ve never paid any of them; but once a year or so I’ll go for a free reading to see what they come up with and it’s always the same thing, money problems and I’ve been dealing with some kind of auric amoeba that has, for years, been darkening my doorways and depriving me of that which is my birthright…The thing is, I’ll get a free reading from a couple more psychics/mediums, & they come back with a similar story for me based on the EXACT same premis! I wonder if they share information or something? I’m sure I leave myself pretty vulnerable our there in cyberspace as I have never attained the knowledge of how to protect myself…so thank you again for what you do!.. Maybe you could look into the latest psychics I’ve gotten readings from..Let’s see, there is Christian Medium (that’s her name, not like a faith based thing), Padre-A Guardian Angel Reader Guy,and Isha the Tarot Master…
    Ok, can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  8. I’m not one to over use this expression but in this case I just have to use it after reading your article on Medium Maria and all these comments – O M G!! Actually I was skeptical right from the start but like you Angela I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt and was curious to see if she nailed something about me only I would know. She never did, only to mention how I have suffered misfortune all my life. That is something that can be true of any body and I don’t think any one can go through life without running into some bad luck at times. I have had some major good luck actually-and count my blessings every day that I lived through a heart attacK!
    I wrote about Bethea, before too. Every e-mail she sends has a product that adds up to about $90 a day that I must have to change my luck which is my true destiny and birth rite to have according to my Astral chart, the cosmos and destiny. I have received her emails every day since Feb with a promise she will help me become a multi-millionaire. Although I like the thought of that if I purchased all these must have trinkets at $90 a day every day for the 75 days of emails I have received that comes to $6,750. I haven’t spent a dime on Bethea. Maria’s promises are the same and since her Tarot readings were only $29 and I had a girl friend who did Tarot readings but never did one for me, I decided to see what one was like. Same general stuff. What worries me is she or Hong Kong or Gibralter has my credit card info now, so wondering if any body has run into any problems resulting
    from that kind of stuff? One more thing I have to summarize another offer Maria makes to bring me a life of wealth and and good fortune for $29 is a promise to sit on the Princes chair of stone personally so St. Michael, whose chair that is will favor me personally because she has the power to ask it of him. Well I found through research the chair is real and it is on an island called Mount St. Michael
    in Cornwall, England. However, to get there you have to charter a boat and have purchased a ticket to visit the castle that is also there. She would also have to travel to Cornwall from wherever she is coming from, possibly Wisconsin as she gives a Wisconsin address at the very bottom of her website. So all she wants is $29 from me for something that could cost her hundreds to perform which she says will be a collaborative effort between her, 7 Maji and St. Michael. I should have stopped following her when she had a vision of a feminine figure that appeared to her on her wall that she identified as Lady Luck who naturally appeared for my benefit. So in conclusion I will say that who ever Maria really is I do believe she has a real talent which is a wild imagination and she should be using her gift in Hollywood where it belongs-Fred

  9. Thank you so much. I’ve been dealing with Maria for a few months now she hasn’t gotten much out of me thank God. And I was about to give her more when I thought finally my brain kicked in to check her out on the internet. I so appreciate your help in this. I would like to find a real true psychic medium however you want to put it to help me with the many things I’m going through right now. Do you recommend anyone in particular?

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