Diana Clairvoyant-Psychic- Is The Great Medium Diana A Psychic Scam?

Have you heard of a woman who calls herself Diana Clairvoyant-Psychic or The Great Medium Diana? I’ve received a few emails from her and decided to research and review her. If you know anything about me, you know I believe in the help and guidance a good psychic can provide. I’m always looking for new ones to consult.

Unfortunately, this Diana is NOT it. After much digging, I discovered she and her services are nothing but a scam. She’s not a real psychic and is no different than Extraordinary Chris, Magellan Medium Psychic, William Guardian Angel, or the others I’ve reviewed here. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt and don’t label them fakes without good reason.

Please continue reading to learn why I’ve labeled her a con artist and why you must stay as far away from her as possible. It’s almost important to note that I’m reviewing Diana at Diana-psychic.com and the woman in the picture above ONLY. There are a lot of psychics and mediums named Diana who are legitimate, but they don’t email me nonstop, so I didn’t review them.

First Red Flag- Her Made-Up Organization

Diana’s “about” section on her website sounds exactly like the other fake psychics in my DO NOT VISIT list. It’s the same old tired story about receiving a great gift from the sky as a child after a traumatic event. It says that despite not running in her family, she was blessed with gifts while in a coma for acute appendicitis and lethal peritonitis. Supposedly, she saw a shining face that told her:

“I’d love to have you here with me, but you’re too valuable there where you are now. Let all those who suffer know that I entrust you with the gift of comfor; all those who doubt, that I entrust you with the gift of truth; all those who are oppressed, that I entrust you with the gift of justice. Very soon, everyone will know I have given you the gift of Happiness.” She says she is considered one of the five greatest seers in the world and is the founding member of the Magic Circle of Kama, an occult club for mediums.

This club’s only objective is to put its powers in the service of those in genuine difficulty and to help those in need who want to take action to get out of their rut. That sounds wonderful and all but the only problem? This club doesn’t exist! I searched everywhere but only found an organization for magicians called The Magic Circle in Britain. That immediately tells me she’s full of it, but I kept researching and found more red flags.

Second Red Flag- The Fact That She Baits People In With Promises Of Free Readings

When I started getting emails from Diana Psychic, they promised free readings and gifts. However, they started asking for payment as the emails kept coming in. She would send extremely generic, vague readings to me that could apply to anyone, then ask for a one-time payment of $51 for more personalized readings. I signed up under two different emails and received the exact readings with only the name changed, so she’s clearly a fake.

She’s just trying to catch people’s attention with the word “free” and hoping she convinces them to give her their hard-earned money. As tempted as I was to pay for a reading just so I could see how absurd and generalized it was, I didn’t want her to have access to any of my financial information. I guarantee you it’s super generic, too, though.

Third Red Flag- She Only Communicates Through Email

As I mentioned before, I’m no stranger to psychic readings. I began trying different psychics once I learned what to look for to avoid getting scammed. Since then, I’ve spoken with hundreds of psychics and have developed excellent relationships with them. Some of my favorites are Psychic SourceAsk Now, and Path Forward, but I also use others. Check out my reviews page to learn which ones I use and trust the most and why.

It didn’t take me long to realize that you must communicate with your psychic in real time for a good reading. That could be by talking on the phone, chatting with them online, video messaging, or even texting. There is no way you can get valuable information from a psychic through just email. The process only works if there’s two-way communication happening on the spot.

A “psychic” who claims to be able to help you by taking your money from an email they sent you is a red flag. So many little things go into a reading, and the psychic being able to ask you questions and have you answer them immediately is one of the most important. You also don’t want any delays in communication because this gives scammers a chance to look you up online and dig up some info on you.

They can then present this information as if they felt or sensed it. Please know that a genuine psychic would never do that. You must talk to them in real-time without long delays between answers. Over-the-phone or video messaging are great options for ensuring they’re not tricking you this way.

Fourth Red Flag- She’s Owned and Run By A Digital Marketing Company

I discovered that the people behind this fake psychic are a marketing company called Karma Corporation A.S. They were started about three years ago and are based in the Czech Republic. Their exact address is: Máchova 439/27, Vinohrady – 120 00 Praha – Czech Republic.

In my experience, psychics based out of this country are as fake as the ones based in Gibraltar, Hong Kong, and Brunei. These countries have very lax laws that benefit scammers and fail to protect scam victims. There is no legal recourse when these companies steal your personal information or when you want a refund. Please stick to psychic networks out of America and Britain for financial protection!

Fifth Red Flag- The Lack Of Reviews By Everyday People

One of the biggest deciding factors for me when choosing a psychic is reading real reviews from previous customers. For that to happen, I have to be able to leave a review for the psychic after consulting with them. I don’t have that option with Diana Psychic. Since she does everything through email, I never have a chance to speak back and forth with her like I can on other trusted psychic networks.

With Diana, it’s just a computer sending me emails, which is so one-sided. I can’t go to her website afterward to tell people about my experience like I can with, say, Psychic Source, Ask Now, or any of the other psychics I consult. That’s a big “NO” from me. I can’t trust where the supposed ‘testimonials’ came from on her website.

Diana Clairvoyant Psychic Is Nothing Like A Genuine Psychic

I don’t recommend Diana for other reasons, but I’d be here all day. Please, take it from me- YOU WILL BE FLUSHING YOUR MONEY DOWN THE TOILET if you send it to her!! Stay far, far away from this fake! Instead, please stick to my reviews page’s authentic, tried-and-true psychics. They don’t spam you endlessly with scary-sounding emails because they’re too busy actually helping people who reach out to them.

They don’t pretend to offer their gifts for free because they refuse to lie to you. These psychics are people like you and me who must eat and pay to live and simply use their talents to make a living. They know that if someone needs help, they will reach out to them, not vice versa. They aren’t sitting at home getting messages about you before they’ve even spoken to you! Please, don’t fall for Diana’s BS and get the help you need from anyone else on my recommended list. These are psychics I use and love.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

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  1. There is a company called Moon Predictions/Elizabeth Rose , they are based in Nottingham they have a few bad Psychics but 1 in particular is called Louise pin 7492 who will allow 1 reader in who spends a lot of money with her and who tells him he is doing nothing wrong in stalking and surveying his ex girlfriend 24/7 , she calls him and others the name s like see you next tuesday its disgusting she also mutes her phone to cook and clean when some of her callers call her, she says she will say anything to keep them on the phone to make as much money as she can from them. They should def be investigated so the public know what kind of company they are and to avoid that reader Louise.

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