Celestial Inspiration Review- Is Celestial Inspiration A Psychic Scam?

I’ve received many emails lately from a supposed psychic company called Celestial Inspiration. Having never heard of them before, I did what I do best and researched them for a review. Unfortunately, just like almost all psychics that reach spam the heck out of your email, they are definitely scam artists! I’ll explain why in case you’re thinking about spending money with them.

Everything They Do Is Through Email

I’ve said this a lot in my reviews, but if you’re new here, I’ll say it again: NEVER TRUST A PSYCHIC YOU CAN’T SPEAK DIRECTLY WITH!! Psychic readings and experiences are supposed to be a connection between a person gifted with heightened intuition and extrasensory perception and someone without, like you or I.

We usually reach out to them because we feel lost, confused, or need answers to life. When we speak to them, it should be through phone, video, or instant message so that you can talk to someone privately one-on-one. This instant connection lets the psychic pick up on our energy and detect our needs. They then use their gifts to give us personalized guidance and advice.

I know how tempting it can be to follow a link on an email you received from a fake psychic promising you money, love, health, happiness, etc. It seems exactly like what you need to improve your life, so you trust what they tell you and click. Unfortunately, they send everyone the same email and tell them the same things when they follow the link.

Everything they say is generic and is being sent to everyone else on their email list. They’ve never interacted with you and don’t know you on a personal level, so those emails are useless. They just say what they know you want to hear and make it extremely convincing. For a genuine psychic worth spending hard-earned money on, you MUST communicate instantaneously back and forth during the reading. Otherwise, you’re not getting personalized information or anything to help you fix or improve your life.

They Spam You Relentlessly!

It’s bad enough that they only interact with you through email, but to top it off, they are PUSHY!! Think about this for a second: Why would a real psychic with genuine gifts be so desperate for business and have so much free time to email you personally EVERY SINGLE DAY?? That’s right; they wouldn’t! Celestial Inspiration isn’t a group of real psychics.

It’s a marketing business that pays for an automated service to create and send out emails. They use AI technology to write what people want to hear and automatically mail it out multiple times daily, hoping someone will bite. That’s why I receive at least 2 or 3 emails a day like clockwork from them.

Legitimate psychics are real people like you and me who must work to survive. They’re out there making a living using their skills, much like a talented hairstylist or a wedding planner. They don’t have time to sit behind their computers, magically picking up the energies of people they’ve NEVER interacted with and knowing what’s best for them. Let’s be real- that’s impossible.

Also, word gets out when a psychic is genuine and truly gifted. People who’ve had life-changing readings from them will tell others. They’re too busy to bug you day and night. They don’t have time to sit around and pretend to know a complete stranger and beg them to pay multiple times a day. Please don’t fall for these tricks.

They’ll Do And Say Anything To Get Your Money

I love seeing the progression of how desperate their emails get when you ignore them. At first, they start innocently enough, telling you they have messages for you from Archangel Michael or Raphael. Then they move on to include God and guardian angels in their emails. They’ll say God wants you to listen to them and that the bible leads you to them.

Later, they progress to saying pure nonsense. They told me the Israelis created a powerful technology that could “change my sound” and frequency. In a very well-produced video, they claim that “reality is nothing but sound” and that thanks to covert military Israeli experiments, they found one frequency that can make you financially independent in just 90 days, lol.

Then, there’s a link that’s so long, it takes 35 minutes to read! It’s full of the same things we’ve all heard a million times. Pay them, and they can guarantee wealth beyond your wildest dreams, plus you’ll attract the opposite sex like you wouldn’t believe.

Real Psychics Don’t Work Like This

Then there’s a guy named Mark Siflin who says he’s happily married, lives in a 4,000 sq. ft home and drives a “top-of-the-line Mercedes Benz.” Basically, everything most people want in their life. He claims that even though no one’s ever heard of him, he has students who’ve been featured on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, The New York Times, etc.

Though they don’t clarify, I think they’re trying to say he’s the one who invented the power of this frequency and made a program they call ‘Abundance Frequency’ with it. At the end of this gigantic, pages-long essay, he says that for $39.00, you, too, can have everything he has plus more. He’ll give you access to this exclusive military-grade technology that will fix every single one of your problems. I really can’t with this level of absurdity.

Real psychics don’t make these kinds of outlandish claims. They know they can’t magically fix your life or make things happen. What they can do is listen to you, pick up your energy and vibrations, and give you personalized guidance and advice that will work best for you. However, YOU have to do the work. They can only tell you what would be best for you and how to get there, but you must make it happen. Please don’t believe anyone who says otherwise.

There Are No Testimonials Or Reviews From Real Users

I tried to find real experiences from people who’ve used them before but couldn’t. All I found were companies pretending to review them but, come to find out, only had good things to say about them because Celestial Inspiration is paying them. They all have disclosures saying they are a website that gets compensated by the company to speak favorably of them. They don’t say this on their front page; you must dig deep for that part.

I just couldn’t find anything of substance that leads me to believe they’re true psychics. There was nowhere I could read or learn about any of them. I don’t even think they’re claiming to have or be psychics at this point; they just claim to have all the solutions to your problems somehow. I’m unsure who supposedly receives the messages from my “archangels” and “healing angels.” This company is just fake and shady all around, which leads me to my final reason for not trusting them:

They’re Based Out Of A Country Where They Can Skirt The Law

Most of the psychic scams I’ve reviewed are based out of Gibraltar or Hong Kong, so I was surprised when I saw that Celestial Inspiration wasn’t. I thought it was a good thing until I dug a little more. They’re headquartered in a country called Brunei, which I had never heard of until now. They are a Southeast Asian country near Malaysia and Indonesia. Their address is:

Rm 51, 5th Floor
Britannia House, Jalan Cator
Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei BS8811

While this doesn’t necessarily mean anything, it is cause for concern. Why would an English-speaking company like Celestial Inspiration be based in a foreign country? It’s simple; scamming companies like to do business out of these areas because the laws are easier to skirt than in America or Europe. Or, they’re one of MANY scams China is creating to make money.

These countries don’t have to follow the same rules and can get away with things like tax evasion, client privacy, financial guarantees, etc. That’s bad for anyone who pays Celestial Inspirations because once they have your credit card number and personal information, they can do whatever they want with it. For example, they can sell all your information to other companies. Oh, and forget about getting a refund if you’re not satisfied.

They have no obligation to return any money to you, and you have no legal basis to request one. It’s honestly best to avoid them. Instead, stick with psychic networks that are held to higher standards and follow business laws. Please click here for a list and review of these networks. My favorite is Psychic Source, but Ask Now and Path Forward are close seconds. Also, the psychics below are highly rated and offer satisfaction guarantees, so you don’t have to worry about losing money.

In Conclusion

I truly wish I could say that Celestial Inspiration is a legitimate psychic company you can trust, but I just can’t. Sadly, I can’t say anything good about them. Like all the other psychics in my scam section, they’re simply trying to get as many innocent and trusting people as possible to pay them for a lot of nothing. Just written words and supposedly life-changing sounds you can’t hear with the human ear.

You’ll never once have the chance to speak with anyone directly, which means you’ll never get personalized help. Stick to psychic networks like the ones below that have been tested, vetted, and verified. They will listen directly to you as a human being and use their skills and abilities to guide you in the direction that’s best for you.

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