Psychic Jumps Out Of Hospital Window After Stabbing Twin Daughters

A 58-year-old British psychic named Graham Bishop has reportedly stabbed his four-year-old twin daughters and leaped out of a window. Bishop rose to fame on TV shows. Authorities are currently charging him with attempted murder. According to prosecutors, he stabbed his twin daughters with a kitchen knife. The attack occurred at Rigshospitalet Pediatric Center in Copenhagen, where they treated her for a long-term illness.

Bishop’s wife called the police after the attack, and the police kicked down the room door when they arrived. Upon seeing the police, Bishop stabbed himself in the stomach with the same kitchen knife, then jumped out of a window. He suffered several injuries in the fall. He is being kept under police guard at a hospital where they treat him. According to the police report, his twin daughters are in critical condition in ICU but are improving.

“We are treating it as a family tragedy,” Copenhagen Police member Lau Thygesen told the Copenhagen Post. Bishop claims to be a psychic healer who cures people when the spirit of a German physician named “Dr. Karl” possesses him. He’s appeared on the Danish television shows “Klarsyn,” “Andernes Magt,” “Troldmandsskolen,” and “Anderene vender tilbage.” He also claims that Dr. Karl is his “main spirit guide” who uses his body to heal people.

For example, Bishop claims that he healed Natalie, one of his twin daughters, of blindness. According to him, he did this by laying his hands on her. He claims to have cured many people worldwide by using this same method. He profiled his daughter Natalie on his website and described how she was born with seven aneurysms in her stomach. She was given emergency treatment but suffered brain damage, which caused her to lose her sight and movement down her left side.

Bishop Explains How He Cured His Daughter

He wrote on his site: “After no improvement with these, I asked Spirit for help, even that it was a risk my own life (I was in a very bad state of health myself), but what father would not do that for his child? I entered a trance, and Spirit Dr. Karl restored her sight and corrected the paralysis. Unfortunately, he was not able to repair the kidney.” “The first time Spirit Dr. Karl undertook healing using my body was in 1992. Since then, he has helped thousands of people across Europe and the USA”.

He informed his readers that Dr. Karl was born in 1848 into a family of doctors in Prussia. He showed a keen interest and skill in medicine from a very early age. Astonishingly, he performed his first “unofficial” operation on a person at 12 years old. “Since I ‘woke up’ to my awareness and realized the depth of spiritual knowledge and abilities I have, my whole life changed in ways I could never have imagined. For many years, spiritual things were second place in my successful career in computing.

Over the years, the balance shifted, and in 1995 the spiritual became the focus of my work and life. I felt a bit of an outsider all my life, and I have experienced many things that seemed to have no practical explanation,” he wrote. A Foreign Office spokesman commented to the Mail Online: “We are aware of the hospitalization of a British national in Copenhagen on August 12. We stand ready to provide consular assistance if necessary.”

Read Graham Bishop, TV Psychic, Pleads Not Guilty In Court. Sent to Isolation In a Psychiatric Hospital for an update on this story.

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