Psychic Claims To Have Contacted Steve Jobs In The Afterlife

Time magazine reports that Reverend Betsy Cohen contacted Steve Jobs on October 18th, 2012. Cohen is well-known and is considered one of New York’s top 10 Psychics. Unfortunately, the news she received from her Jobs doesn’t sound good. During an interview with Motherboard TV, Cohen said she had been contacting Jobs for several days in the afterlife.

She shares that she found his spirit to be very judging and criticizing, and she claims it made for several “rough” days. Cohen claims that whatever we do while on earth, we have to “sit-in” on the same things in the afterlife. She feels that Jobs is not currently in what we consider “hell” but in his man-made hell. The psychic said he spends lots of time trying to escape it. She does say there is some good news for him, though.

According to her, we all have spirits working for us that are more developed and work as guides and mentors. They teach and lead us when we step into the afterlife. Cohen says Jobs informed her of feeling like he had lived his life with blinders on. He thinks he could have still managed to succeed if he had balanced his competitiveness and personal relationships instead of just being on the competitive side more often than not.

Jobs Shared His Regrets With The Psychic

He told her he still struggles to learn important lessons. “Competition without regard to the feelings of others is not necessary to success,” he told her. He also realizes now that he could have been just as successful by working together with people. He regrets not taking the time to discover others’ unique gifts and talents.

Sources close to Jobs said his last words were, “Oh, wow.” Cohen states that by “oh, wow,” he really meant, “Holy bleep, I didn’t get it!” She tells the magazine that Jobs knows the lessons he must learn to be at peace but hasn’t learned them yet. He told her that he still has to review his life in the past years, but more specifically, he needs to focus on reviewing his past year.

Unfortunately, Cohen can’t tell us what will happen to Jobs when he finally does learn the necessary lessons. She also doesn’t know how he can learn those lessons in the afterlife. Her only assumption is that he will eventually learn those important lessons and become a developed spirit. And that as this spirit, he will mentor and teach other souls who enter the afterlife, much like those leading him.

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