Questions A Love Psychic Can and Can’t Answer During Your Psychic Reading

There’s a good reason that the most popular topic psychics are asked about is love and relationships. People reach out to psychics because they have so many important questions about the future of their love life. They want to know if their relationship is going to survive and thrive or fizzle and fade.

People also want to know if their partner is cheating on them or trying to push them away. Psychic advisors are the best source to turn to if you’re experiencing matters of the heart, in my opinion. They truly understand things on a far deeper level than most.

Sure you could ask your friends, your family, a coworker or even a counselor but it just isn’t the same. Friends and family are going to tell you what you want to hear, not what they actually think is best for you. They will just agree with you because they don’t want to make you more upset.

Chances are your coworkers don’t know you and your partner well enough to help with relationship issues. A counselor or psychologist will want to see you week after week like clockwork and will just want to know how YOU feel about the situation instead of offering you valuable insight.

Not only is it difficult for them to give you a well-rounded opinion, they are also not allowed to. They can only approach your issue from a medical and mental standpoint. That’s not very helpful when it comes to love because love is such an emotional feeling.

Try as they might, they just don’t have the spiritual intuition and heightened perception psychics do. They are unable to see the world as more than textbook black and white. I would be lying to you if I said that psychics can solve ALL your relationship problems though.

No matter how gifted or clairvoyant a reader may be, they can’t foresee every single detail about your relationship. I always tell people to do their researcher on a psychic ahead of time and know what to expect during a reading. Here are some things a psychic can and cannot tell you about your relationship:

Questions Psychics CAN Answer

What Can I Do To Have A Happy And Healthy Relationship?

psychic relationship reading

Psychics are great at being able to figure out the specific keys to success for your relationship in particular. A relationship reading is great to get at the start of a relationship as well as periodically throughout its course. This allows you to head off any problems before they even arise.

Every person is different and so is every relationship. No two are alike and there is no one size fits all solution to the issues that might pop up. A psychic will get to know you on an incredible personal and spiritual level. This allows them to determine your relationship style and what you require from a partner in order to avoid conflict.

A psychic won’t necessarily give you specific solutions to your problems during a reading. Instead they will guide you down the path to a healthy and happy relationship. It’s important to remember that the future is not set in stone and you have free will to change the outcome of your life.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re doomed or destined to be unhappy. A genuine psychic would never try to scare you or manipulate your emotions. They know that you are able to take the information they give you and change your destiny. They can draw the path for you but only you can walk down it.

How Can I Attract My Soulmate?

will i meet my soulmate

Lots of people mistakenly believe that all they have to do is ask a psychic the name of their soulmate and voila- there it is. Unfortunately this is a myth and not the way things work. Psychics can only read people they speak to so they can’t tell you whether your partner loves you or not without having a conversation with them.

What they CAN do is get information from you, pick up on your energy, and use their intuition and extrasensory perception to get a feel for how you and this person feel about each other. A good psychic can tell by the way you speak about your partner or by reading between the lines when you talk about the relationship.

They can tell by the tone of your voice, if it’s high pitched because you’re excited, or if it’s faltering because you’re sad. They’ll probably also ask you questions that may seem weird at the time but have a purpose. All of these things help the psychic decipher whether this is the best person for you or if you should keep looking.

They can help you reveal the pros and cons of your current relationship and make the best choice for your future. One of the things they’re best at is giving you guidance on making the best decisions for your life and for your relationships.

This increases the chances of you attracting and keeping the perfect person for you and being happy. When you attract and meet the perfect person for you everything else just falls into place. There will be some bumps along the way but you’ll be able to smooth them out with minimal heartache.

A genuine psychic will know what you need, what to watch out for, where to look for, and how engage and captivate your soulmate.

Questions Psychics CAN’T Answer

Will Me and My Ex Will Get Back Together?

will I get back with my ex

One of the most common questions psychics get asked is “will I get my ex back?” This is understandable since you might feel lost or depressed after a breakup. You might feel like if they will just come back to you then you’ll fall back in love and live happily ever after.

It’s easy to feel like you can’t live without someone or think that you’ll never be happy again. Even though these feelings are very powerful, they are usually temporary. Any change in your life can be shocking but things usually work themselves out in the end.

As nice as it would be, a psychic can’t tell you whether or not your ex will come back into your life. This is because of free will again. Just as you have free will to change your mind about things, so does your ex. A psychic can’t know for sure that your ex will choose an action and go through with it, especially without ever talking to them.

What they CAN do is help you navigate the end of a relationship and manage the feelings that go with it. They can help you see things in a different light and realize there’s a reason for everything. They can help you accept the situation, work through the feelings it brings, and heal your heart. This allows you to move forward and live your best life- even if it does end up being with your ex again.

When Will I Meet My Soulmate And Get Married?

will i marry my soulmate

People love asking psychics the exact date that they’ll meet their soulmate or have their dream wedding. As nice as it would be for them to be able to tell you this, it’s just not possible. Information that comes from the spirit world and from other dimensions isn’t set up in the linear time frame that we’re familiar with.

This is why exact dates and times of events can’t be predicted by even the most talented psychics. There are no seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years, in the ethereal dimension of human existence.

There are just feelings, emotions, messages, visions, intuition, instincts, spirits and voices that psychics rely on. Psychics can enlighten you on the energy surrounding your relationship and whether or not your souls share a union and a commitment to each other.

They can teach you how to work through problems and issues that arise in the relationship and help you clear any roadblocks that stand in your way. They give you their expert opinion on whether or not marriage to this person is a good idea for you.

Don’t be tricked by anyone who charges you to give you the exact date of any event in your life. There are just certain things they cannot know because human nature makes them impossible. I only get readings from the psychic networks listed on my reviews page because they don’t play games with me.

I love that they’re honest with me from the very beginning and tell me what to expect. They never exaggerate their abilities or charge me extra for more details. Their satisfaction guarantees assure me that I’ll get my money back if I don’t find the reading accurate or helpful.

I know when it comes to love, things can be frustrating, sad and confusing. No relationship is perfect and we can all use a little help from the pros. I believe we all want to live as happy a life as possible with the one we love.

Seeking advice and guidance to accomplish this is nothing to feel bad about. I truly believe everyone can benefit from a love reading. It doesn’t matter if you’re attached, single, recently divorced, widowed, etc. Stop wondering and start KNOWING by booking a session with a trustworthy psychic below!

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