Real Psychic Stories Of The Rich And Famous

People have consulted psychics for important matters for thousands of years. Many powerful, successful, and influential people have used psychics in the past or regularly use them today. They talk to them for help making serious decisions and answering essential questions. Psychic divination is an ancient technique that works amazingly well today.

Psychic advisors have a strong following among the rich and famous and the powerful and successful. Celebrities, politicians, and influential executives consult psychics and spiritual advisors on everything from matters of love to essential business decisions. The magic is that psychics can provide valuable advice and insight into each situation. It’s incredible how many businesses have flourished thanks to the intuition of psychics.

Ronald and Nancy Reagan

Ronald Reagan

Widely viewed as conservatives, Ronald Reagan and his wife consulted a psychic and astrologist throughout the presidency. The Reagans consulted their spiritual advisor for advice on political decisions and the nation’s state. She also helped them schedule matters to determine the most auspicious times to conduct business.

Nancy Reagan met her favorite psychic on the popular Merv Griffin Show before Ronald Reagan’s presidency. President Jimmy Carter also revealed that he used a psychic from the CIA to locate a missing plane. It had gone done in the jungles of South America, and the dense greenery made it impenetrable to satellite technology.

Hillary Clinton

hillary clinton psychic

In the mid-1990s, details about psychic consultations attended by Hillary Rodham Clinton were circulating across the mainstream news wires. According to a report by esteemed journalist Bob Woodward, Hillary invited a famous New Age guru to the White House to perform a séance.

Accounts of the event say Hillary went into a trance and had deep intellectual conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt and influential leader Gandhi. Despite being widely publicized during the Clinton years, Hillary wasn’t the only one to use them. Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and many of the county’s most beloved political leaders conducted similar séances and consulted psychics.

Tony Blair

tony blair psychic

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie are devotees of spiritual advisors, psychics, and energy healers. Additionally, while in the office, Blair carried a small gray velvet pouch containing a small ribbon and a paper scroll. He kept it in his breast pocket when attending important meetings and making political decisions.

Blair routinely consulted psychics about personal matters and for performing new-age rituals. He once had one of these rituals performed at a Mayan temple while vacationing in Mexico. Lastly, the Prime Minister also hired a team of psychics and remote viewers as members of the Ministry of Defense. He needed them to locate Osama Bin Laden, members of Al Qaeda, and nuclear weapons.

Montel Williams

montel wiliams psychic

Talk show host Montel Williams has regularly featured psychics on his show. On his show, he has worked with people with psychic abilities for various issues. These include helping audience members reach out to loved ones, locating missing people, contacting murder victims, and reconciling his audience members’ deep emotional problems. Larry King Live and Oprah featured the same celebrity psychics in their shoes. Montel has also featured a psychic able to diagnose and spiritually pinpoint medical ailments.

Brad and Angelina

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has sought advice from psychics throughout her career. She first contacted a psychic to receive a sign from her late mother, Marcheline Bertrand. Later, she wanted to know if Brad Pitt was “the one.” Jolie also consulted a psychic when she wrestled with the decision to adopt or conceive another biological child. In 2008, media outlets reported that the celebrity couple contacted a psychic once again to determine the emotional vibes of their unborn twins. Supposedly, they wanted to know this to help them create an appropriately decorated nursery.

Denise Richards

denise richards psychic

Contacting loved ones and family members drives many people to seek help from psychics. After her divorce from the notorious Charlie Sheen, Denise consulted a celebrity psychic because she wanted a sign that her mother was still around in some form. She told the New York Post she wanted a psychic reading to reaffirm her belief in reincarnation. Additionally, the actress invited an empathic pet psychic to communicate with her dogs.

Marilyn Monroe

marilyn monroe psychic

Allegedly tormented by spirits, Marilyn Monroe had an odd fascination with the occult and regularly consulted psychics. She was constantly looking to improve the spiritual aspects of her life. Later, her dear confidant and psychic shared details of the visualization techniques he used with her. The psychic instructed Marilyn to envelop the area just around her body in a cloud of white light for protection.

Marilyn had her psychic conduct a séance in memory of Clark Gable once instead of a typical reading. According to the psychic, Marilyn was delighted when his spirit made contact. Her confidant revealed that she sought readings from him on dozens of occasions. One of these was while married to Joe DiMaggio in the mid-1950s, and another was right before her accidental death in 1962.

Princess Diana

princess diana psychic

Always followed by the press and the tabloids, rumors about Princess Diana’s legendary psychic advisors are still circulating in the news. According to firsthand reports from the respected psychic who read Diana, she had a premonition of Diana’s death more than a year before the fatal crash that tore the roof of her car entirely off. Diana’s psychic experienced a premonition of a fatal car crash in a tunnel followed by a royal funeral fit for a queen.

The princess first sought advice from the psychic, recommended by a friend, regarding her impending divorce from Prince Charles. George Michael and Uma Thurman have also had readings performed by this same psychic. The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, her current daughter-in-law, has followed in Diana’s footsteps and consults psychics.

Andrew Carnegie

andrew carnagey psychic

Steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie was once the second richest man in the world, and it’s widely known that he relied heavily on the advice of a live-in psychic and spiritual advisor. Unsurprisingly, CEOs, executives, and investors consult Wall Street psychics today for financial advice. They advise them on visualization techniques and methods for helping them realize their goals and the paths to achieving them. Some even believe that Carnegie’s fascination with the spiritual aspects of his life was the key to his success as a self-made man.

John Pierpont Morgan

JP Morgan psychic

Better known as J.P. Morgan, the industrialist financier John Pierpont Morgan was famous for his use and devotion to psychics. Morgan famously said, “Millionaires do not use psychics; billionaires do.” He also said, “Anyone can be a millionaire, but to become a billionaire, you need an astrologer.” His advisor predicted the stock market crash in 1929, the beginning of WWII, and had premonitions about his death. 

CleopatraQueen Elizabeth I, and other successful tycoons and influential people attribute their success to consultations with spiritual guides and psychics. In businesses today, psychics are consulted on marketing matters, product launches, and other corporate issues. Celebrities, companies, and political leaders rely on the advice and suggestions of psychics to direct their choices and spiritual path. Fortunately, psychics are no longer just for billionaires and royalty; anyone can consult a psychic and develop a personal path to power, wealth, and success.

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