Is a Love Psychic Better Than a Relationship Therapist?

A lot of people go to psychics when they are having problems with their relationships. Some of them try to see if their spouse or significant other are cheating on them, while others want to know what’s wrong and why the spice in their bonding has waned. There are indeed relationship therapists who help a lot in providing couple’s counseling, but still there are those who prefer to go to psychics and ask for readings.

But which is more effective in treating relationship problems, the therapist or the psychic?

In theory, the answer would of course be the relationship therapist. This is because therapists have gone through a rigorous study of not only of human psychology, but also interpersonal relationships. They have a scientific approach in analyzing love problems between couples, and for all intents and purposes, relationships are not only about love but as well as companionship, friendship and understanding. Through therapists couples would get to know where they have gone wrong, such as each other’s mistakes, shortcomings, behaviors and attitudes, until such time that they find common ground start once again.

However, psychics can provide a valuable service when it comes to relationship problems by:Love psychic

1. Providing advice on how to deal with the matters of the heart. People tend to be emotional, and they would not listen to anybody aside from their own selves, as well as that of the person they confided in. They usually prefer psychics because these are strangers who have no relation to them whatsoever, and they are expecting that these persons would be able to read through their mind and soul. But psychics do more than just that-they analyze their client’s behavior and see through their stories about what’s actually wrong with them per se, and not the whole situation. From there they get to give strong advice which the customer would give deeper thought, and even consider it in fixing the relationship in the long run.

2. Psychics remind their clients of their own self worth. People, when in love, tend to forget about their self worth, and over time they become bitter about losing this sense of worthiness and eventually this will become the locus of their relationship problem. Since psychics focus on their customer’s wellbeing per se, they make them realize their self worth and consider their own welfare for once, thus leading to rather practical advice in order to patch the relationship problem up.

3. Psychics give tips on how to bring back the spice. Psychics also look at the past events of the person’s relationship, and how the said relationship came to a bad situation. With the reflections at hand, they remind the client about the ways in which their relationship was able to form and blossom in the first place, so that they could be able to fix their issues with their respective partners. They also remind the client of his or her abilities as a person in love and how to use these abilities to bring back the romance they once had.

Obviously there’s no substitute for real relationship coaching from a certified therapist if your relationship problems are very deep, but often times a psychic can advise you on matters of the heart, answer important questions and help you solve your relationship issues on your own.

Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. I’ve been to a Therapist and a psychic for some issues I’ve been dealing with and I agree a Therapist can’t fix everything. I don’t believe in Psychic predictions but they can be incredible spiritual healers. They see energies that we don’t.

    I like to use Psychics and Therapists at the same. They both have their strong points and together you really can get to the bottom of all sorts of issues, emotional baggage, etc..

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