Connect To The Paranormal Halloween Eve With Psychic William Stillman

Chambersburg, PA. – Anything can happen on Halloween Eve as renowned psychic medium William Stillman visits downtown Chambersburg’s historic Capitol Theatre. An event press release states Stillman will offer predictions, intuitive insights, and “connect with the realm beyond.” “Stillman will channel messages for audience members from those who have passed on,” reads the announcement.

Anyone who enjoys shows like “The Long Island Medium” or “Crossing Over” will love this psychic gallery and live event. The press release also says, “Stillman works through divine grace and will say a prayer with the audience members.” He will relay the information he receives from spirits during the first hour, then give the audience a chance to ask any questions they would like during the second hour.

The Talented Medium Has An Impressive Record

Stillman is an investigative resource for the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association and offers services on unsolved homicide and missing person cases. In addition, he’s an internationally known author of the award-winning trilogy “Autism and the God Connection.” He has several psychic books, such as his upcoming one titled “Under Spiritual Siege” and “Conversations with Dogs.”

Many radio shows have interviewed him regarding the paranormal, including “Coast to Coast A.M” and “CharVision.” The oldest spiritualist community, Lily Dale Assembly, has invited him as a guest presenter twice. In addition, he teaches intuition workshops, and as if that wasn’t enough, he’s also the resident psychic at Harrisburg’s Alta View Wellness Center.

The press release offers this disclaimer to remove themselves and Stillman from liability: “The information he provides is subject to your interpretation and does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial advice. Each attendee is responsible for their own choices and actions. Psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only.” Show information:

Psychic William Stillman

3 p.m. Sunday, October 30 (doors open at 2 p.m., no one admitted after 2:45 p.m.)

Capitol Theatre Center, 159 S. Main St. Chambersburg

Tickets $27 (Add $1 per transaction for online purchases)

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