Woman Regrets Ignoring Pet Psychic’s Advice

Horse stable owner Melissa Moore didn’t listen to the pet psychic who tried to tell her that her two lost dogs were stuck in the mud. It wasn’t until a few days after the psychic told her this that she realized precisely how accurate she was. That’s because days after the pet psychic gave her this information, her dogs were discovered in the bottom of a muddy hole, trying desperately to get out.

“I know. It was weird,” Moore told InsideEdition.com during an interview. Moore said her three dogs, a 1-year-old German shepherd named Sunny, a 4-year-old mountain dog mix named Annie, and a senior border collie named Sam, are free to roam her horse farm in Versailles called Sunrise Stables. “In addition to that, there’s a vineyard next door, so we probably have 300 acres they can roam around on, but they always stay pretty close to my barn,” said Moore.

“They know their way around, and all the neighbors love them. Every once in a while, they wander and visit,” she added. Moore and some of her clients were getting ready for an out-of-town horse show set to take place the following week when her two younger dogs, Sunny and Annie, snuck out of her office.

She didn’t worry about it at first but started to get nervous when they still hadn’t returned by the end of the day. Filled with nerves and anxiety, she called her nearby friends and neighbors to ask if they’d seen them. They said they hadn’t, and she asked them to please keep an eye out for them. When they still hadn’t returned the following day, she called animal shelters to ask if anyone had picked them up.

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Moore Panics And Tries Everything She Can To Find Them

She spent the next few days sending out search parties when that yielded no results. She even borrowed her sister’s boyfriend’s power parachute to get an aerial view of her property. “I went into full panic mode,” Moore said. While searching, one of her clients, a pet psychic, told her exactly where her furry friends were. Moore described her as an animal communicator people hire to better understand a horse when acting or seeming unwell. 

The client is a mediator between humans and the horses. She speaks on behalf of the animals, telling the owners what’s wrong with them. “I sent her a picture of the dogs, and she said, ‘They’re trapped in mud,’” says Moore. “I walked along the creek line into the other farm around us, and nothing, I found nothing. That’s when I was like, ‘OK, she has no clue what she’s talking about. This is the only place with mud.'”

Moore had to leave for the horse show, but her friends and family kept searching the property for her dogs. Unfortunately, missing dogs weren’t the only thing Moore was dealing with. Right before leaving town, her senior dog Sam’s health began deteriorating, and she had to put him to rest. “He was in bad health, but I wasn’t going to put him in a kennel because his friends were gone. It was so sad. I was just depressed. It was terrible. I left with three dogs; I came back with no dogs,” said Moore.

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The Dogs Had Been Missing For About Two Weeks At This Point

Two weeks had passed since her dogs had disappeared. She never stopped looking for them and hoped they would return any day. Then, one day she got a call from her neighbor. He’d been gone on a long trip and had just returned. Shortly after returning from his trip, he decided to mow the grass on his property, and his tractor dipped into a hole he didn’t know was there.

He looked down from the tractor and saw Moore’s two dogs at the bottom of the hole, about 5.5 feet deep and 3 feet wide. “The walls were straight up, and you could see claw marks all the way up the hole- one of the dogs’ little toenails were all gone; you could tell she was trying to get out the whole time,” said Moore. “When he got them out of the hole they just took off running.”

Moore said they survived the brutal Kentucky summer temps because of the rain they’d experienced while missing. “Well, they were trapped in mud- how would she have known that?” Moore asked. She took them to the vet for a full checkup. They told her that aside from a bit of dehydration, Sunny and Annie were in good shape, despite their ordeal. “They’re very happy, and I’m happy- I think I’m more happy than they are,” said a relieved Moore.

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