How To Start A Conversation With A Psychic And What To Ask Them

Having a reading with a professional and authentic psychic is a magical and life-changing experience. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or your hundredth time; it’s such a fascinating and intimate experience every time. If you’ve never had a psychic reading before but are interested in getting one, you may wonder what you should talk about or what to ask them.

There’s no right or wrong way to converse with a psychic; the important thing is that it happens naturally, without feeling forced or strained. It’s also essential to have compassion for yourself during the process. It’s easy to judge yourself, think badly of yourself, put yourself down, etc., but you must avoid doing so and let yourself be free. Below are some questions and conversation starters that might help ease you into the reading:

Love and Relationships Questions

Love isn’t only one of the most beautiful emotions in the world and one of the most complicated ones! It can give you indescribable joy and crippling pain and confusion simultaneously. It’s not an easy road to navigate, and the good thing is you don’t have to do it alone. Asking a psychic about your love life is a very popular and excellent idea.

1. Begin by telling the psychic about your current romantic situation. Are you currently seeing someone you’re crazy about or hoping to meet someone soon? Are you in a relationship but aren’t happy in it? Talk to them about what you want and need in a relationship. Share your worries, fears, deal breakers, etc., with them. Discuss any past relationships that greatly impacted who you are today.

2. Unfortunately, cheating is common in relationships, no matter how well you think you know someone. It’s always good to mention your fears and see what they suggest. Instead of asking them point blank if your partner is cheating on you, try talking to them about what they do that you find odd or suspicious. They could be innocent, and you might have insecurities that make you jealous and untrusting.

3. Are you trying to find your soulmate and get married? Ask your psychic about the qualities and personality types that would be a good match. Ask questions that help you see your love life in a clearer light. For example, you can talk about things you fight about the most or something you wish to change. Sometimes, things aren’t as bad as they seem, and you just need the advice of an outsider looking in who will not judge you or your partner.

Questions About Your Career

Considering the typical person spends about one-third of their life working, it makes sense that your career is a significant part of your life. You want to ensure you’re doing the best job possible and getting the most satisfaction. Here are some ideas to ask your psychic about your career.

1. You can begin the conversation by telling them what you currently do for work and your feelings towards it. Love it? Hate it? Share this with them.

2. Let them know how you feel about your coworkers and superiors. If you have a problematic relationship with any of them, you can ask them for advice on handling the situation and improving the relationship.

3. Explain to the psychic how working there improves your life and gives you a sense of purpose or hurts your day-to-day life and overall life satisfaction.

4. Ask them for help in achieving a better work/life balance if it feels like work is taking up too much of your time at home. Are you constantly answering work calls or emails when you’re trying to enjoy some family/friend time?

5. Is work the first thing on your mind in the mornings and the last thing on your mind at night? Is it positive, like you love your job so much you’re always thinking about it, or is it in a stressful way that causes anxiety?

6. Are you wondering whether you should stay at your current job or switch to a different one? If so, this is a great question to ask a psychic! 

Ask them what they feel is your best career path and how you can achieve it. Psychics can see what others can’t see and pick up on things. You could want to quit your current job because it’s your way of avoiding serious or challenging situations or running away from critical personal issues. If so, the psychic can see this deeper reason and share their findings with you. They can teach you how to face and grow from these issues instead of avoiding them.

Questions About Your Dreams

Just like with work, we spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. During these sleep sessions, we often have wild and imaginative dreams that intrigue and confuse us. Speaking to a psychic about your dreams is a great way to learn more about yourself and your subconscious.

1. Jot down anything you remember about your dreams as soon as you wake up, and be as descriptive as possible. Write it all down even if it doesn’t make sense at the time.

2. Pay special attention to specific actions and things spoken during the dream and any symbols, words, or people present.

3. Tell the psychic how you felt during the dream if you can; if not, explain how you felt when you woke up and thought about the dream you just experienced. Did you wake up scared and with your heart beating out of your chest? Or did you wake up happy and at peace?

4. Share with the psychic what YOU think the dream means and ask for their take on its meaning. Does the dream have anything in common with your current life or a previous experience?

Questions About Any Past Lives

People are matter, and matter is energy. As you may or may not know, energy cannot be created or DESTROYED- only changed and transferred. For this reason, it’s easy to see why so many people and cultures believe in reincarnation. You may have heard stories of people recalling a past life or memories they experienced so vividly but weren’t theirs.

For a great interview with a professor of psychiatry and neurobehavioral sciences at the University of Virginia named Jim Tucker, click here– it’s a fascinating read! Asking your psychic about past lives you may have had can help answer many questions about your current life.

1. Tell the psychic about any experiences that keep repeating. These could be both positive and negative things. Do you keep seeing the same sign in your life that makes you feel happy? Is there a struggle you keep battling and can’t seem to move past? Mention these things to them.

2. Romantic partners and friends can be linked to a previous life, so let your psychic know if you feel an intense connection to someone. If something about them draws them to you, it’s worth mentioning because there could be history between you from before. When someone was involved with you in your past life, it can be hard to part ways with them, even if their relationship is less than pleasant in the current time and space.

3. Be aware that anytime you talk about past lives with a psychic, intense feelings can arise during the reading. Whether you know it or not, you might have suffered from traumas in the past that you are still not entirely over or healed from.

4. Learning about your past life is a great time to start looking to the next chapter of your life/future. Ask your psychic how to honor the here and now despite what you’ve experienced in the past. Get guidance from them about how to move forward with your life and start being happy.

Questions About Healing Yourself Emotionally

Life puts us through a lot while we’re here, and it’s not surprising that sometimes we’re left in emotional bits and pieces after challenging experiences. You must heal your body, mind, and soul to live your best life. If you’ve undergone a traumatic event or something you can’t stop thinking about, mention it to the psychic during an energy healing reading.

1. Tell the psychic what events or experiences you need healing from and how they make you feel. Discuss any event or period that caused you pain, even if it seems small or silly.

2. Allow yourself to be vulnerable during this discussion. Like a Past Life reading, an Energy Healing reading can be very intense and challenging to face emotionally. However, facing your problems and wanting to heal are the first steps to reclaiming your courage and resilience.

3. During a healing session, your psychic will help you regain the sense of self you may have lost. They can also teach you the best way to forgive those who harmed you and assist you in moving forward in your life with a new-found sense of freedom and peace in your heart.

You Can Discuss Anything With A Psychic

You can discuss these topics with your psychic, but honestly, the possibilities are endless. Talk to the psychic about everything and anything on your mind without fear of judgment or rejection. The only thing I would suggest against is asking very generalized yes or no questions. Questions such as: “Will I get pregnant soon?” “Will I quit my job?” “Will I get married?” might all be things you’re dying to know, but it will be hard for a psychic to answer without having a deeper conversation with you.

Don’t “test” the psychic by hiding your feelings or essential details of your life or lying to them because you’ll only be cheating yourself. Inviting the psychic into your life and sharing personal and intimate details about yourself allows them to look into your true self and specific experiences. It creates a deeper relationship with you and allows them to use their intuitive gifts to understand your situation better and give you the most accuracy during a reading.

Establish A Bond And Trust With Your Psychic

There has to be trust between the two of you- that’s why you mustn’t call up just any psychic that emails you or you see on a street sign. Only trust tested and verified psychics, like the ones on my review page. If you prefer, you can just start talking and let the conversation naturally flow when speaking with the psychic. You don’t have to begin by asking questions or giving them details upfront.

Start by just telling them how you’re generally feeling at that moment. Things on your mind, things that have been bugging you, or things that have made you excited and happy. When the conversation is more relaxed and natural, the psychic can tap into their abilities easier and receive any cosmic messages they have for you faster. Even if you don’t realize it then, you reveal much about your actual needs and feelings when you’re not forced to talk about a particular thing.

A genuine psychic can pick up on the subtle and subconscious messages you must discuss most. I genuinely hope you try a psychic reading and find the answers you are looking for during your reading! Psychics are an excellent tool for connecting with your true self and more profound purpose. They can help you on your path to clarity and happiness.

Psychics are just one part of that path; it’s also essential that you practice self-care, self-love, and believe in yourself. You are ultimately in charge of your life, and you can use your psychic reading to show you the answers you have within yourself. Think of them as the flashlight lighting up a deep cave in front of you that would be almost impossible to navigate without its brightness!

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