Am I Psychic? A Guide To Finding Your Psychic Abilities

Known as mediums, clairvoyants and telepathics, people born with psychic abilities, extra sensory perception (ESP) or a sixth sense have a spiritual link to the universe that allows them to sense things and glean information through psychic transmissions. Many professionals who study psychic phenomena believe that the majority of adults have some psychic ability.

Psychic abilitiesNearly everyone has experienced déjà vu, unexplained premonitions or thoughts of a friend just before someone walks through the door or calls on the telephone.

Others have experienced hunches or odd feelings that caused them to change their route or alter their plans and thereby avoid an accident or a potentially dangerous situation. These are examples of psychic perception that are familiar to everyone.

It’s important to know which psychic gift you have so that you can develop that gift further.

There are many different forms of psychic abilities, and they often coexist in people who see, hear or sense information. Telepathic individuals can communicate mentally or spiritually while clairvoyants have visual premonitions. There are also clairaudients, who hear things, clairsentients, who have internal feelings or premonitions, claircognizant psychics, who know things they were not previously aware of perceiving, and empathic psychics, who have strong emotional experiences of past and future events. Some mentalists also possess telekinetic powers that allow them to move or physically alter material objects.

Psychic abilities aren’t new, people with these gifts have been recorded in history for thousands of years.

Oracle of Delphi

The Oracle of Delphi

Fortune tellers, hand readers, psychics and seers, who channel information, are ancient examples of our fascination with the spiritual side of the universe. Ancient Egypt and countries in the cradle of civilization had viziers that read dreams, made predictions and conducted government business under the auspices of astrological charts. In ancient Greece, influential people flocked to the Oracle of Delphi to decide important decisions and settle trivial personal matters. Europe had the influential seer Nostradamus whose texts are still consulted today.

Psychic gifts usually show up early in life. It is important to nurture these gifts instead of hide them.

For many people born with the psychic gift, unexplained phenomena are lifelong occurrences that begin in early childhood. Scientific evidence suggests that children and toddlers have inherent psychic abilities. Children are naturally curious, open-minded and aren’t inhibited by the cynical barriers that many adults create.

For children, psychic experiences can be frightening and overwhelming at times. During childhood, many people born with the psychic gift experience real-life interactions with so-called imaginary friends. Although health care professionals often say imaginary friends are a sign of a healthy imagination, psychic children aren’t imagining these visitors, which can make the experience even more frightening for kids and parents when they realize these normal childhood phenomena go further than they previously believed.

Psychic childrenEarly experiences and manifestations of psychic abilities in children have been recognized for generations. Psychic children often use complex words that they don’t understand or can’t define. They often act much older than their years, dress in outdated styles or adapt mannerisms from bygone eras. Sometimes called indigo children, kids with an indigo-colored aura are more likely to experience telepathic transmissions, empathic information and psychic information as if they were somehow tapped into a wireless network that surrounds the world.

Psychic children may even know what gifts they are receiving before they open the package. Psychically perceptive children are more likely to become psychic adults. Some people also believe that children with psychic abilities possess powers developed in a past life. Nurturing a child’s psychic gift and letting them know that they are special are important for children born with psychic abilities.

These gifts don’t go away during adolescence or adulthood, and are believed to be hereditary.

Psychic perception can be subtle or extremely strong. Some people experience intuitive signs or gut feelings about personal issues or other people. These feelings can range from inexplicable Psychic aurahunches to overpowering urges. Adults and adolescents born with the psychic gift may perceive the aura of people, sense things about future events and know deeply personal things about people they just met. Many individuals, including some psychics, believe that psychic powers are hereditary and are often prevalent in families across generations.

There are several tell-tale signs that a person has psychic abilities.

The manifestation of psychic abilities varies for each person depending on the development of their skills and their preference toward visual, auditory or emotional interpretations. Many common manifestations are experienced by a large percentage of people with psychic abilities.

Here are a few of the most common psychic experiences:

  • You dream about future events that turn out to be true.
  • You experience premonitions about people or events.
  • You see auras or glowing balls of light from spirit orbs.
  • You have feelings that someone close to you is in danger.
  • You sense things about people you have just met.
  • You know things about places you have never visited.
  • You dream about events from a past life.
  • You know who’s calling before the phone rings.
  • You experience déjà vu regularly.
  • You know what someone’s going to say before they speak.
  • You have strong feelings of connectedness with new people and places.

If you’re unsure, test your psychic abilities yourself.

Zener cards

Zener cards

Methods for testing one’s psychic ability have existed for years, and the so-called Zener cards are one of the most common methods for evaluating the level of one’s psychic ability. This system was developed by Dr. J.B. Rhine, a botanist turned parapsychologist, who established parapsychology labs at Duke University in the early 1900s. The Zener cards were developed by Dr. J.B. Rhine using an idea put forth by a psychologist known as Dr. Zener, who pioneered statistical tests to measure ESP. These cards include five basic symbols that are combined to create a twenty-five card deck. The subject then proceeds to intuit which symbol is on the concealed card, and their accuracy rate factors into an equation measuring their level of psychic ability.

If you discover you do have a psychic gift, here are some tips to help hone it.

Scientific research using electroencephalography (EEG) devices has shown that psychic activity increases when the brainwaves slow to alpha and theta frequencies. During our daily lives, our hard-working brains are throttled into intense beta-wave activity. As we begin to relax, our brains transition to slower alpha waves. When our eyelids close and we drift close to the delta waves of sleep, we are most likely to experience psychic activity.

It’s no surprise that young children spend more time in theta stages during the day than any other group, which makes them much more sensitive to psychic influences. As active adults, slowing the brain down and allowing the body to relax is the first step toward developing one’s psychic skills.

Meditation and relaxing activities, such as gardening, drawing, playing music, listening to music or leisurely walking, can all help to induce alpha and theta-wave activity. Theta brainwaves range Psychic meditationfrom four to seven cycles per second while alpha waves range from seven to 14 cycles per second.

Scientific research shows that the world’s own pulse hovers around seven hertz, which is the same pace of alpha and theta brainwaves. Allowing yourself to slow down and sync up with the heartbeat of the universe is one of the most effective ways to welcome and nurture your psychic gift.

Many psychics developing their skills don’t trust their own visions and may still benefit from readings or second opinions with a professional psychic. Even if you don’t have the psychic gift, you can always contact an accessible telephone psychic from any part of the country for answers to important spiritual questions.


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