Is There A Positive Light To Death And Divorce?

During the lowest point of my life, I needed help and sought spiritual advice. After being conned by a fraudulent mother/daughter “psychic” team, I finally found a group of psychics I could trust. They helped me turn my life around, and I’ve received so much sage advice from my favorite psychics. One of my all-time favorite consults was when the psychic and I spoke about death and divorce.

It was eye-opening for me, and I’ve held the information close. When we think of death, we usually picture cemeteries, gravesites, tombstones, and funerals. Witnessing a loved one take their last breath or endure suffering is an awful thing none of us want to experience. It takes away our physical connections with that person and leaves grief and sadness in its place. Death, however, has so many different sides to it.

Believe it or not, breaking up with lovers, friends, or even business partners is also a form of death. The sight of the Death card during Tarot readings usually stirs up feelings of fear for most people. Almost everyone interprets it as meaning that they or someone they know will die. It simply signifies the end of something and doesn’t necessarily have to do with anyone’s death. For example, the Death Tarot card can foretell a divorce in the future, which is the end of a marriage.

Why Do Marriages End?

Take two individuals over the moon with each other and madly in love when they first meet. The two constantly make plans to see each other, want the same things from each other, and imagine themselves together for the remainder of their days. The couple feels a magical connection and often finishes each other’s thoughts and sentences. They plan their future together- to get married, buy a house, have children, etc.

These lovers just can’t seem to get enough of each other. Fast forward several years; they’ve gone from best friends to total strangers living under the same roof. They go through the motions of cohabiting, but it feels more like a roommate situation. They can no longer count on each other to be there for them. Their spark and plans for each other vanished, and their hopes and dreams for the future died. Unfortunately, this is all too common once the honeymoon phase is over.

Divorce has to do with the individual who is no longer a friend you can count on and whom you feel so separated from. It deals with money, trust, personality differences, children, betrayals, and selfishness. It makes it to where the person we once felt so in tune with is now a stranger we don’t feel any connection with. But when we think about it, how many issues were never discussed and worked out before marriage? And now, these unaddressed issues are a chain squeezing the life out of the marriage.

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Take Time To Grieve A Divorce 

There almost seems to be a long silence, a “hush” after divorce that nobody talks about. The Universe gives us time and space to process the painful loss, grieve, and release our emotions. We need to take advantage of this and work through our feelings instead of trying to hurry up and feel better. With a divorce, most of us try to “give over it” and want to move on from it as quickly as possible.

We see it as a “stain” and a sign of failure on our behalf. Or we blame the other person 100% for everything, never stopping to think about what we could have done differently. I love consulting psychics because they can make us look deep within OURSELVES. Buried inside ourselves is where we can see what areas we need to work on to be better people.

The ending of business relationships, friendships, family ties, and marriages allows you to truly wake up and start living life to its fullest potential. Don’t look at divorce as a bad thing that happened to you. Distancing ourselves from toxic people and becoming new people is a form of rebirth. Spiritual rebirth allows us to start over as new and improved individuals.

Following a divorce, we have to deal with more than just mourning the loss of our life with that person. It involves financial changes, legal paperwork, loss of identity, and sometimes loss of people we gained through our ex. We must take the time to deal with these losses and truly mourn them appropriately.

Never Stop Improving Yourself

I’m not saying divorce is easy to experience. I know from experience how awful and complicated it can be. Many of us fear being alone, which causes us to jump straight into a new relationship. My psychic taught me that by doing so, our new partner would be similar to the one we had just divorced. This is because we never worked on the issues that caused our marriage to fail.

Sure, it will be a different body, face, etc., but the same underlying issues and, more than likely same habits that we were unhappy with the first time. Next thing we know, we find ourselves dealing with the same patterns and problems from the past because we never resolved them. Since learning that, seeing people rush straight into a new relationship right after divorce worries me.

I learned that we need to experience sleeping, living, and being alone during day-to-day activities after divorce. The psychic taught me that there is a certain beauty within the pain of experiencing this feeling. This pain allows us to slowly come to terms with going from a partnership to being on our own again. I learned that to love someone new; we have to understand we can’t replace the loss of someone with someone else.

Sure, sometimes it is solely the fault of our ex, and we had nothing to do with the marriage falling apart. In this case, perhaps a new person could be precisely what we need, but 99% of the time, we had a lot more to do with it not working out. Understanding what we could have done differently and working on our flaws will save us a lot of future heartaches.

Having A Divorce Under Your Belt Doesn’t Mean You’re Doomed

Couples that have been married for what seems like forever are a testament to what happens when we prioritize respect, patience, and understanding in our relationship. It is incredible to see these long-term relationships in a world where divorce is increasing alarmingly. It is possible to have an everlasting relationship after divorce, but we must work on ourselves first. Maybe we were too demanding. Perhaps we expected perfection from our spouse.

Maybe we couldn’t see past our way of doing things and got angry when our spouse had a different method than ours. Perhaps we were insecure with ourselves, which made us extremely jealous, to the point of smothering our ex. Perhaps we lacked compassion and didn’t forgive easily when our spouse made mistakes. Psychic readings are an excellent way to see our weaknesses and shortcomings, and they help us find ways to work on ourselves and improve as individuals.

We Cannot Escape Death

No matter how much we try to evade death, we know we can’t escape it for good. I used to fear death, but I now have a more positive understanding of it, thanks to my psychic. She reminded me that having our days numbered means making the best of our lives while still breathing. We can do so much good in the world while still alive. Go out and help whenever and wherever you can.

To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, honorable, compassionate, and have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” When we eventually do pass, our physical body may no longer be around, but our souls will live on through our energy, and we can bring comfort to those we left behind with the help of genuine spirit mediums.

I learned that even though the daily problems we experience may seem like “the end of the world” at the time, we still wake up and fight through them daily. We overcome them, and they teach us lessons that make us wiser, stronger, and more resilient. Life only gives us what we can handle, and we rise from the ashes to see another day, just like the Phoenix.

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