What Makes Psychics So Special?

About Psychic Abilities

Going to a psychic can be exciting and magical. Psychics can help you make some of the most challenging decisions you’ll ever be faced with and answer your most profound questions. Sometimes it feels like you have lost your way in life and don’t know where to go next. Psychics are great at pointing us in the best direction during times like those.

But how exactly do they do this? What makes them different than, say, a therapist? The way psychics work is a mystery to most of us, and their powers leave me in awe every day. Before they were known as psychics, they were known as ‘seers’ and ‘prophets.’ The Bible is full of accounts of how people would consult them regularly. Psychics are not a new commodity by any means, and I love knowing that their gifts often get passed down from generation to generation.

That is just so amazing to me. Just as a genius father has a high chance of passing on his mental gifts to his offspring, a psychic grandmother can also pass on her psychic abilities. Understanding a psychic’s world better is a good idea if you need to speak to one at some point. I’ll explain some incredible powers and gifts that the Universe blessed psychics with below:


psychic clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is a power that all psychics possess, and it is one of the most significant abilities that makes a psychic a psychic. Clairvoyance is the power to see visions with the “mind’s eye” and see things beyond the surface to experience a more profound knowledge and understanding. Psychics can perceive and sense things that regular people cannot. They also have the power to become aware of something beyond the scope of the normal perception that most people are limited to.

A psychic can get visions in a dream or by touching a person. Psychics have described clairvoyance as a “tingling” sensation in their ‘third eye.’ They’ve said they can focus on that to get information unavailable to the average person. Psychics also experience clairvoyance as a vivid and recurring dream that they cannot shake off like you or I would be able to.

These dreams and visions can be good or bad and warn of danger for someone the psychic will speak to or come in contact with later. Clairvoyance works through energy and auras, which they feel from being to being. They don’t have to be face-to-face or even see the person they are doing a reading for. They can just focus on the other person’s energy and decipher what their third eye shows them about that person and their words.



Channeling is when a psychic receives a message from a higher universal power. The process involves communicating with a consciousness that is not in human form. Psychics do this by being susceptible to and permitting that consciousness to reveal and express itself through the psychic’s body. Channelers can access higher knowledge, allowing them to grow spiritually and gain greater clarity about life.

Since everything in life is vibrational, channelers plug into the frequency of the grid program from which we experience everything. That’s similar to tuning a radio. Each energy plug-in, or radio station, gives them a specific frequency of information. That comes through to them through colors, tones, auras, and chakras. The message is usually relayed to the person by either psychic speaking or automatic writing.

Sometimes the things the psychic says don’t make sense to them, but they still have to relay it. Luckily, they can then help you make sense of it all. Channeling isn’t a new concept. Throughout history, humans have been making connections with a higher vibration. It’s not enough for a psychic to “receive” this information and use their body to channel it; they also need to be able to decipher the messages and visions they are receiving.

The messages may come from Spirit but through the human channeler who acts as a filter. The channeler must be careful not to add their agenda to the messages or get their ego involved. That is why getting readings from genuine, trustworthy psychics who take their time discerning the messages is essential. They don’t charge you a flat rate, speed through the session, and tell you whatever they think you want to hear, as many fakes do.

ESP or Extra Sensory Perception

extra sensory perception

ESP is a common term for psychics having an awareness of things or events that are about to happen. It’s usually referred to as “a sixth sense.” Psychics receive sensory information that doesn’t come from regular people’s usual five senses- touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing. They have an additional sense that seems to come from an alternate reality, providing them with information concerning the past, present, and future.

It’s believed that everyone is born with one form or another of ESP, but it is much stronger and more developed in psychics. Around the age of 4 or 5, our minds begin focusing on logic and reason, causing us to lose our ability to think beyond those limits. Psychics, however, retain or reacquire this sixth sense by actively developing it. That’s especially true for psychics who were born into a family of psychics or are multi-generational.

ESP has been a topic of interest in parapsychology for many years, and Parapsychology sometimes refers to ESP as ‘PSI Experiences.’ When doctors and universities do experiments on ESP, they do so under very controlled conditions to remove doubt and ensure the conclusions are valid. Joseph Rhine was one of the most famous parapsychologists. His interest in the topic earned him the nickname ‘The Father of Modern Parapsychology”.

He, his wife, and a colleague named Carl Zener worked together to create what is now known as ‘Zener Cards.’ They used these cards to test a person’s telepathic abilities. Along with using Zener cards to test ESP, psychics have also had their brain activity recorded and studied during a telepathic session. Scientists agree that changes in a psychic’s brain activity do occur when compared to a regular person.

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing

Remote viewing is another power in which a psychic can see things others cannot. The objects or persons the psychic sees are usually from different times and places. Psychics with remote viewing abilities possess unique mental capabilities that others do not. These allow them to describe or give details about something unreachable by the ordinary senses because of distance, time, or shielding.

For example, someone can ask a psychic with these abilities to describe a city on the other side of the world they have never heard of. They can do so with incredible accuracy. Others might ask them to describe an event before their time that they weren’t involved in. Much to everyone’s amazement, they can give factual details about that event as if they had lived through it. This gift also lets psychics know remarkable details about people they’ve never met.

They do this by simply talking to them or tuning into their energy during a written conversation. Being able to remote view allows them to know more about us than we even know about ourselves most of the time. That’s what makes consulting psychics so helpful. Experts believe that the brain mechanism that allows a psychic to practice remote viewing is the same underlying ability that makes clairvoyance, ESP, and other parapsychological and psychic phenomena possible.

Clairsentience Or Empathy

empath and clairsentience

Clairsentience or Empathy is a psychic ability in which they pick up energies or emotions from people or places. Often a psychic can walk into a room and be overcome with a wave of energy from the past. The word clairsentience means “clear sensing.” It gives a psychic the ability to FEEL the past, present, or future physical and emotional states of others without using the traditional five senses, much like ESP.

Empathy is the same as clairsentience; the ability to pick up on others’ emotions and feelings without being verbally told by that person what they are feeling. People often refer to psychics with this ability as ’empaths.’ They also feel everything inside them, as if they were their own. Clairsentient psychics can retrieve information from people and outside areas, public buildings, and houses. Psychometry and aura sensing also use clairsentience.

The sacral and heart chakras are related to clairsentient ability. Emotions and gut feelings are attributes of the sacral chakra, while unconditional love, compassion, and empathy are attributes of the heart chakra. Psychics can enhance their clairsentient abilities by following rigorous meditation practice, particularly one called chakra alignment mediations. They pay special attention to the sacral, heart, and brow chakra during these. The brow chakra, also known as the third eye, is the portal to the sixth sense that psychics have.



Clairaudience is a psychic ability to hear voices or messages. These voices or messages can be heard through the ears and delivered directly into the psychic’s mind. Clairaudience comes from the French words ‘Clair,’ which means clear, and ‘audience,’ which means hearing. Together they form ‘clear hearing,’ which is what psychics can do.

Clairaudient psychics can obtain intuitive information from their Higher Self, spirit guides, angels, and spirits. They hear voices, music, sounds, or words that everyday people do not hear. They receive these sounds and voices internally, and these voices and sounds are vital to them and their ability to help others. It is common for a psychic to have the gift of both clairvoyance and clairaudience simultaneously.

The throat chakra, in charge of communication, rules clairaudience ability. Psychics can only receive these messages when their throat chakra is balanced and open. Has a psychic ever asked you, “what does the name so-and-so mean to you?” without you ever telling them about that person? If so, this is because they received that name internally and knew it had to be significant to you.

Intuitive or Intuition

intuition Psychic ability

Intuition is the power of guidance from a higher power. That’s how psychics always know the correct answer and path people should choose. Everybody has some intuition, also known as a ‘gut feeling’ or a ‘hunch.’ Intuitive psychics are different, however, because, unlike everyday people, they have focused on, developed, and honed those feelings they get beyond the normal scope. Some individuals are born with a base amount of intuition, while others are born with remarkable amounts.

Those that pay attention to those gifts and pursue them are usually the ones that become psychics. Some psychics got drawn to astrology, the Tarot, or other divination tools from a young age. Others realized their psychic potential after life-altering events, such as traumatic or near-death experiences. Sometimes people recognize at an older age that they are “suddenly psychic.” That usually results from listening to their intuition and embracing their sixth sense instead of fearing it.


psychic telepathy

Telepathy is the act of a psychic communicating to or with someone solely through the mind. There are no words, and all communication is done from one person to another through the mind, including the power to read the energy and vibrations of another person’s mind. Telepathy allows someone to be able to read what another is thinking. It’s the way feelings and thoughts transmit through extra-sensory channels.

Many believe telepathy explains the seemingly supernatural mental connection between a set of twins or a mother with her child. Scientists believe that all humans and animals have a collective consciousness and that telepathy plays a significant role in this synchronicity. Some also believe our brains emit radio-like frequencies, and psychics can tune into and, therefore, literally read our minds.

Trance Mediumship

psychic trance

A trance is when a spirit or higher being uses the psychic’s body to communicate with us. The psychic will enter a trance-like state and call upon the spirit they want to communicate with. The psychic will then allow the spirit to take over their body to connect with the person trying to communicate with it directly. That is called trance mediumship and also goes by the name of channeling.

Trance mediumship and most other forms of spirit communication are still very misunderstood and feared. Essentially, a spirit links to a psychic medium and exerts different levels of control over the medium. The spirit takes control of the medium’s consciousness to a greater or lesser degree. It all depends on the spirit’s needs and what kind of message it is trying to convey via the medium’s body. It also depends on how able and open the medium is to being controlled by the spirit.

That can appear scary because the medium is no longer themselves: their voice, facial expressions, and whole demeanor change. Psychics who are in a trance have physical changes taking place in their bodies. These include a slowed-down heart rate, a lack of rapid eye movement, a higher threshold for pain, and many more. Scientists have studied psychics in a trance to get more information about this psychic phenomenon, and the results are incredible. 


Psychics have many powers, and understanding them will help you get better results during a reading. Not every psychic has all the abilities listed above- some have several of them, and others only have a couple but have developed them strongly, making it their specialty. Others can help you on a specific topic better than others.

Read psychic profiles to choose which one sounds better for you. You may even have some of these gifts and need to hone in on and develop them! Curious about working with a psychic and understanding their gifts? Or in cultivating your own? Check out one of these genuine psychics today to learn the next steps on your psychic journey.

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