Are We All Just Big Psychic Energy Sponges?

A recent study on human mirror neurons concluded that we’re all like psychic sponges. This study confirms that we can ‘feel’ the energies and emotions of people near us. Feeling these emotions is possible because, as humans, we radiate our emotions and feelings. Happiness, sadness, fear, anxiety, and excitement escape our bodies as charged energy.

We may all have some psychic senses, but professional psychics are born with these senses amplified to the max! This sharing of feelings means that if someone close to you is happy or sad, you may start feeling this way, also. When the person near you is a family member or a loved one, the experience intensifies. Some are even more sensitive to the energies and emotions of others. These individuals are called ’empaths.’ Some of the best psychics available are intuitive empaths.

Empaths Feel Other Peoples’s Energy

be empathetic

The study highlights the true fluidity of human emotions. While, in general, this is a good thing, it isn’t always. Many people struggle with their ability to feel others’ feelings, and empaths may have difficulty coping with their gifts. If not careful, they can experience stress and anxiety on a whole other level. If people don’t know they’re empaths, they may be considered ‘overly sensitive’ or ‘moody.’ Empathy is felt in the body emotionally and physically.

This article will focus on the emotional feelings we, ‘psychic sponges,’ can pick up on. You’ll also learn how to prevent these kinds of excess emotions. As a psychic sponge, if your partner is unhappy for whatever reason, this can rub off on you, making you feel uneasy or down. That can happen even if they’re upset about something trivial and unrelated to you. Psychics have special ways of protecting themselves from getting emotionally overloaded. Some tips include:

Clear Your Emotional Baggage Often

Carrying a lot of negative emotions and allowing them to stack on top of each other is not good, and it’s not good for you or those around you. Research has shown that negative and unhappy emotions can hurt your health and well-being. To prevent a build-up of negative emotions:

  1. Open up often to people you trust.
  2. Make it a point to let friends and family know how you’re feeling.
  3. Don’t trap these strong feelings inside yourself.

They say a shared problem is a halved problem, and I couldn’t agree more. You’ll find that you’ll start feeling happier as soon as you offset some of this emotional baggage. Your happiness inevitably makes others around you happier, also.

Relax Your Body And Mind


One of the best pieces of advice a psychic once gave me was, “Try and relax at least once a day. You will soon notice how those unwanted emotions disappear little by little.” I used to be tense and on edge almost daily and couldn’t let myself sit back and enjoy doing nothing for even 5 minutes. I realized I had to listen to this advice when the psychic explained it. I started by taking just 5 minutes daily to sit and do nothing, gradually increasing the time.

Now I sit with myself and a cup of tea for 15 minutes before heading to work. Relaxing means different things for different people, and I know how hard it can be to squeeze this in daily. For some, watching TV is relaxing and calming, but they can’t because of children or projects. Choose to allow yourself at least one night every two weeks where you do nothing but veg out on the tube. Send your kids or partner out for the night and just relax.

For others, relaxing means getting their nails done or enjoying a massage. Treat yourself to these luxuries at least once a month. It may not seem like much at the time, but these actions add up in the long run. Simply being away from the stress of everyday life and setting some time to focus on yourself can positively affect your and those around you’s emotions.

Take A Break From Work

take a break

Being around many people daily isn’t good for anyone and can eventually take its toll on your emotions. You need psychic space of your own. Of course, being around other people isn’t always a bad thing, but you do need alone time. Sometimes being around others can help with feelings of assurance and support. Humans are social beings, so spending too much time away from people can be just as bad as spending too much time with them.

There’s a fine line that you need to be able to draw for yourself. Essentially, looking after your psychic self is just as important as looking after your physical self. It does take time and effort, but it’s completely worth it. Giving yourself the necessary space will keep you from overloading with others’ emotions. In turn, this will make you a happier and healthier person. This article courtesy of Wishing Moon Clairvoyants

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