Celeste Angelic Medium Review- Is Celeste Medium A Scam?

If you’ve received emails from Celeste or stumbled onto her website, you’ll notice that she claims to be “half angel” and half human. With her pure white clothes and hair as white as clouds, it’s not hard to imagine it being true, but the reality is- it’s all lies.

She’s just hoping that you’ll give her all your trust (since, you know, an angel wouldn’t lie!) and that you’ll make a spiritual and emotional connection with her. Doing so makes you more likely to sign up for her “free angel reading,” which I discovered isn’t even worth the read.

How She Tricks Her Victims

I wanted to look deeper into this “half angel psychic” to see if she was the real deal or not and I found some pretty damning evidence that leads me to believe she is just another fake. She’s no different than William Guardian Angel, Psychic Esmeralda, Extraordinary Chris and so many other psychic scammers.

One of the biggest tell-tell signs that Celeste Angelic Medium is a fake psychic website is the fact that the image of her posted all over the website and the internet is not “Celeste” at all!

celeste psychic scam

The photo is actually of a stock image model who got paid to have her picture taken so that it can be resold to anyone who needs “her look”. I’ve come across other psychic scams that did the same thing, such as Medium Maria

I’ll admit, they did a good job buying this persona because she does look pretty convincing at first glance. Nowhere on the site does it say that you are being visually deceived by this character, and that’s disheartening.

If they can’t be honest about that, what else are they ok with lying to you about?? Some might not think using a stock image and pretending it’s a real psychic is a big deal, or don’t believe it should take away from the gifts they claim to have but I can’t help but to take issue with it.

It’s already hard enough to separate the authentic psychics from the hundreds of fake ones, so in an industry where it’s crucial that you’re trusted,  passing off a stock image as a psychic without a disclaimer is a major no-no.

I Know Better Now Than To Fall For Her Lies 

It’s probably obvious by now but needless to say, I’m not falling for the angelic allure of the model they have named Angel Medium Celeste. I will also not fall victim to the various words, promises and tactics on the website designed to convince me to give them my hard-earned money with their lies.

I do not believe in the credibility of her readings, or that the person behind the image even has any psychic abilities at all. I just think that the creator of this persona is very good at manipulating the feelings and emotions of others in order to sell them their low-quality services.

Anyone who exploits and takes advantage of people who are feeling hopeless, lost, scared, or confused, in order to make money is more demonic than angelic if you ask me.

The Celeste Angelic Medium Site Is Good At Manipulation 

The creators behind Celeste’s website are good at what they do and they know the best way to trick people- I’ll give them that. When you first enter the website, you’re presented with a professional looking layout, a comforting purple color and of course, the purchased stock image model they call ‘Celeste.’ She looks very kind, friendly, caring, wholesome, comforting and wise.

She appears so sweet and angelic that It’s goes against your nature to distrust or dislike her to be honest. To further convince you that she’s worth your time if you want help, they give you a little blurb about her informing you that she’s half angel and that she can talk to “beings of light,” aka guardian angels, for you.

They say that she is also referred to as the Princess of Light and that she knows the Prophecy of Angels and can connect you with yours.

They tell you to come to her with your problems and learn the secrets of the divine force because she can read the lips of the Beings of Light and knows the words they whisper in secret. She claims to want to help those in need and distress by giving them a free angel reading.

Innocent Enough To The Untrained Eye

The whole site is pretty normal looking and there’s the basic blog section, testimonials page, and esoteric e-store. There’s really nothing too suspicious on it that would raise red flags to an unknowing visitor.

Especially a naïve visitor who doesn’t have a lot of experience with fraudulent psychic websites.

So I of course had to see the content of Celeste’s readings for myself, with my own eyes. I signed up for her free reading and I received one almost instantly. That’s obviously not a good sign since it confirms to me that there is nothing personal in any of these readings.

They are all very generic and they send out almost the same exact thing to everyone, making sure to just change the receivers name. There is no information that is exclusive or specific to me personally.

The Truth Behind Medium Celeste’s Psychic Website

Paid For, Dishonest Photos

So, we already know that the image of Celeste is actually a stock image model, which is shady. The other thing I don’t like about the website itself is that it is laid out the exact same way as the websites of other fake psychics I’ve reviewed (and some I have discovered and am planning to review.)

This leads me to believe that there’s a certain developer, marketing team, and template behind all of these fake psychics. They just crank out the websites and hope to convince as many people as possible with the emails and readings they send. A digital marketing company called New Lotus Web, Ltd. is notorious for fabricating fake psychics.

I noticed that Celeste’s website had an active blog which is a nice touch on the creator’s part. It makes it more believable for unsuspecting victims but I know it’s just another part of the plan to maintain her fake image. The closer you look at the website, the more red flags you’ll start noticing.

Here are some of them:

  • They use stock images for every picture, even on the customer testimonials section. This automatically makes me distrust everything I read because I’m sure the testimonials are just as fake as the pictures.
  • The fact that a majority of the scamming psychics I’ve reviewed have the same exact layout and sell pretty much the same products in their online stores.
  • A lack of personal or background information about Celeste other than she’s half angel, which isn’t even possible in my opinion
  • They want us to think she’s part angel herself, yet has to read the lips of angels and interpret their secrets for us. That’s so silly to me
  • The fact that she only does readings through email without knowing anything about you
  • The website is owned and run by a Swiss company called REPLAY SARL LTD. which I could not find any information on. I always find it odd when an English speaking psychic is based out of a foreign country. Nowhere on the site do they speak Swiss, or say she’s European. I distrust this as much as I distrust psychic companies that operate out of Gibraltar and Hong Kong.

What To Expect From Celeste Medium

If you decide not to pay them for any readings after you’ve signed up for the free one, you can expect to be flooded with a never-ending stream of marketing emails. At first they’ll be light, friendly and hopeful but will become more menacing, threatening, and scary as time goes on.

They will try to convince you that things haven’t been going so good in your life because you have a curse on you or are riddled with bad luck that she can help you with.

If you ARE convinced to pay for a reading after the free one, you’ll be pushed down a path that keeps encouraging you to buy more and more readings, purchase the monthly subscription, and buy some of the supernatural products from the online store.

They’ll create “problems” and foresee events that only they can help you with, and you’ll be pushed to pay them again. They’ll try to mentally manipulate you into entering your credit card information by using your dreams, hopes, and fears against you. It’s a vicious cycle of playing with your emotions.

My personal experience is pretty standard from what others have experienced. She started out by sending me my free “Natal Angelic Chart” which was so incredibly basic. It supposedly told me the name of my Guardian Angel, the name of my Archangel, my angelic stone, and what my major and secondary planets are.

Celeste Medium

After I ignored that, the next day she sent me another email telling me that she has worked hard on my behalf and that she is FASCINATED with my case in particular. She wants to tell me the important discoveries she’s made about me.

I clicked on that and of course it’s an entire page of broad blanket statements that can apply to anyone with my name sprinkled in there every now and then.

She tries to tell me that she had a disturbing vision about me while she was thinking so hard about me and that my personal situation is quite worrying. She says that she “accidentally discovered” what the “real” nature of my problem was.

She goes on and on and on for what seems like ever telling me how she thought about me so much and my name kept looping over and over in her head. That she is really concerned about me and that she wants to help protect me.

I finally clicked on one of the many links she had in my “reading” and it took me to page where she offers me a “GRAND ANGELIC CEREMONIAL OF KARMIC DELIVERANCE” along with a free archangelic talisman of divine luck for a special price of $79.00 instead of $150.00 since I need her help so badly.

I stopped reading and clicked out at that point but the whole thing is so much worse than I even imagined. It’s incredible how much they claim to know about me- my troubles, my past life, my current situation, my luck- all from just my name, date of birth and gender.

Not to mention that she can tell all of this from just one day to the next without ever once talking to me or hearing from me. I’ll never trust a psychic who I can’t communicate directly with. I need to be able to talk to them over the phone, chat with them instantly online, or video call them.

An authentic psychic would need the same, they can’t just know things about me without some form of communication. This is just another way I know Celeste is a fake.

No Shortage Of Customer Complaints

If you look for complaints about Celeste Angel Medium online you’ll be able to find plenty! Here are just a few of the ones I read:

“Celeste Angel Medium – Celeste the medium

Jun 06

She scares you by saying you have 72 hrs to live and made my anxiety 100 times worse!! Her site should be taken down!”

“Celeste Angel Medium – SCAM SCAM SCAM

Mar 03

scammed me out of 150+ wow”

“Celeste Angel Medium – Same story for everyone. Almost word to word.

Dec 26, 2018

I am so depressed and in horrible financial shape and physical shape. Chronically ill. The last thing was a message and promise that would only cause a deeper hole for me. I did research on you and learned you were only conning me. I knew the only help I would get was from the Lord. Shame on trying to take advantage of me and others. You were willing to take what little money I have to pay bills. Thank God he was looking out for me and did not throw me in this lions den. I hope you ask the Lord for forgiveness.”

“Celeste Angel Medium – She always gives same bs

Sep 23, 2018

She always says same thing gives you guardian angels name then wants you to pay her to get you out of bad luck situations or says your going to have bad luck after she claims your going to be ok I haven’t paid her anything cause I’m not about to get ripped off my mom actually did readings and was good and didn’t rip people off ”

Conclusion: Celeste Is More Demon Than Angel


I feel it’s my responsibility to make sure you stay away from Celeste Angelic Medium. Don’t even register for the free reading or you’ll be sent bothersome emails.

She’s definitely no angel- just a carefully designed scam by a marketing company.

If you’re looking for a true psychic reading, don’t waste your time with her. Instead visit more reputable psychic networks that actually test and verify their psychics.

Most of them offer low introductory rates so that you can try them out and see if they’re a good match for you. If you’re unhappy with the reading, you can request a refund and they’ll happily give you one.

I have a feeling that once you’ve spoken to a real, genuine psychic with one of the professional psychic networks below, you’ll be extremely satisfied and you’ll no longer feel the need to seek out these fake, manufactured psychics.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. thankfully i found this information,i almost paid as i was told i was going to die and bad things comming to me ,i already have mental health issues and celeste made me feel so down ,thankyou for information

  2. Thank you kind Angella for shairing. I almost paid. There was so much truth in her reading. It bothered me that after first payment they will just keep coming for more.

  3. Wait, if this “Celeste” is a fake, can you explain why she has a bunch of good reviews on her site? Are these fakes too?

  4. 😱 I just now came across this site about Celeste. I too are one of them that has been paying her. Omg, can I make an a dispute to get my money back? She had me do a ritual to call upon my guiding angel. I don’t like doing rituals but she instructed me to print out pentagram and call on the Angel to give me eternal wealth. Omg, can someone help me please, what should I do?

    • Janice, stay calm you’ll be fine. Celeste is a fake so you didn’t conjure up any spirits, angels, demons or anything. Right now you need to concentrate on keeping them from getting more of your money. Call your bank and have them put a stop payment on any other future payments to this company so they can’t automatically charge your card in the future. Next, contact the company and see if they will issue a refund for any payments you’ve already made. Be firm that you want a refund. If they won’t, or they are giving you a hard time about it, then hang up and call your bank. Ask to file a chargeback on those past transactions. Tell them it was fraud and you never received anything for your money. In a month or so you should have your money back. Best wishes Janice!

  5. Now I need Angela not as scam celeste

  6. Thank you Angela for this alert. I was being introduced to Celeste Angelic medium by another medium/ psychic called Magellan. This is because I kept questioning him as I was doubtful and in my 6th email he said his angelic friend Celeste also forecast the same for me and that I should get her free reading… any idea if this Magellan guy medium is genuine ? Anything?

  7. Geeze. Thank you. I’m not very technological so it took a minute to find you. Blessings to YOU
    I got lured in by Celeste’s threat of bad Karma.
    What I’m actually more concerned about is the Swiss co having my birthday and email and maybe address.
    I read their legal statement ( pew!)
    They collect your info and share it…
    Do you think they are attempting any illegal activity with the info they collect?
    Thank you so much for your service.
    I should donate to you!
    Take care and be well during these times!

    • Claire, most of the companies behind this are marketing/advertising companies so more than likely they’re creating a profile on you so they can sell you things. Most of these companies are in tax haven type countries though so there’s no telling what they’re doing with it! Best wishes to you Claire!

  8. Could you review this one please : https://www.isha-tarot-reading/com he uses the same scare tactic which you outlined above – by trying to convince you that you are in dire straits and only his immediate help can resolve it. And yes, his (or her? or their?) website operates out of Gibraltar, or at least company is registered there. Fishy ”fear-porn”, enticing techniques to win the trust and coercion without limit. There are wouldn’t be so many scammers around if people were less credulous.

  9. Celeste you are a phony… You didn’t even connect my Birthday with the correct Guardian Angel and then freaked me out by saying you received the death card… How cold

  10. Thabiso nena i need help

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